Chapter 258, who is not an idiot

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 258 is not a fool, floating astronomy

“……Carr accidentally dropped the glass into the heart and died, and the soul was dragged into hell by death. After Sam and Molly and Audmei say goodbye, the wish is gone, and slowly enter the door of heaven. Mr. Williams, what do you think of this story? ”

    Bruce.Joey.Robin noticed from the beginning that Eric seemed to be a little absent-minded, so he only talked about the story, and he had no illusions in his heart. Finally, he asked this sentence, just waiting for Eric to give a negative answer, and then interestingly go away.

    I heard Bruce.Joey.After Robin had finished speaking, Eric quickly took his attention back.

    "Mr. Robin, it seems that just Charles, they are not optimistic about this story?"

    Bruce heard Eric say this, thinking that he was rejecting himself like everyone else, and he lost his face: "So, bother, Mr. Williams. ”

    After saying that he was about to leave, Eric quickly yelled at each other: "Mr. Robin, in fact, I think this idea is not bad."

    Bruce stopped immediately and turned and confirmed: "Mr. Williams, am I getting it wrong? ”

    "Of course not," Eric said with a smile. "I think your idea is good. However, I just listened to your narration outline, but I didn't find any highlights. Do you have a complete script?"

    "Of course, Mr. Williams, I…"Bruce.Joey.Robin eagerly smashed his hand. He broke into the party with a friend. Of course, it is impossible to bring any script. But it’s hard to meet someone who is interested, and the other is currently the hottest young Director in Hollywood. Bruce certainly wants to seize this opportunity: “Mr. Williams, or else, I am going back and taking the script. ”

    Eric shook his head. "It doesn't have to be so urgent, it's already late."Finished. He took out a business card and handed it to the other party: "At 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, you will go to the Firefly headquarters with me to find me. We will talk about it in detail."

    Bruce excitedly collected the business card: "Mr. Williams. I will arrive on time. ”

    Eric didn't say anything more and nodded. I glanced at a few guests who were already eager to try and left without incident.

    "Eric, what are you thinking about?"On the dance floor, Virginia, who was attached to Eric, looked up.

    Eric is blues from time to time outside the dance floor.Joey.Robin glanced at him and said, "I have seen a script. It is estimated that many people want to grab it."

    Virginia followed Eric's gaze: "It's that person, I just saw you talking to him for a while. Since you are fancy, why not buy it immediately? ”

    "just now. Even the night? ”Eric stroked the girl's waist and said: "Everyone is not an idiot. I am too eager to show that the person with the script is not eager to sell, plus the other to grab the Film Studio, and finally wants If you take it, the cost will be even greater."

    Virginia tightened Eric's waist and put his face on his chest and groaned: "I don't understand too much. It seems that I am a fool."

    Eric didn't pay attention to gently slap on the hips wrapped in the girl's dress, with a scent of scent: "I like stupid women."

    Virginia protested against Eric's body. Then he raised his small face, glared at his big eyes and asked in a soft tone: "Eric, tonight?"

    Eric shook his head helplessly: "When you go to where you are, you are followed by a paparazzi. Do I dare to go to you? ”

    Virginia heard Eric say so, and there is some helplessness.

    Since the release of The Others, Virginia has gained great fame, from a third-rate actor to a first-line star, and private life has received a lot of attention from many tabloid newspapers. Eric knows that those people are not only interested in Virginia. And myself.

    Whenever I remembered the night of negotiations with Murdoch, the old guy said a reporter from the New York Post secretly tracked things for months. Eric feels uncomfortable. To be honest, that matter has not been resolved until now. Eric didn't innocently go to Murdoch to ask for the photos. The fool knew that the other party could not hand over the photos to him without leaving a backup. In this case, he would not have done much.

    However, since that incident, Eric has become more cautious.

    Although he does not care about being exposed by the media and the sex scandal of the actresses, he has to care about Aniston's ideas. Because if he and other actress's sex scandal appear repeatedly in the newspaper, little girl is impossible to install ostrich, and finally forced by pressure, it is estimated that only to break up with him.

    Although I can't go to Virginia, it's okay to go to another place.

    On the big bed in the bedroom, Aniston was like a fish out of the water, with a small mouth and a short gasp, and snorted softly with the body's convulsions. Eric also squatted on the girl's smooth back, and opened a bunch of scattered blond hair kissing on the little girl face. The following is still hard to fiddle with the things, and soon drilled into the slippery cavity.

    "Well……Don't get it, I am dying. ”Aniston resisted the rounded buttocks and seemed to want to push Eric's things out, only to make Eric more comfortable.

    "Come and I will help you with artificial respiration," Eric smiled and kissed Aniston's mouth, his tongue breaking through and fiddling with the little tongue hiding inside.

    A few times, after Eric had enough to let go of her, Aniston stunned the man who pressed on him. After a while, the little girl said dumbly: "Eric, let me go to take a bath, if it flows out, it will stain the sheets."

    Eric showed a smirk, kissed the girl's face, and licked the little girl's ear and said softly: "Nothing, let me take a break and help you plug it out."

    Little girl heard this, immediately struggling under Eric, and shouted in his mouth: "No, no, come back, I will die."

    Regrettably, Little Girl did not find that his own writhing stimulated Eric's desire to look forward to something that had already died down.

    Eric got up slightly and quickly turned over Aniston, who wanted to escape. He picked up two slender legs and folded them on the little girl's chest and pressed it up again.

    In the morning light, Eric woke up on time, and pulled the quilt for the little girl who had a bad sleep. Eric put on his clothes and went out into the bathroom.

    Opening the bedroom door into the living room, Eric heard the soft noise in the kitchen.

    “Early,” Nicole, who was making breakfast, heard the movement and turned to say hello to Eric.

    “Early,” Eric nodded, smelling the smell of the food in the air, and asked, “Is there anything for me?”

    Nicole gave him a blank look: "What do you say?"

    "Definitely there is," Eric said as he walked up, ringing the girl's slender waist and looking into the small stockpot in front of Nicole.

    Nicole was stunned by Eric's sudden movements, and soon relaxed, feeling the man's top-notch on his hips, and said helplessly: "It was not so powerful yesterday, but not enough?"

    "Are you running over to eavesdrop?"Eric sighed on the sensitive earlobe of the girl and asked.

    Nicole's face was red, and denied: "I need to eavesdrop, so loud, if the villa is not soundproof, it is estimated that the neighbors must call the police."

    "how about you?"Eric asked evilly, but a hand was drilled in from the girl's waist.

    "Eric, you are a real bastard, not afraid of Jenny discovering?"Nicole twitched his body, not knowing whether he was resisting or catering.

    "She estimates that it will take a while to get out of bed," Eric said, pulling the wet fingers out of the clothes and getting the lips of the girl.

    Nicole reluctantly whitened Eric's eyes, or opened his mouth slightly and put the finger in.

    After a while, Eric took back his finger and patted the girl's hips and said, "Okay, I am going to call Jenny to get up, you are going to have breakfast."

    "Asshole."Nicole, who was suddenly released by Eric, almost slammed on the floor and hurriedly reached out on the kitchen counter. Only then, with aggrieved and unscrupulously, Eric, who had already reached the door.

    After breakfast, I left the little girl and Nicole to share the apartment. Eric didn't walk into the office building and waited for Bruce outside.Joey.Robin got together.

    "Mr. Robin, are we not agreeing at nine o'clock?"Eric looked at his watch.

    Bruce said: "This is the case, Mr. Williams, I am afraid of traffic jams on the road, so I arrived early. ”

    "Oh, let's go to the office and talk about it," Eric said, taking Bruce into the Firefly office building.

    Here is Robert a few months ago .The office building recommended by Shea is now a property belonging to Firefly. The original new line and Firefly staff have moved in at the beginning of the month.

    Eric had also planned to let uta move in together, but this proposal was raised, not only by Jeffrey and Robert, but even by Kapoor. After some explanation, Eric realized that it was out of suspicion. After all, the production company can't have the Brokerage Firm at the same time. Eric originally only played a side ball. If Akasaka and the Firefly are moved into an office building, it will only cause trouble for themselves.

    Two people came to the office to sit down, Eric sent people twice as much coffee, and they were sitting opposite the blues.Joey.Robin said: "So, Mr. Robin, did the script bring it?"

    "Of course," Bruce pulled out the script from the bag and handed it to Eric.

    Eric didn't say anything, let go of the script and look down. (To be continued)

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