Chapter 254 of the text may be something to do.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 254 may be something to do, floating astronomy

    "What is your name, which newspaper is it?"

    "My name is George.promise……Linde is a reporter for "Hollywood Online." ”George .Northen said that half of them had to make a pseudonym for themselves.

    Eric didn't realize George.Noson was lying, nodded and asked: "You just said that "The Others" was released on November 1st is a very stupid choice, then what is your reason?"

    George .Northen confidently replied: "It's very simple. Although it is Halloween on November 1st, there are also a lot of horror movies that will be released during this period, but this is not really a hot period, and even a good schedule is not a good one. The total amount of the Box Office in these weeks is no different from the off-season of the movie. Since Disney and Firefly have high hopes for this movie, it will not be stupid to be released on November 1st, or you will have no confidence in The Others before you can make this movie. Lost in this class like a cannon fodder cemetery? ”

    Eric listened to George.The words of the northern side, not by more than looking at each other a few eyes, this is a paparazzi dressed middle-aged than those who only know to cross-examine stars * More powerful: "Since you can speak well, then you should also know, Hollywood annual box Office in the first 10, there will always be so many movies, Their release time is neither summer nor Christmas, but they still have their own excellent quality, squeezed into the list. ”

    "Mr. Williams, I understand what you're saying, like in the last few weeks of the "leap of Innocence," Samsung film Studio was very pessimistic about the film, only to put the film in the unpopular October, but this only millions of cost box Office The Dark Horse has now won nearly 60 million USD of Box Office and may even become a competitor to the others. However, Mr. Williams. You didn't answer my question. The dark horse movies you said were put down to the off season. It is because they have not been optimistic beforehand. However, "The Others" is clearly a movie that has been highly anticipated by Disney and Firefly, and won the Silver Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival. ”

    Eric smiled slightly. The tone said confidently: "I have just answered you, as long as the quality of the film is excellent, sometimes it can ignore the schedule."

    Ignore the schedule? !

    George .Northen surprised his eyes wide open, and some of the more professional journalists in the crowd were surprised.

    Eric’s words are really too arrogant.

    Throughout Hollywood, there isn't any Director or Producer who dares to say this with confidence. Most people are sharpening their heads and want to put their movies in the summer or New Year. Because everyone knows that a good movie schedule means higher Box Office revenue. However, Eric in front of him not only did the opposite, but also slammed the slogan of 'ignoring the schedule'.

    Many paparazzi are keenly aware that this will be a very explosive topic, involuntarily pushing forward and pushing the recorder in hand to Eric.

    George .Northen also knows that this will be a controversial topic. He even has a preliminary draft in his heart. I believe many people will see Eric tomorrow.Williams is arrogant, and if The Others doesn't achieve unexpected results, then. Eric .Williams will face the face and even have a big impact on the Box Office scores of his next few movies during the New Year.

    However, although I thought so. George .Norson was still a human being, harmlessly bringing the recorder closer to Eric and asking: "Mr. Williams, you just really mean that the movie "The Others" can completely ignore the time limit and get a high amount of Box Office? ”

    Eric shrugged and nodded. "Since I put the film on November 1st, I definitely have this confidence in my heart."

    The group of reporters outside the cordon line once again issued a faint sigh.

    Eric finished, no longer paying attention to everyone, pulling up Virginia to walk into the theater.

    "Hey, Mr. Williams. Can you explain it in detail? ”

    "Mr. Williams, why do you have such confidence in this movie? ”

    "Mr. Williams…"

    In the scream of crazy reporters behind him. Eric took Virginia's head and stepped on the steps of the cinema.

    Because the premiere will start at seven o'clock, so the two did not go directly to the auditorium. Instead, under the guidance of the staff, they went to the lounge prepared in advance, and the star guests who came to the party were waiting there.

    Walking in the VIP channel, Virginia whispered: "Eric, if you just said that, wouldn't it be wrong?"

    "Do you even have confidence in me?"Eric asked with a smile.

    Virginia shook his head quickly: "No, of course I have confidence in you, but anything can be unexpected, in case…just in case……Then you will definitely be laughed at. ”

    Eric calmly pinched the little hand of the girl: "Do not worry, no."

    Virginia opened his mouth and said something, but Eric pulled into the lounge.

    I have been greeted with many stars who have come to cheer and cheer. After ten minutes or so, Disney's CEO Michael.Eisner also came to the scene.

    "Eric, I heard about the words you just made on red carpet."I met, Michael.Eisner said to Eric.

    Eric raised the eyebrow : "Mr. Eisner, do you think that my words are very inappropriate? ”

    Michael .Eisner shook his head. "I just think that you are too risky to say this. In fact, even I am very curious. Why do you insist on putting this movie on November 1st? Now I have done what you said, you I should always tell me the reason."

    "Let's go over there," Eric pointed to a set of sofas that were not far from the wall.

    Michael .Eisner nodded and walked over with Eric. The people in the lounge wanted to talk to Eric and Michael.Eisner took advantage of the relationship, but saw that two people had something to discuss, and they were very interested in it.

    "Actually, I had this idea a long time ago, probably before the release of "Running Out of Time."Eric said, looking at Michael.Eisner glanced at the scene: "At that time, I thought that since the end of this year, there were five films related to me, so why not create a beautiful Grand Slam miracle in this period?"

    "Great slam, miracle?"Michael .Eisner repeated the two key words in Eric's words, but didn't understand that the word Grand Slam had anything to do with the movie, not a game.

    Eric didn't sell off, and soon said: "Mr. Eisner, "The Others" was released on November 1st. After a lot of publicity, we won't have a problem with the Box Office championship for two weeks. Next, "Home Alone 2" on the November 17, the film last year, but won the full 10 weeks of the box Office title, and I have seen the film, only the "Lethal Weapon 2" and "Back to the next 2" can be with the "Alone 2" competition , but the two-movie crowd is obviously not enough to compare with the home Alone 2, even if the sequel box office has a certain reduction, then the five-week box office title will certainly be fine. Finally, at Christmas, "Sleepless in Seattle" continues to win the Box Office championship. I have seen that there is no big movie this Christmas, so I can still sit down the Week Box Office champion as long as there is no strong movie. So, maybe I can keep this state until February. Moreover, as long as we promote this gimmick, then several films in this 'relay' will receive more attention at the same time, which also promoted the Box Office between several movies. ”

    Michael .When Eisner heard Eric's plan, he was shocked and unable to add. The young people around him obviously wanted to occupy the entire New Year!

    A week-box office champion movie can take at least 30% of the box office in one week, plus box office, which doesn't have a movie at the top of the list, that will rise to at least 40%, according to the total box office of 600 million USD at the end of the year, and the films will be The total box office, 240 million USD, doesn't seem like much, even last year's home Alone office. But don't forget, after the New Year, these movies have at least one to three months of Box Office harvest, and the total Box Office won't be much less than the 240 million USD.

    On average, five movies, each with at least 100 Million USD of Box Office.

    If this is the case, Firefly will have at least five positions in the top ten of the Box Office list this year. This is obviously a matter of letting the seven Film Studios face.

    Even if Disney is a profiter in this matter, Michael.Eisner now thinks about it without any excitement.

    Maybe, what to do.

    Michael .Eisner had such a thought inexplicably.

    I saw a few young people who were still smug, Michael.Eisner licked his lips, slammed Eric's shoulder and encouraged a few words, then got up and left.

    Eric sat on the couch for a while because he just seemed to be at Michael.Eisner saw some different looks in his eyes, but specifically, he didn't want to understand, to Michael.After Eisner made his own ambitious plan, Eric was a little excited in his heart, so he didn't analyze Michael in detail.The meaning of Eisner's fleeting eyes is profound. (To be continued)

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