Body NO. 260 Chapter Two goods

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 260th chapter, two goods, floating astronomy

    In the third week of November, with the advent of Thankgiving, a large number of Thanksgiving movies were also released.

    One of the most anticipated, of course, is Home Alone 2, along with Warner's "Lethal Weapon 2" and Universal's "Back to the Future 2", in addition to the most anticipated "two goods", in addition to There are a total of seven or eight films, and they are also going to be crowded on November 17.

    Of course, there is always a very weak film in a certain department, and it is also silently sandwiched in 'another seven or eight movies', that is, "Steel Magnolias", except for Eric who is very confident about this movie, almost everyone will "Steel Magnolias" became a companion.

    Compared to Disney on the "The others", "Steel magnolias" and Baoyang no Difference, "the others" in the third week, the screen number has been added to 2000, and "Steel magnolias" of the Open painting theater only 1000, this is because of Julia in which the reason, if Julia in accordance with the original time and space law first performed in the "Steel Magnolias", it is estimated that the film can get 500 screen on the good.

    Because of this collective decline, Julia also called to drop Eric's number, and the tone was filled with complaints. Eric could only comfort the girl with good words and various guarantees.

    "Home Alone 2" was filmed in New York, and Fox followed the premiere at a large cinema on 42nd Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

    After Eric and Fox negotiated, Fox readily agreed to the live broadcast of "Home Alone 2 Lost New York" premiere.

    Compared to "The Others", the premiere of "Home Alone 2" is even more lively. After all, the first part of the film is the box office miracle of North America's 300 million USD, which is currently in the history of North America. There are only two 300 Million USD Box Offices.

    Fox laid a 50-meter red carpet outside the premiere theater and invited dozens of Hollywood Stars to participate in the premiere.

    "Eric. I, I, I am a little nervous. ”The luxurious extended Lincoln opens to the red carpet entrance. Aniston still glared at Eric's arm and stuttered.

    Eric can only take a quiet shot of the little girl. Said: "Well, Jenny, relax, you are now a big star, and in the future you have to wait for the more grand Oscar red carpet, so how can a small scene shrink."

    "You, you said it's easy," Aniston rubbed a hand on Eric's arm. Also said: "And, Eric, I am cold."

    "amount……I can't do this anymore. Your dress is very conservative. Wait until you can look at it, bare shoulders, open back, and thighs. ”

    "I don't want to be like women."Aniston heard Eric say this and immediately slammed his mouth with dissatisfaction.

    "Of course. I am there, my baby is not exposed, so I am more famous than the actress. ”

    "I don't want to rely on you either. I……I…"Little girl whispered twice, didn't say anything, and finally only slammed on Eric's arm: "I blame you, you have to give me the role of Rachel, don't think I didn't I heard that once, Dad said that you plan to take this TV serInternet Explorer s for 10 seasons. In that case, I guess I can only be Rachel in the audience.Green! ”

    Many girl stars can't ask for it!

    Eric was so awkward in his heart. But he did not hesitate to say: "Baby, as long as you don't want to shoot." I immediately chopped "FrInternet Explorer nds". ”

    Aniston glanced at Eric: "I am such a ignorant person!"

    "No, no, my little baby is the most understanding. Hey, red carpet is here, we are ready to get off. ”

    "Humph!"Little girl snorted, but quickly took out a small mirror from the bag and checked her makeup again.

    Eric just got off the bus and took Aniston to the premiere of red carpet, and the crowded fans on both sides made a deafening shout.

    "Eric, Eric!"

    "Eric, I love you!"A group of pretty girls shouted at the poster of "17 again".

    "Rachel, Rachel, can you sign me a name?"Obviously, there are quite a few fans of little girl.

    Eric looked at the tight security measures on both sides and pushed Aniston next to him, whispering: "Go and help your fans sign a few names."

    For the first time, Aniston experienced such a scene. Even though the temperature in New York has dropped below 10 degrees, Aniston wearing a thin dress did not feel a trace of cold, but because of the excitement of his cheeks.

    This is the feeling of fame, no wonder so many people like it.

    Thinking about it, listening to her boyfriend's tips, Aniston skillfully leaned against the crowded wall of the fans and quickly picked up the signature pen on the notepad or poster that was stretched over.

    Eric also smiled and signed a few names for some fans, and also took a photo with the group of the most fierce girls.

    After a brief interaction, Eric once again rolled up Aniston and walked slowly.

    In the interview area of ​​the reporter, Eric took a group photo with Aniston intimately, and then was stopped by a reporter standing in the center of red carpet.

    This is a reporter for Fox TV Station. Fox agreed to broadcast the premiere of "Home Alone 2". Of course, to maximize the benefits, I will imitate the Oscar red carpet and arrange it on the premiere red carpet. An interview reporter.

    In the look of the reporters who can only be vainly shouted, the name of Fox is Laura.Pena’s female reporter invited Eric and Aniston alone to the side.

    "Hey, Mr. Williams, Miss Aniston, say hello to the audience. ”

    “Hello everyone,” Eric and Aniston smiled and waved at the camera lens.

    "Speak up, Mr. Williams, is this your first public appearance with Miss Aniston? ”

    In the little girl's slightly resentful eyes, Eric sighed and said: "Of course it is not the first time. We have appeared on the newspaper together a long time ago. It was already the beginning of the year. I came to New York that time. I was photographed by chance, and I still keep the photo."

    "Oh, I know that time, you and Miss Aniston are The Parent Trap," Laura.Pena smiled and said, as for the rumor of Eric's playboy, Laura.If Pena doesn't want to lose her job, of course, she won't be stupid enough to mention this topic on this occasion. Eric can still be her Boss.

    “Thank you for saying that,” Eric smiled.

    Have a few chats, Laura.Pena turned the topic to "Home Alone 2" but didn't ask Eric directly. Instead, he put the microphone in front of Aniston: "Miss Aniston, how many Box Offices do you think Home Alone 2 can get?"

    "Of course, the more the better."Little girl skillfully gave a million oil answer.

    “Can you give a specific number?”Laura.Pena asked a question. (To be continued)

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