The main body of the No. 257 chapter?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, what to do in Chapter 257 of the text, Astronomy

    "Mr. Jaffe, "The Others" is a ghostly film that has succeeded, then I think that a love film with a ghost as a protagonist is certainly promising…"

    It seems that in his forties, the middle-aged man with a pair of glasses has not finished yet. The man he called Mr. Jaffe interrupted the other person's words: "Okay, Bruce, I know you have been selling you. That script, but I am really not interested in this, I am currently preparing another movie."

    Others standing at the table echoed: "Bruce, forget it, don't you think that a love piece with a ghost-like look looks ridiculous, and it's still a tragedy."

    “A lot of memorable stories are tragedies,” Bruce retorted.

    "What is the use of memory," said a brown-haired man. "You have heard of the script. I have to use a lot of special effects. The investment will not be lower than 20 Million USD. This is already an investment in the middle. The producer is a big adventure. Bruce, since you are very interested in ghosts or spiritual phenomena, you should make more effort to write some horror scripts, like "The Others", instead of obsessing the ghosts of love. ”

    When Eric approached, he just heard the words of the brown-haired man, and his heart suddenly moved.

    'Ghost love film', 'Bruce', just these two keywords, Eric has already confirmed 70% of the heart, the previous life of the tearing "Ghost", screenwriter is not called Bruce.Joey.Robin? Moreover, the calculation of time, if it does not appear, the film may have begun to produce.

    Although the Director of The Others is Jonathan.Demme, but this party. There is no doubt that Eric is the most eye-catching person, so he is just near the long table with the buffet, and the group who was chatting is immediately surrounded him. Enthusiastically started to introduce myself.

    Eric handed out the business cards that these people handed over, and politely distributed their work cards. Only pretending to ask casually: "I just heard the words like ghosts, what are you talking about?"

    Everyone didn't know what topic to look for and Eric's close relationship. He heard him take the initiative to ask questions. The middle-aged man who was Bruce became Mr. Jaffe immediately said: "It is a script about the murder of a bank clerk. Ghost, a story that protects his girlfriend from being hurt by the wicked."

    Eric remembered the name Charles.Jaffe’s middle-aged man’s self-introduction seems to be a Vice Chairman of Paramount, thinking that the other party must have been taught by Barry Diller’s high-concept movie concept. In a word, the story of "Ghost" is summarized.

    At the same time, Eric was more determined about his own guess. The middle-aged person who was squeezed to the outside of the crowd must be the screenwriter Bruce of Ghost.Joey.Robin.

    After entering Hollywood, Eric has repeatedly combed and recalled the famous films of the past few years, trying to get the right to shoot some films as much as possible, but after some investigations, I found that many movies copyright has been copied by Big Studio. Get it, but there is something you can't find.

    "Ghost" is one of the scripts that can't be found, Bruce.Joey.Before Robin, Robin had no fame in Hollywood, and Eric had some inquiries. Even he did not find this person.

    In the end, Eric can only decide to take a step and step, because Ghost was released in the summer of 1990, according to the universal production process of movies in parallel time and space. This film should have been prepared this year. The script will appear earlier, perhaps before he crossed, so Eric wants to copy it and use it directly.

    Eric didn't immediately show any interest in this script, and glanced at Bruce inadvertently.Joey.Robin, focus on the chat with the people around.

    Don't look at the executives of these big companies or the well-known Producer. He is now enthusiastic about him. He is now making a big sale of the movie. If he dares to show his interest in the Ghost script on the spot, then these people are sure. Will immediately turn to face the ranks of grabbing script.

    Have a chat for a while. Eric was separated from these people, and the whole process was not with Bruce from beginning to end.Joey.Robin has any exchanges. Since the other party has already appeared, it is much easier to find this person afterwards.

    But many things are always unexpected. He just walked away, Bruce.Joey.Robin chased it in three or two steps: "Mr. Williams…"

    Behind Eric, just Bruce.Joey.Robin hit a red-haired middle-aged man to see his move and smiled at Charles.Jaffe said: "It seems that Bruce is still not willing, and has to entangle Williams."

    Charles.Jaffe took a deep look at the back of Eric's middle-aged man and said, "Brian, do you think Williams will look at the script?"

    "Who knows, but with Eric.Williams’s vision, if you look at the script…"The red-haired middle-aged man named Brian said here and suddenly stopped with Charles.Jaffe looked at each other and then separated them without incident.

    Two people just nod their heads, and Charles.Jaffe is Paramount Vice Chairman and he is at Warner. If Eric determines the potential of this script and competes, the two are definitely opponents. While hearing the conversation between Charles and Brian, several people around him turned their attention to Eric's direction.

    Eric is also a headache now, Bruce.Joey.Robin has already begun to describe the story of "Ghost". What can he do now?

    Pretending to carelessly ignore it? After the party, he was eager to find the door, Bruce.Joey.Robin is not a fool, but it is more troublesome.

    To severely slap the script? It is estimated that even the opportunity for cooperation may be gone.

    The first two methods are not available, and if he is interested in the script on the spot …

    Eric couldn't help but look around, and many people have already turned their attention to them, especially those who have just talked about the sky.

    These people are all human, and as long as he dares to reveal the thoughts in his heart, then after the battle for it, among the wolves and tigers and leopards, the Firefly can only be regarded as a thin hyena. (To be continued)

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