Body Chapter 259 Lions Opening

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 259th chapter of the Lions opening, floating astronomy

    Looking at the script again, Eric found that the script differs a lot from the details in the memory, but the main line of the story has not changed.

    Therefore, in the future when he shoots, these details can be easily modified.

    Most importantly, Eric did not find in the script "unrestrained melody" This song, Previous life "Ghost" can become a classic, and the famous "unrestrained melody" has a great relationship, it can be said that the song is a sublimation of the whole story, If the episode is replaced by any other one, "Ghost" can never be as classic as previous life.

    Because of the butterfly effect, Eric is 100% certain. If this script is not directed by him, then "The Unrestrained Melody" will definitely not appear again. If there is no such song, plus other differences, then this After the script is made into a movie, it is a miracle to achieve half of the previous life.

    "Mr. Robin, script I have already read it. Although there are many places to be modified, it is still good overall. How much do you plan to sell this script?"Eric closed the script and looked up.

    Bruce's eyes flashed a glimpse of his eyes and did not answer Eric's question. Instead, he asked: "Mr. Williams, what do you think needs to be modified? ”

    Eric stared at Bruce and shook his head. "This depends on the specific circumstances at the time of shooting."

    Bruce saw Eric saying that he didn't continue to ask questions. He even thought that Eric had just said this, and it was estimated that it was only for the price. He is confident that after a lot of scripts have been modified in detail, although it is not perfect, it will not need to be modified in many places as Eric said.

    "It is actually like this, Mr. Williams," Bruce said. "On the party last night. I also recommended some scripts to some people, and many people are very interested in this. Charles of Paramount.Mr. Jaffe also promised that if I sold the script to Paramount, he would not only personally act as a Producer to fully support the filming. I can also let me name the joint Producer and enjoy the profit sharing of the film. ”

    Eric sneered in his heart. Silently asked: "Mr. Robin, how much profit does Paramount intend to give you?"

    Bruce hesitated, and wanted to stretch out a few more fingers. In the end, he didn’t dare to make such a lie. In fact, he said: “In addition to the 300 USD script remuneration, Mr. Jaffy promised to give me 1% of North America profit share. ”

    "Then, you think, if you shoot this script, how many Box Offices can you get?"

    Bruce showed a smug smile. Road: "Mr. Williams, since this script is yours, then I think Box Office can at least reach 100 Million USD, maybe more. ”

    Eric said: "Look, even if you take it to another Director, Box Office can still reach 100 Million USD, according to the production cost of 20 Million, the cost of 10 Million is calculated, and finally you can only get 2"50 USD Divided into. Less than your basic remuneration. ”

    "Of course I know," Bruce shrugged. "So I only appeared here today, Mr. Williams. I don't know how much you plan to offer for this script? ”

    ""500," Eric said, of course he wouldn't open the price too high at a time, or how to bargain.

    Bruce.Joey.Robin reveals an incredible look and raises the voice: "Mr. Williams, is there a script worth 100,000 for getting 100 Million USD Box Office? ”

    "Mr. Robin, don't always say 100 Million USD Box Office innocently, okay? Before a movie was released, no one could know how many Box Offices it could get. So, still talk about how much you want? ”

    Bruce stretched out three fingers and stroked Eric: "3 Million. And I used to have two scripts made into movies, so I know what Hollywood's so-called profit share is. I don't want profit sharing, I want to divide 1% of North America Box Office. ”

    Even if you have made some psychological preparations. Eric still didn't expect Bruce to open the price of such a big lion. Even if he is himself, he has not received such a reward. The original "17 again" script is the lowest "200 USD price, without any division.

    After the "Home Alone" and other films, although the investor is his own, but in order not to wreak in the future, as well as tax-related issues, his screenwriter rewards on the contract, Director's compensation should be written very clearly.

    For example, "The Others" recently released, as a screenwriter, because "The Others" has only 5 Million USD investment, he did not get the basic script remuneration, but enjoyed 3% of North America profit share, according to "The Others" The Box Office trend, the money is probably only over one million.

    Eric leaned his body against the leather chair and smiled and shook his head. "Mr. Robin, the price you opened is a fantasy. Hollywood has never had any screenwriter to get this treatment."

    "No, no, there is one in front of me," Bruce complimented Eric in a small way, then said: "Mr. Williams, the price I opened is not too much compared to the profit that this movie can bring, isn't it? Maybe just the hero of a film gets more than me. ”

    "You are wrong, Mr. Robin, I can't get that much. The income I exposed on the newspaper was the result of summing up my identity as an investor, Director, and screenwriter. If I am just a screenwriter, then I can't even get one percent of those numbers. ”

    "Mr. Williams, can you give me a more sincere price? ”Bruce said: "Know that this script is like my child, so I hope to have a good Director to make it into a movie."

    Eric's heart scorned. What he hated most was those who always said that xxx was like their own child. Although some of them did come from the heart, most people just slandered.

    And just after hearing the words of Bruce's lion, Eric knew that the middle-aged man in front of him must be the latter. Otherwise, he should talk to himself about the content of the script instead of what he wants. How much is it?

    “3 Million USD basic pay and Box Office split is definitely not possible,” Eric said. “You just said that Paramount is going to give you a 300 USD script remuneration and a 1% profit share, then I can open it, too. price. Mr. Robin, I promise that I will definitely have 1% more than Paramount's 1%. ”

    Bruce.Joey.Robin immediately shook his head: "Mr. Williams, you said so, it seems too insincere. ”

    Eric wants to show his sincerity, he is not a jealous person.

    However, in view of the greed of this middle-aged man, Eric understands that once he opens the price too high, the other party estimates that he will go to other Film Studio to ask for a higher 'sincerity'.

    "Mr. Robin, I am very sincere, my first script only got "200 USD, without any division, you can still get 1% profit share now. To be honest, I just think that your script is good. This is the first time I tried an outsider's script. It is very risky. If I don't pay attention, I may have smashed my sign. ”

    "Maybe I should go to other Film Studio and I received a lot of business cards last night."Bruce took the script back and put it in the bag and said.

    Eric stretched out his hand and made a casual expression. "Please, but I don't think anyone will open a higher price." And even if you go back to Paramount, according to the film's production and promotion costs, Box Office has to reach 60Million USD to recover the cost, I think the possibility of getting the score is very low, because I don't think that you script By someone else, you can take the Box Office too high. And once you get rid of it, maybe no one will dare to accept your script anymore. ”

    Bruce.Joey.Robin heard Eric say so, hesitated, and got up and said goodbye to Eric.

    Looking at the other person's departure, Eric turned his attention to the work after the other party left, and did not think about it again. Bruce.Joey.Although Robin is somewhat greedy, he is still a smart person, and a smart person can definitely make a smart choice. The other person may not realize the meaning of his last words, but he will understand it soon.

    Since the script is smashed, no one will dare to accept his future scripts. So correspondingly, if this script is shot into a movie fire, then Bruce.Joey.Robin's writing of the script in the future is definitely a high price, and it is only Eric that can guarantee that the script can be sold as a movie.

    Have to say, Bruce.Joey.Robin was really a very hard-pressed person. He didn't contact Eric for the next week, and Eric didn't hear about Ghost.

    At the same time, "The Others" was released in the second week, Box Office still reached 25.54 million, although not as expected, to achieve a Box Office retreat, but less than 5% of Box Office decline has been out of everyone's It is expected that the total number of Box Office will have accumulated to more than 52 million, which is more than 10 times the cost of film production. Some of Disney's executives are still worried about Michael.Eisner's intention to invest twice as much in the cost of the film may not cost back. However, after two weeks of release, Disney has already collected the cost of the declaration according to its own share, and then regardless of The Others. How long has it been released, the share is pure profit.

    Other Film Studios are envious of Disney's good luck and no longer to Michael.Eisner made a big deal for the high score of Firefly and even began to praise Michael.The power of Eisner. (To be continued)

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