Text NO. 255 Chapter shut Up

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 255 shuts up, floating astronomy

    The premiere started at 7 o'clock on time, and after the interaction with the fans, "The Others" also began to formally reflect.

    It was still starting from some hoarse storytelling in Virginia. As the plot progressed step by step, the fog gradually opened, and Virginia played Grace to open the door to reveal all the truth. Eric heard the theater clearly remembered. Wow – one.

    The subtitles slowly rise, and after the lights are on, there are a few drum-like applause in the theater. These scattered applause is like a flame that ignites the haystack. It takes less than five seconds to hit everything like a shower. The sound rang and it lasted for more than a minute.

    “This is definitely one of the best horror stories I have seen in the past few years. Although the plot is simple and straightforward, there are no huge Hollywood effects, but the creepy atmosphere of the movie has always been in my heart. Eric .After conquering a completely different group of fans with Home Alone, Pretty Woman and Running Out of Time, Williams extended his 'magic palm' to a group of fans who love horror movies. Things that make people feel incredible. ”

    "An awesome ending, let people temporarily escape the real world after enjoying more than an hour of heartbeat, the unexpected ending seems to suddenly pull people back to the bare reality, which makes people shudder."

    "This is a very great movie. In such an era when we can only use a lot of plasma and disgusting special effects to build up horror effects, "The Others" is undoubtedly the first and very smart horror movie. He didn't use the usual techniques, but he was equally chilling to Scream."

    "A thriller that supernaturally came to dominate, he relied on the creepy tension of the plot, not blood and violence. Virginia .Madsen’s performance is also eye-catching. This depends on David.Fincher's "Dune" debut of the beautiful vase after a few years of exploration, it seems that I finally know her position in Hollywood, I hope she can continue to bring us even better movies. Ok. ok I admit it. It is really not easy to go beyond "The Others", so as long as she can bring the same outstanding movies, I believe the audience will be satisfied. ”

    "Immersed in nervous emotions and unpredictable hunches, it is almost the old routine of horror movies. But this movie has no strange masked killers and abrupt kitchen knives, nor bloody cruel conflicts. But they kept the appetite of the audience from start to finish. No one knew what was going on, but everyone wanted to know what happened. The last door was pushed open, and finally we realized that we had already had a cold sweat. ”

    On the second day after the premiere, many newspapers such as The New York Post, Newsweek, The New York Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and the Chicago Tribune all appeared. "The Others" is a positive evaluation, and many people have found that the most used vocabulary in these reviews is 'creepy'.

    The audience who saw these reviews, especially the horror film enthusiasts, are all looking forward to the arrival of November 1.

    At the same time. Eric’s remarks on red carpet also caused a storm.

    "Hollywood Online" published George on the second day.Northon rushed out of the manuscript overnight.

“……Perhaps, after several films, Eric.Williams has inflated to forget that he is just a human being. Not a godly fact. In fact, in the face of many fans, "The Others" has been excellent enough to ignore any schedule restrictions. Such arrogant words, whether it is Steven or not.SpInternet Explorer lberg is still George.Lucas didn't dare to say it easily, but said this from the mouth of a young man who was less than 20 years old. How unclear it is. Moreover, although the author was not able to watch the film in person, according to people familiar with the scene, "The Others" is far from as good as Eric said, even far from the quality of Eric's previous films. Not only is the setting rough and simple, but it is always confusing from beginning to end. The plot of the whole movie is like crawling slowly, after a delay of more than an hour. Although the ending is so unexpected, for the sleepy audience. There have been no surprises. I really want Eric.Mr. Williams personally appeared in detail for the analysis, such a drag-and-drop movie, what qualifications can claim to be 'ignoring the schedule'. ”

    Although many newspapers scruples about Disney's influence, they are not brazen enough to criticize "The Others" like the "Bollywood Online" tabloid newspaper, but Eric's "ignoring the schedule" on red carpet is also extremely ironic, short. In two or three days, the 'ignorance period' has become a popular joke.

    Because of "FrInternet Explorer nds" and Eric's three unpleasant TV Stations, I often ridicule him with this topic.

    Nbc's daytime talk show, called Bonnie.Godwin’s 40-year-old middle-aged host did not sit directly in front of the desk as he used to, but let the audience wait for a few seconds before hanging a wire slowly into the seat, behind him. Also funnyly tied a pair of funny little angel wings. And when the guests asked for reasons, they ridiculed Eric's so-called 'ignorance schedule' theory with his ability to awaken the 'ignorance of gravity'.

    Although the outside world was soaring, even Jeffrey persuaded Eric to finally clarify, but Eric turned a deaf ear.

    On Wednesday, November 1, "The Others" was officially released in 1,700 theaters.

    Among everyone's attention, the next day, "The Others" first day Box Office statistics, only 3 "100 first day Box Office, the media suddenly gloating, since Eric.Williams screenwriter's movie didn't ignore the workday, so if you want to ignore the schedule, it is definitely a dream.

    But then, after a rough estimate, after winning another 3.9 million USD Box Office on Thursday, "The Others" got 6"300, 7"100 and 6.4 million USD respectively on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Box Office. After the final detailed statistics, the total number of Box Offices reached 25.19 million on the first Friday, and all the individuals and media who had doubts suddenly closed their mouths.

    More than 27 million first-year Box Offices, even in any of the hottest schedules, are very eye-catching. (To be continued)

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