The No. 252 chapter of the body is the scapegoat

I am Hollywood the latest chapter, the body of the No. 252 chapter, Floating astronomy

    Waiting for Li.Zimmerman took a shower and changed clothes in the bathroom. Eric just finished reading a pair of newspapers and looked at the girl who was overwhelmed by her. Eric said: "Li, go downstairs to help me and Jeffrey. Packing two breakfasts, whatever you want."

    "Oh, um," Li.Zimmerman nodded quickly, picked up his handbag and walked out of the room, and he was relieved. At least, Eric didn't directly let her go.

    "Do you look a little bit sad?"Jeffrey asked with awkward words.

    Eric didn't care about Jeffrey's tone and smiled. "Of course, the experience last night was wonderful."

    "Well, let's talk about business, how do you think about these reports?"Jeffrey reluctantly pointed out that Eric had messed up with a bunch of newspapers.

    Eric also put up a cynical look and said: "If I didn't let you do this yesterday, then today we are completely in a passive position, because ordinary people always have a preconceived notion. In the future, we will be very difficult to defend. . It’s not bad now, at least, the water is being mixed up by us. The public opinion won’t fall down on us, so as long as we do all kinds of public relations, there will be no big problems. By the way, I called Robert last night. He will fly to help in the morning. He must have more experience than you. ”

    "Well, actually I want to tell you about it, but I think you might…"

    Eric smiled. "What may be, you don't want to say, I always treat Robert as an outsider?"

    "Is it not?"

    Eric denied: "Of course not, although I do care about the 15% of the shares that he took, but since the two companies have merged, I will definitely treat him as a person, as long as Robert does not pick up the inside. Fight. I will never do this first. ”

    Jeffrey, who is already familiar with Eric, gave Eric a contemptuous look: "You are really not convinced."

    "No, I am telling the truth," Eric retorted. "Jeffrey. My goal is much bigger than you think, if you start to argue with people in the interests. Then I am very difficult to move on. ”

    "your……What is the goal? ”


    Jeffrey groaned, didn't figure it out, and asked: "What?"

    "Hollywood," Eric repeated, with a little frivolous atmosphere in his tone, saying: "I have to one day, people mentioned the word 'd', the first time I thought of it. Not Los Angeles, not a few Film Studios, nor any movie star on the Avenue of Stars, but me, Eric.Williams. Hollywood is me, I am Hollywood! ”

    Eric’s heartfelt words sounded very appealing. Jeffrey squinted and tried to say a few words against Eric, and opened his mouth, but turned into a blessing: “So, I hope you can succeed.”

    "Most definitely."Eric solemnly nodded. "So, Jeffrey, you think. My goal is so far, the road is so long, will it stop and fight with a faster companion who might help me to go for a few mouthfuls of dry food? ”

    Jeffrey smiled and shook his head: "I understand."

    The two simply negotiated a countermeasure, Li.Zimmerman knocked on the door with a few breakfasts.

    "I think I'm going back to my room to eat," Jeffrey said, looking at the pair of men and women who were close together on the opposite sofa. They couldn't help but say that, instead of Eric talking, Jeffrey would pick up his own one. Going out.

    "Leave him. We went on to eat," Eric saw the girl's look. Said.

    "I won't bother you anymore?"

    "Of course not, things have already been finished. correct. You said last night, in addition to the model, are you still playing a stage show at Broadway? ”

    Li.Zimmerman nodded: "Yeah, I like acting very much. By the way, Eric, I have a show on Broadway next month. Would you come back later? ”

    Although the girl looked at Eric with great gaze, he could only shake his head: "Sorry, Li, I have to go back to Los Angeles immediately after "Home Alone" filmed."

    Li.Zimmerman slammed and slammed his head and licked the salad in front of him. Although I would like to take the initiative to seek some opportunities, but the girl who knows the rules of the industry knows that if she takes the initiative to ask Eric for something, then she can only get a bad check.

    Therefore, this kind of thing can only be Eric's initiative to open the mouth. If the other party does not mention it from beginning to end, she can't complain about anything. It is an ordinary one-night stand.

    After all, Li.Zimmerman also heard that Eric chose his own newcomer in a bunch of supermodels. Whenever I think of a roommate who is also a model of a model management company, I heard that I got the role. The girl was proud of her.

    Because she was a newcomer who had been in the business for less than a year. When she heard that she had this opportunity, she did not want to come over and fight for it because she felt that she could not compete for a large group of supermodels, or her roommate was jealous of her. Two people together cast their resumes, and she was chosen inexplicably.

    But at the same time, because of her embarrassment caused by her good fortune, she and her roommates were also very close friends. These days, after listening to the other party’s sour sneer, she stopped talking to the other party and decided to move out as soon as possible. . Compared with this opportunity, what a friendship is not so reliable, not to mention that the roommate did not wholeheartedly regard himself as a friend, often taking the position of self-governing earlier, and the former generation. To put it bluntly, the competition between models is so fierce that it is difficult to create true friendship, except…Lace silk edge.

    Eric sniffed the faint perfume smelling from the girl and ate breakfast. He asked: "Do you want to develop in the direction of a professional actor?"

    Li.Zimmerman had a happy heart and nodded quickly.

    "Just give you this opportunity," Eric said. "You should know "FrInternet Explorer nds"?"

    "Of course I know, I also know that the sitcom is also your own screenwriter, I will catch it every week."It may be because I heard something that I am familiar with. The girl said excitedly: "I like the role of Ross most. I think he is the kind of perfectionist who is dull, which is much better than her sister's perfectionism with obsessive-compulsive disorder. And Phoebe…"

    The girl Brabra said a few words and soon realized that it was not right. I quickly closed my mouth and looked at Eric.

    Eric smiled and said: "Thank you for enjoying this TV serInternet Explorer s. This is the case. There is an episode in "FrInternet Explorer nds", which is a blackout in New York. The story of Chandler and a famous model being locked into the bank cash machine hall is about a set length. I can recommend you to go. Try it. ”

    According to the original script, this episode should happen in the seventh episode of the first season. And Chandler encountered a Victorian secret underwear model, but now Victoria's secret is not famous, so Eric changed the identity of the girl into a famous model, and the script was modified, this story is also Postponed to the 20th episode, it is definitely not filmed now.

    Li.Zimmerman couldn’t help but confirm: "Really, Eric, you think I…Really? ”

    Eric nodded again, and he will definitely have many similar characters in his future movie or TV serInternet Explorer s. Instead of being cheaper than an unscrupulous casting director, the director goes to the little actress, but it is better to be human. "FrInternet Explorer nds is now much more influential than the first season of previous life, so. Being able to make a guest episode in it is equivalent to mixing a face in front of more than 20 million viewers across the United States, which is much better than taking a cover of several magazines.

    Of course, Eric can give Li.There are only so many Zimmerman.

    I’m sure to show two faces in a hot TV serInternet Explorer s and a big movie. It’s a breeze for the girl to get some more characters. If I can go further in the future, I’ll see the girl’s own efforts and Luck.

    Li.Zimmerman saw Eric's affirmative look and immediately rushed up and kissed him on his face.

    "All right. Ok," Eric said, a gentle little tongue on his face. Quickly push the girl away: "Don't make trouble, let me finish breakfast."

    Have eaten. Alan, as usual, followed Eric's day's schedule. When Alan finished the business, Eric pointed to the girl around him: "Alan, you contacted Los Angeles. I remember that "FrInternet Explorer nds" has a model in the 20th episode. Give the role to Miss Zimmerman."

    Alan quickly recorded the matter on the memo, looked at the woman beside Eric, and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Eric is with John.Mr. Does Aniston say it directly? ”

    Eric almost forgot about it. Except for Eric, the "FrInternet Explorer nds" crew has the most power to be John as a producer.Aniston, if you will be Li.Zimmerman pushed over, John.Aniston will not only let the girl get the role, but will definitely call and swear.

    After thinking about it, Eric waved Alan to come over and put it in Alan's ear: "So, you said it was recommended by Jeffrey. He was so single for a long time, and he was a little older. It was not easy to make a girl. dessert."

    Alan’s mouth was pumping, or asked: “Eric, want…Want to know with Mr. Hanson? ”

    "Don't worry, I will tell him."

    Alan said that he was so big and black, you would tell him to blame, but he just nodded helplessly, and he closed the memo and left.

    "Eric, I don't think you are so bad," Alan walked, Li.Zimmerman glared at Eric, Eric said to Alan's ear, but the voice didn't push to the point where she couldn't hear it: "I'm just a guest episode, and I won't Do not conflict with your little girlfriend."

    Eric smiled and said: "If you don't say this, you can't even get the character."

    Li.Zimmerman asked unclearly: "Why, isn't FrInternet Explorer nds your Firefly investment?"

    "Yeah, but the producer of "FrInternet Explorer nds" is the father of my little girlfriend."


    Although because of Eric's prior arrangement, public opinion did not slam the "bad behavior" of the "Home Alone 2" crew to destroy the ecological environment of the Central Park. However, this incident still has a great impact. Although some sensible people believe in the ideas on the newspapers of Jeffrey's public relations, there are many people who believe in other ideas on the newspaper.

    Therefore, the next two days, the issue of whether or not the "Home Alone 2" crew should continue to shoot artificial snow in the Central Park caused great controversy, and even spread to all parts of the United States, forming a hot topic.

    And Eric had made Jeffrey's "500 USD donation to the Central Park Preservation Committee in advance." When the reporter interviewed the chairman of the preservation committee Tim.When Frick’s Home Alone 2 crew’s filming in Central Park had a major impact on the environment, Mr. Frick spoke a lot of good things for the “Home Alone 2” crew, a series that the crew did. The measures are listed one by one. And the "Home Alone 2" crew is a very responsible crew.

    Of course, the committee accepted the "500 USD donation of the crew, Tim.Frick did not hide, otherwise it would be more troublesome to be caught by the media. But Tim.Frick is also not likely to say that this is the crew's compensation for artificial snow that may cause damage to the vegetation in the park, or else it is equal to the face. Rather, the crew saw that some of the public facilities in Central Park were relatively old, so they donated the money and replaced the park with a new batch of public facilities.

    Because of Tim.Frick's interview was broadcast in prime time, so many people saw the news, and a series of public relations with the "Home Alone 2" crew gradually became clear.

    Finally, the Manhattan District Government issued a statement saying that it would send a supervision team to supervise whether the crew used artificial snow in accordance with the rules promised during the Central Park shooting. Moreover, the supervision team will also select several among the citizens. Volunteers to ensure the impartiality of the supervision team.

    After the statement was issued, the "Home Alone" crew immediately issued a statement saying that it would not only cooperate with the supervision team but also be willing to pay for the budget outside the Manhattan government.

    Both sides have come to me to show their goodness to the land, and the News Group has also made a secret effort at this time, and finally this matter has been properly resolved.

    The so-called environmental organization gepo did not stop the filming of the crew.

    In late October, "Home Alone 2" was filmed, in addition to returning to Los Angeles, in addition to the late two films, the release date of "The Others" is also coming.

    This is the first shot of Firefly's Thanksgiving-Christmas. If you can get a good start, you will have a certain Box Office gain for the next few movies. Therefore, Eric also attaches great importance to this matter. (To be continued)

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