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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 251 is awesome, floating astronomy

    It’s been busy until 8 pm, and Jeffrey has done everything Eric has to offer. However, because there was still concern in my heart, Jeffrey didn't sleep well all night, and the next morning, the sky was just bright, and Jeffrey climbed up from the bed with a faint dark circle, washing it up indiscriminately. I personally went to the streets to buy a lot of newspapers, and stood next to the newsstand and eagerly began to read.

    Things really happened in Eric's expectation. In a Manhattan Morning Post, the photos of the environmental organization's members lying on the lawn were prominently placed in a prominent position, and the quality was not as good as Eric's intentional shots. The photos were clear, apparently taken by the reporters who were driven away by the crew yesterday. More let Jeffrey Headache is, this tabloid newspaper also published a cast of staff and environmental organization members push resist photos, paparazzi snapshot of quite ingenious, although see above two people's expression, but can clearly see, One of the crew members raised his foot and tried to kick the Green group across the street, and the protester seemed to be retreating.

    “Yesterday, the sequel to the intensely shot “Home Alone” was shot in Manhattan’s Central Park, and it was blocked by the famous environmental organization gepo…”

    Just after reading the first sentence, Jeffrey couldn't help but smash it out. He had been negotiating with the so-called environmental organization for so long. He didn't know what the other party was calling. The first sentence of this tabloid newspaper was revealed. The origin of these people, this is obviously planned.

    Although angry, Jeffrey continued to read: "…It is said that because the sequel to Home Alone is still happening for Christmas, the "Home Alone" crew intends to cover a snow-like chemical called magnesium sulfate heptahydrate on the vegetation of Central Park. The substances cause great damage to plants in Central Park. In order to prevent this inappropriate behavior of the "Home Alone 2" crew, members of the gepo had a long negotiation with the crew. Even encountered the opponent's team members' fists and faces, but had no choice but to lie on the lawn to protest. The reporters we went to interview also encountered the arrogance of the "Home Alone 2" crew.

    Members of the gepo organization revealed to us. Their power is so isolated that the "Home Alone 2" crew is because of their strong protests. The filming was temporarily stopped, but the other party apparently would not be willing to give up. Central Park has the reputation of 'the lungs of Manhattan', and Manhattan residents are able to enjoy fresher air than other parts of New York every day, which is inseparable from the purification of vegetation in Central Park. Therefore, we appeal to the people of Manhattan to pay attention to the progress of this matter, and strongly recommend that the Manhattan District Government intervene in this matter to prevent the Home Alone 2 crew from being unscrupulous and environmentally damaging. ”

    After reading this article, Jeffrey has become chilly. Since the last paragraph of this report is all about inciting the entire Manhattan community to unite to protest the filming of the cast in Central Park, and if the Manhattan District government cannot resist the pressure of public opinion, then perhaps home Alone 2 will have to wait until new York lands a real snow to continue filming, God knows what time it's going to wait. And if there is no snow, then the scenes of Central Park will be out of place with the snow-capped shots that have been taken elsewhere.

    After reading this report, Jeffrey didn't have the heart to read other newspapers and directly found a few copies of his own public relations yesterday.

    fortunately. "Several newspapers, such as the New York Daily, the New York Post, and the New York News, were all fairly reported in accordance with Jeffrey’s public relations yesterday, because the journalists received a public relations fee. The New York Post also included an interview with a chemistry professor at New York University, which, of course, was Jeffrey, and the professor gave a detailed and objective introduction to the substance of the seven-water magnesium sulfate used as artificial snow, This means that the substance, as long as it is not used in large quantities, will not cause harm to plants, but also to promote growth.

    Hurry to read a few copies of the newspaper. Jeffrey hurried to the hotel.

    咚咚咚 –

    After a quick knock on Eric's door, it took a while. The door was slightly opened, revealing a blonde in a nightgown.

    Jeffrey stunned. He didn't know the woman. He said that Eric, the ridiculous guy, wouldn't leave Nicole because he couldn't stand the call girl.

    The blonde looked at Jeffrey and quickly opened the door: "Mr. Hanson, please…Please come in, Eric, he is taking a shower. ”

    Jeffrey only relaxed some of the names that the blonde called her name. It wasn't a call girl, at least it was easier to accept.

    The blonde also quickly realized Jeffrey's confused eyes and quickly introduced herself: "Mr. Hanson, my name is Li.Zimmerman plays a small role in the movie. However, maybe you didn't notice me. ”

    Jeffrey nodded and opened his mouth a few times. In the end, he just pointed at the girl's neckline. The blonde looked down and gave a sigh, because the girl's neck was full of red hickeys, against the white skin. It looks very conspicuous.

    Li.Zimmerman clenched his neck tightly and didn't know what to say. The bathroom door opened in time, and Eric, wearing a white bathrobe, wiped his hair out of the bathroom with a towel. Seeing Jeffrey sitting on the couch, Eric squatted and smiled and said hello: "Hey, Jeffrey, you…So early. ”

    "Yeah, indeed…Some early. ”Jeffrey glanced at the blonde standing aside, pointing out.

    Eric smiled and walked over, grabbing the girl's waist and gently kissing the other's face, and said to Jeffrey: "Do you know?"

    The two of them slightly nodded, Li.Zimmerman saw Eric. They seemed to have something to discuss. They were very sensible and said: "Eric, can I use the bathroom?"

    Although the girl still held the neckline, Eric still saw the red mark on the girl's neck, and smirked and said it on the buttocks of the girl's buttocks: "Of course, no problem, go."

    Li.Zimmerman stunned Eric, but his eyes were overflowing with a touch of style, and there was no fierce appearance of punching two thieves.

    As a guest at the Plaza Hotel, asked Donald for passers-by.The same Trump character, the memory and the thief met twice, first gave a slap in the face of Marvin, and the two thieves smashed together a fashion girl, also temporarily found in New York.

    The crew contacted the famous model management company, although it was only a small role, but this is the "Home Alone" series. Even if the audience is mainly children, there are still a lot of adults with children watching. Therefore, this role is not only a great opportunity for those models to enhance their fame, but more importantly, maybe after participating in this movie, they will enter the big screen without any care. Everyone knows, no To say that Hollywood's top superstar, even a casual first-line star, has more annual income than most supermodels.

    So the little character caused a scramble, and the vice director, who was in charge of the selection of horns, looked at the alternative list of up to 46 people. Even by some model people personally find the door, suddenly feel that this matter is difficult to deal with, because although he holds the right to choose a corner, but also to some small models of the hint is very exciting, But the supermodel who has already become famous is not his diving, and he is afraid to choose an unknown model without the supermodel competition, so he is smart enough to push things to Eric.

    Eric looked at the list and didn't find any woman she knew. So she began to look through a thick photo album sent by the accompanying list with great interest. In a myriad of photos, she quickly picked it up. Li.Zimmerman, though Li.Zimmerman is not the best-known nor the most beautiful one in a bunch of models, but, very coincidentally, this blonde is just the original Actor of previous life.

    Originally Eric picked Li.Zimmerman is just out of the evil taste of the original 'original' and has no other ideas.

    However, when shooting yesterday, Eric suddenly felt very good about the girl wearing black leather gloves with black leather gloves in the camera. He felt that the girl’s gesture of punching the two thieves was handsome.

    A few sentences and hints, Li.Zimmerman didn't want to post it. Last night, when Eric was intimate with the girl on the big bed, he also specially found the pair of black leather gloves for the girl to wear. Looking at the naked white tender body, wearing only a pair of leather gloves under the body to look like a joy, it feels really, great.

    When the bathroom door slammed closed, Jeffrey pointed to the direction of the bathroom and asked: "Eric, this is again…what happened? ”

    "You haven't read the script yet, that is the girl who taught the thief twice."

    Jeffrey recalled, nodded, opened his mouth and tried to persuade Eric to converge a little. After all, he now has not only a girlfriend, but also two fixed lovers (because Nicole's careful machine, Jeffrey treats Nicole as a good one). Eric's love, the other is of course Virginia.

    However, Jeffrey quickly dismissed this idea. Eric is not like himself. He is just the age of bloody, as long as he doesn't indulge in the fallacy of the female color, he has nothing to worry about. After all, in his position, even Eric himself. If you want to converge, there will be a variety of women coming together.

    "Forget it, let's take a look at these, I have already seen it."Jeffrey pushed a pair of newspapers to Eric and said, "The stack above is the newspaper I contacted yesterday. Here are the people who have done it for us."

    Eric took the following glimpse and flipped it over quickly. (To be continued)

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