The purpose of Chapter 249 is not simple.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. The purpose of Chapter 249 is not simple.

    "Eric…"Donald.Special Trump screamed Eric and yelled at the daughter of Nunu.

    Ivanka seems to be hit hard because of the failure of the show, Donald.Although Trump is eloquent enough to engage in pyramid schemes, he comforted and even reprimanded his daughter for a while in his own past, but it didn't seem to work. He could only ask Eric for help.

    Although the matter was picked up by little loli, if Eric didn't agree, there would be no current things. Eric didn't push it off, he could only pull a chair and do it around Ivanka.

    Little loli squinted Eric and squinted at his father.

    "Ivanka, this is definitely your first performance, right?"Eric thought about the wording and asked about the temperature.

    Ivanka passed for a while before he nodded lightly.

    "I remember when I was in school, it was a music lesson. The teacher asked a classmate in our class to go to the podium to sing a song. As a result, the guy, because he was too nervous, sang a few words, and finally directly at the podium. I fainted. That was his first performance, so that you have just performed very well, but you have completed more than half of the shots. ”

    Eric made a comparison in advance, and arranged an excuse for little loli to clear the shadow of the heart. Sure enough, after listening to Eric, Ivanka seemed to relax a lot. But still whispered: "But, when I was at school, I sang songs to everyone, and it didn't appear…There is a situation you said. ”

    "Then you must always go on stage, right?"

    "Well," Ivanka nodded.

    "Look, this is the crux of the problem, performance and singing, the first time will be nervous, try more times. It will be fine after you get used to it. ”

    "that……"Ivanka finally looked up and licked the beautiful nephew and asked: "Mr. Williams. Why am I just nervous, I clearly tell myself. This is a very easy thing. ”

    "This one……"Eric suddenly hesitated, which involved the problem of natural liberation. It stands to reason that performance should be a breeze for an eight-year-old child, because the so-called natural liberation is to return the psychological state of the adult actor to the child's carefree and careless state.

    However, nothing is absolute, just like the little loli in front of her, she has lost this state. For Stewart, the little guy didn't, and he was in a state of liberation, so he could easily perform at Eric's request, but Ivanka would be nervous.

    "Ivanka, because this problem is more complicated, I can't explain it to you at the moment, because I can't understand it because of the explanation."

    Ivanka snorted and didn't ask again. However, the look is no longer as frustrating as it was just now.

    "Mr. Donald, it’s buried."A staff member came over at this time.

    Donald.Trump nodded and hugged her daughter: "Ini, Dad will come back soon, will you stay here?"

    "Well," Little loli nodded to his father and barely revealed a smile.

    The filming started again. This time, little loli sat quietly and said nothing, but still curiously watched Eric direct the entire crew through intercom remote control. The big eyes are sparkling.


    After the lens on the corridor was divided into two parts by Eric, the shooting was much smoother. It took a few ng times and it took twenty minutes. This shot finally passed.

    Donald.Special Trump is also preparing to leave with her daughter. When the other party came, Eric didn't personally greet him because he was too busy. Even the other party didn't even know how to bring her daughter. Now, Eric can't be treated again. The other party, after all, Donald.Special Trump, as a real estate tycoon, came to the guest house, and also forfeited a penny of guest fees, even if I had some other thoughts in my heart, it would be a very good face.

    "Mr. Trump, thank you for coming specially."At the entrance of the Plaza Hotel, Eric and Donald shook hands and said.

    "This is also my honor," Donald smiled and immediately patted the shoulder of his daughter: "Ini, say goodbye to Eric."

    Little loli stepped forward and reached out with a small hand: "Goodbye, Mr. Williams. ”

    "Goodbye, Miss Trump."Eric took the little loli of little loli and shook it gently.

    Ivanka retracted his hand, his big eyes still staring at Eric: "Mr. Williams, are we friends? ”

    Eric looked at him and then nodded with a smile: "Of course."

    "So, you can call me Ivanka, or call me Ini like Mom and Dad and my brother. I also call you Eric, ok? ”

    "No problem at all."Eric nods again

    "Eric, maybe, that…"Ivanka stuttered twice and immediately looked at his father: "Dad, can I invite Eric to come to our house?"

    Donald.Trump just wants to pick up her daughter and kiss her. It’s a sweet cotton jacket. He is tossing things like today, not just to establish a personal relationship with Eric. Originally, he did not know how to open his mouth. He planned to open some parties at home in the past few days, and then tried to invite Ai Rui. He did not expect his daughter to solve the problem directly for himself.

    Of course, although happy, but Donald.On the surface, Trump was silent, but said to her daughter: "Of course, you are also a part of our family and have the power to invite guests."

    "So, Eric, come to my house when you have time."Little loli looks forward to Eric.

    "I will," Eric said, without thinking about it. He completely regarded the little loli's words as a child's words. Maybe Ivanka forgot it after two days.

    Looking at the departure of the father and the daughter, he returned to the crew.


    "Mr. Williams, this is the first draft of the first five episodes of the X-Files screenwriter team. Also, Fox has rushed over. I hope you can cut out the trailer for Home Alone 2 as soon as possible. They plan to Released on TV before October 17. Also, Robert.Mr. Shay said that there will be several documents sent tonight…"

    Eric flips the script of X-Files in his hand. Listening to Alan next to me, I read the memo.

    After a while, Alan closed the memo: "It's all right, right. Just around the Central Park, Royce called and said that the crew was preparing for the location there. Also encountered some trouble. ”

    Eric immediately raised his head and "Home Alone 2" was the top priority: "What happened?"

    “It’s like this. An environmental organization in New York doesn’t allow us to use artificial snow on a large scale. It also organizes some people to run over the supervision. Royce said that these people have even had a small conflict with our crew. ."

    Eric didn't understand for a moment, how could artificial snow relate to environmental organizations?

    "This, you know what is going on?"Eric asked. Although these should be the concern of the production talents, Eric is a director, but he is also one of the producers. Moreover, in the end, his power in the crew is the biggest, so there is a big thing. The last thing I need to come out is him.

    There have been conflicts, and it seems that this matter will not be solved too easily. So Eric paid more attention to it. When asked this sentence, Eric got up and got the coat. I plan to go to the site to see for myself.

    Alan chased him up and said: "Eric, I finally took a break in the morning. I think those things Mr. Hanson will definitely handle, and you still have a good rest.

    "Nothing, don't look at it, I don't trust."Eric shook his head.

    Alan had no choice but to get on the bus with Eric and head to Central Park.

    On the road. Alan explained to Eric: "Things are like this. There are two kinds of artificial snow. One is to use a snow machine to create real snowflakes. However, the cost is too high, and the environmental requirements are also very demanding. The temperature below zero is required. Now, this climatic condition cannot be achieved. Therefore, we use another way, which is to replace it with snow-like materials. The chemical composition of this artificial snow is magnesium sulfate heptahydrate. Magnesium sulfate is actually harmless and can even be used as a fertilizer for many plants. But the environmental group is not listening to our explanations, also do not trust us to the ex-post affirmation will be the intention to clean up the guarantee, but repeatedly for us to use this kind of thing to do the restrictions, I just said, a Chang Wu staff could not help and the other had a conflict, is this happening, the Chang Wu feel that the other side is too picky, Plus young, so he moved his hand. ”

    Eric, who was patiently listening to the back of the car chair, flashed and immediately asked, "Isn't it big?"

    "No, they were opened when they just got in touch."Alan shook his head.

    Eric breathed a sigh of relief and then asked, "What about the media?"


    Eric repeated it: "I mean, is there any media attention to this matter?"

    Alan heard Eric's tone very solemn and quickly understood something, but he didn't answer it for a while: "This, I am not too clear. I thought that this is just pure…Pure environmental incidents, after all, many crews have encountered such entanglement. ”

    Eric took a deep breath and said to the driver in the front row: "Brut, drive faster."


    Coming to Central Park and passing through the blockade line, Eric saw seven or eight young men and women lying on the ground at a glance, all with masks on their faces, but they were very cool and bare on the skin. Paint a variety of environmental slogans with green paint. Eric is familiar with several crew members who are helplessly standing on the periphery, and Jeffrey is sprawling with a woman who looks like she is 30 years old and looks like a young man lying on the floor, looking excited.

    "Ms. Schneider, I have said it many times. This place must be laid with fake snow, because this is a very important shot. If there is no snow, it will definitely not work. We have already made a lot of compromises. What do you want?" ”

    “Absolutely not, Mr. Hanson, those chemical materials that are directly placed on these vegetation can cause fatal injuries to them.”

    "I have already promised you repeatedly. After we have finished shooting, we will clean up the cleanup here. I have bought a special vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Isn't that enough?"

    The lady of Schneider still shook her head: "No, it is absolutely impossible." Central Park is the lung of Manhattan. If your lungs are rotted, Mr. Hanson, what do you feel. ”

    "I want to say how you can promise."

    "We will never agree. It is absolutely impossible to lay fake snow on this lawn."The lady, Schneider, seems to be excited too.

    The two are arguing fiercely that Eric has come over.

    Jeffrey was just facing Eric, so she didn't know the situation, but the lady of Schneider didn't know why, and she recognized Eric at a glance, and she came to Eric seriously: "Mr. Williams, I am Shirley of the New York Green Organization.Schneider, I strongly protest against the cast of your crew on the lawn, you must change this setting. ”

    Jeffrey came to Eric at the same time, and looked at the woman with helplessness before he said to Eric: "Sorry, Eric, maybe we have to postpone the play here in the afternoon."

    “It’s okay,” Eric patted Jeffrey’s shoulder and said to the woman in front of him: “Mrs. Schneider, right? I have just heard some of the arguments between the two of you. So, I want to ask you first, do you know the ingredients of the artificial snow we use? ”

    Shirley.Schneider showed a sneer: "Of course, I know magnesium sulfate."

    "anything else?"Eric asked.

    Shirley.Schneider glimpsed: "What else?"

    Eric said: "Don't you know that magnesium sulfate heptahydrate is not only harmless to plants, but is it still a chemical? Therefore, we lay fake snow, not only will not cause damage to these plants, and even beneficial. ”

    Shirley.Schneider looked a few times and quickly said: "You said that, I don't know about it for the time being. I will collect some information when I go back. However, even if it is a kind of fertilizer, but you have to lay a thick layer, it must be excessive, but I know that excessive use of anything will have the opposite effect. ”

    "I have said that after the filming, we will definitely clean it up."Jeffrey, this is a mouth.

    "I don't believe you, you are the capitalists of the picture. Who knows if you will say a set, so if you want to shop…"Shirley.Schneider pointed to the men and women on the lawn: "It’s good to be on us!"

    Eric glanced at the lawn and a thought popped up in his mind. (To be continued)

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