Body Chapter 250 Two Things

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 250th chapter of the main text, two things, floating astronomy

    "Ms. Schneider, as long as we don't lay fake snow directly on the lawn?"

    Shirley.Schneider saw Eric as if he had thought of something, looked confident, and hesitated in his expression, but quickly said: "Yes, you can lay on the side of the road, but the lawn is absolutely impossible. Moreover, after the shooting of the fake snow on both sides of the road is completed, it must be properly cleaned up. ”

    When Eric spoke, he stared at the woman and saw the struggle in his eyes, and was more assured of some speculation, if the other was purely for the sake of environmental protection, then he put forward a workable solution, the woman will not reveal hesitation.

    Although I understood this in my heart, Eric said to the other side in a negotiating tone: "Well, then, if we put a layer of plastic cloth on the lawn mat and then lay fake snow on it, is this all right?"

    Shirley.Schneider was surprised to Leng Leng, only slightly some unwilling to nod a way: "I think …perhaps……is allowed. ”

    "Then do it." ”Eric said this, no longer paying attention to this woman. With a wink of Jeffrey, two of people walked a little farther, Eric only to Jeffrey way: "Jeffrey, Central Park's play is suspended, immediately let everyone to prepare for the next scene, my next play should be Kevin Escape from the Plaza Hotel, just in the back alley by two stupid thieves caught the play, Let people to decorate the scene there, we can not stop shooting in the afternoon. ”

    Jeffrey just got from Shirley.Schneider’s expression saw something unusual, and said to Eric: “Eric, News Group’s United States headquarters is in New York, and they definitely have deep connections in the local area. Would you like to contact Murdoch?”

    "If you just went out and asked Murdoch for help, it would make him see us. What's more, Murdoch is not a philanthropist. ”Eric shook his head and continued: "And."Home Alone 2 also involves the benefits of Fox Film Studio, if we can't solve it in the end. Fox will definitely take the initiative, we do not have to take the initiative to send people. ”

    Jeffrey smiled and said: "It's still a thoughtful one, then I am going to buy plastic film. However, I don't think it will take much longer. We don't have to change the scene at all. ”

    Eric pointed to the men and women who were lying on the lawn. "There are people here today, we don't want to film, I am worried that they will deliberately create conflicts. Just like the thing that happened when I didn't come, once it happened, it would be even more troublesome to solve it. So I still have to change the scene for a while, right? Just a reporter from the media has been there? ”

    Jeffrey didn't expect Eric to ask this question. He thought about it: "There seems to be a few, but they just took some pictures far away, and after being driven away by our staff, they left honestly."

    "It seems that the trouble has just begun."Eric snorted and said to Jeffrey: "You arrange it first. Then come back to the hotel with me, I think you have more important things to do in the afternoon. ”

    "OK then."Jeffrey nodded and hurried to perform Eric's account.

    Jeffrey left. Eric asked the staff for a camera, took some pictures of the protesters lying on the lawn, and then let Alan take it out.

    After nearly an hour, Jeffrey returned to the hotel where the crew was staying, and Eric handed him a stack of photos.

    "What is this?"Jeffrey took it up in confusion and looked up and asked.

    “Just in case,” Eric said. “Don't you find out that the so-called environmental organization suddenly appeared not simply. We used to take a few scenes on some roads with vegetation. Did not see these people. In the last week, we filmed the scenes of Central Park. They have appeared. ”

    When Jeffrey heard Eric's words, he quickly understood it. It's obviously someone who wants to delay the shooting of Home Alone 2, and it's more troublesome at the most critical moment than when you first stepped in.

    Central Park has a very important place in the minds of the new York people, so, if the film was taken by the environmental group today, and the people who were being resisted by the environmentalists had been exposed to the fact that they had deliberately exaggerated the harmful effects of magnesium sulfate on the vegetation of the Central Park, then, in the public outcry, , Central Park's filming will surely usher in even greater resistance, and even the new York city government will have to intervene to stop the filming of the home Alone 2 before giving a reasonable plan to the crew to quell public fears.

    The shooting schedule of "Home Alone 2" is calculated on a daily basis, and now it is at the last minute. If it is delayed and delayed for a few days, then the corresponding ones will move all over the body. Many things in the original plan have to be put off.

    And, even if it's not possible to modify the script now to remove Central Park's play, because the early stage of all filming, the plot is interlocking, and even a lot of Kevin from Central Park export run out of the lens, if modified, then a lot of the previous footage is scrapped, to make up, perhaps "home Alone 2 can only be postponed to the Christmas release.

    The more Jeffrey worried about it, the photo in his hand asked Eric: "You said, who is messing up this time?"

    Eric picked up a movie guide that he had just bought, referring to the movie schedule listed on the page: "Home Alone 2 is scheduled for November 17, if we delay the release period because of some trouble. So, it’s good for movies that are released during this time, so we don’t know who is messing up.”

    Jeffrey took the newspaper and looked at it. There were seven or eight films released on November 17th, including Warner's "Lethal Weapon 2", which was postponed to the Thanksgiving schedule in order to avoid the "Running Out of Time", Paramount. One by Eddie.Murphy starred in the Christmas comedy "Harlem Nightclub", followed by two days of the world's "Back to the Future 2".

    Eric said with a heavy tone: "See, a few big film studios have movies in this period, Thanksgiving period, weekly box Office Total is about million USD, so if the home Alone 2 extension, the other films can be divided into the original "Home Alone 2" at least million USD of box Office share, of course, according to the 28 law, you see that several big companies of the main film is certainly the most points, so they are the most suspect. But we don't have the time and energy to entangle this matter. Even if we find out it, it doesn't help us. The only thing we have to do is to do everything we can to complete the film on time. ”

    Jeffrey put down the newspaper, thinking that this opponent is probably the giants of Warner or Universal, then Firefly didn't have much power in front of these companies, hesitated for a moment and said: "So, Eric, really don't need to know Fox. A sound?"

    Eric thought about it, or shook his head again: "For the time being, look at the situation tomorrow, I am sure that tomorrow we will report on the destruction of the Central Park environment using artificial snow."

    "What should I do now?"Jeffrey asked, he had not encountered such a thing before.

    “Two things,” Eric apparently thought about long ago, erecting three fingers: “First, Central Park is currently under the management of the Central Park Preservation Committee. You use the name of Firefly to donate money to the committee, um… …Just "500, this will ensure the greatest degree of public opinion, the other party will speak to us."

    After saying this, Eric handed the photos to Jeffrey and said: "Second, that's it. You can contact as many New York local newspaper media as possible, and reveal what we have encountered in the environmental organization protest today. They helped out some reports, focusing on our efforts to maintain the environment in Central Park. There is also the need to find one or two related professionals to explain in detail the fact that magnesium sulfate heptahydrate does not cause damage to vegetation, or even a chemical fertilizer. ”

    "Eric, will 500,000 not be too much?"Jeffrey asked weakly, and he still had some reluctance to send such a sum of money.

    Eric looked at his forehead and solemnly said: "Jeffrey, you have to understand the current situation. Once things change, Home Alone 2 can't be completed on time, it's not a loss of "500 USD." And "Home Alone 2" originally scheduled 25 Million USD production budget is expected to have some balance, so this "500 is even better in production costs."

    Jeffrey finally nodded. "Okay, I understand." Also, because of the temporary change of the shooting plan, the afternoon shooting may be delayed by one hour, after all, to communicate with the relevant streets. ”

    "I know, wait until I will arrange it in person, you will do your thing."

    Jeffrey picked up the photos taken by Eric and left in a hurry.

    Perhaps it was a dream to do a full set of thoughts. In the afternoon, the members of the environmental organization came over again. Although he still points to the practice of laying artificial snow on the crew, and even provokes a few words from time to time, he is no longer forced to lie on the ground to stop the filming of the crew, as in Central Park.

    Eric also issued a severe warning to the crew members at noon, no matter how provocative these people are, they must not be in conflict with each other, because doing so is equal to just falling into the trap of the other party. (To be continued)

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