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    When Donald heard Eric's words, there was a glimmer of aura in his mind, but he couldn't catch it. He quickly asked: "Eric, what do you mean?"

    Eric said: "I mean, the direction of your financing should be wrong. Among the information I collect, your projects, except for other investors, are just over 1 billion USD for the bank loan. If your project stops working, the biggest loss is the bank. . Therefore, you should try to lobby the bank to continue to provide loans to you, rather than trying to introduce other investors in vain in the current situation. ”

    Donald.When Trump heard Eric's words, he almost jumped up with excitement and wanted to slap himself. In fact, he did not think about it before, or he would not fully convince the bank to agree to delay the payment of the annual high amount. Interest is over. However, after the bank agreed to postpone the payment of interest, Donald had a feeling of satisfaction, and with repeated rejections by the bank, Donald changed the direction of financing. Because he took the wrong step, he has now wasted several times. The time of the month.

    "Eric, I really don't know how to thank you," Donald.Trump gratefully shot Eric's shoulder twice, and immediately put the little loli sitting on his lap into Eric's arms: "This is for you."

    Eric slammed into the little loli who was scared by her father's sudden movements. The heart said that this is too expensive, and that it must be raised and raised.Amount, ok.

    But Donald.Special Trump immediately said: "Eric, sorry, I have to go back to the company to call people to discuss this matter, I have wasted four months, God, four months! I can't waste any more. So, can I bring Ivanka to her mother? ”

    Eric nodded quickly.

    Donald saw Eric nod and turned and left without turning back. After a while. In the empty hall, only Eric and little loli in the arms are left.

    Eric regained his gaze as he watched the sliding door that had stopped for a few moments. Stretching his hand and pinching Ivanka's face, jokingly said: "Ini, I heard it, your father gave you to me, and I went back to Los Angeles."

    Eric's action on the face suddenly woke up little loli, clenched the small fist and auditioned a few times on Eric, and said, "Yeah, it's awful." They all said that they are not allowed to pinch the faces of others. ”Little loli finished, broke away from Eric's arms and sat on the side, but still glared at Eric.

    The little man had no strength in his fists, and Eric still smiled and said: "Okay, Ion, let's go, go find your mother."

    Ivanka subconsciously wanted to nod, but immediately thought of something, said: "That, Eric. I still have something to discuss with you. ”

    Eric came to the interest again and asked, "Speak to me?"

    "I recently started to learn to perform, and I also participated in the school's drama club. They all said that I made rapid progress. ”It seems that I think of something smug, little loli's face is red, and then said: "Eric, Dad always said that you are a very powerful Director, how about letting me play your movie?"

    "Oh, this is not easy," Eric said with a long voice: "My movie is a lot of people rushing to play, you don't even want me to pinch, why should I promise you?"

    Little loli Of course I can't hear Eric is joking. Eric screamed at Eric for a few seconds, seeing Eric didn't mean anything. After hesitating for a little while, it was like making a lot of determination. Closed his big eyes and put his face on Eric's side, and whispered in a tone of death: "That, just pinch it, don't force it."

    Eric looked at Ivanka's red face, and a sense of guilt came out from the bottom of his heart. When he raised his hand, he immediately let go and surrendered. "Okay, don't pinch it, I promise you."

    I heard that I didn't have to endure 'torture'. Ivanka didn't mean to be polite with Eric. He shouted to the side and said, "You just promised, no regrets."

    “Of course,” Eric nodded. “But, Ini, you want to play a movie and you need to get the consent of your parents.”

    Ivanka immediately gave Eric a blank eye: "You can be stupid. If they don't agree, how can they send me to the performance class?"

    Eric thinks, it seems to be the case, previous life Donald.Trump didn't even bother to run her daughter when she was 16 years old, let alone Actor. The model circle is much more chaotic than Hollywood.

    However, it’s too ridiculous to start taunting, this little loli is too much!

    Eric snorted twice and was about to make an excuse to blow the little girl. The door to the auditorium was suddenly pushed open. A man in a uniform of the cinema staff ran in and saw Eric, and he was relieved. : "Mr. Williams, you are really here, the premiere starts two minutes later and everyone is waiting for you. ”

    "Oh, I am coming soon," Eric said to the staff member. He didn't have time to compete with little loli. He stood up and said, "Let's go, Ini, let's go to the movies."

    Ivanka nodded and jumped off the sofa, cleverly pulling Eric and walking to the auditorium with one hand.


    The McAlister family had to leave for Christmas again. This time, Kevin was not left behind, but he was on the flight to New York. At the same time, two thieves, Harry and Marvin, also fled to New York, and the two stopped stealing their homes and set their sights in a toy city that seemed to be more easily robbed. After staying at the Plaza Hotel, Kevin went out and lost his way, and once again met two thieves in Duncan Toy City, so a story of laughter began again.

    To be honest, "Home Alone 2 Lost Tokyo", although the plot is much richer, adding some spurs such as the strange pigeons of Central Park and the waiters of the plaza hotel, but the bridge is not much innovative. But this sequel is not without any change, this sequel adds some adult elements to the first movie that is entirely child-like, such as when Kevin quotes his uncle's cryptic jokes about him, and the two clashes between the thieves and the modern girl, There are a lot of funny lines in the young thief Marvin, these are the humorous sections of the adult setting.

    But no matter what, after the film screening, Eric received warm applause and congratulations from many people.

    After attending the premiere reception, Eric drove Aniston, but the destination was Manhattan's Trump home. At this time, the mother and the daughter sat together in the back seat because of Donald.Special Trump has left in a hurry, and even the car has been taken away. It is estimated that now I am working on how to let the bank continue to save money for Donald.Special Trump wouldn't think of sending a car to pick up his wife and daughter. Eric had to send the mother and daughter back together.

    "Sorry, trouble you, Mr. Williams, "Car arrived at the Trump home, Eric and Aniston just went in for a while and left to leave, Ivana.Special Trump personally sent the two out.

    "It's nothing, Mrs. Trump, if there is nothing else, we will go back."

    Ivana.Special Trump just got to the point, and Ivanka, who was standing next to him, immediately pulled the corner of his mother: "Mom, movies, movies."

    "Oh, this…"Ivana.Special Trump looked at Eric hard, and had some headaches for the little daughter's behavior.

    Eric looked at the look of little loli and said, "Mr. Trump, if you and Donald agree, I will have a small Actor in the future and I will try to find it."

    "Thank you so much, Mr.. Williams. ”Ivana said that she is a model, and like many models, the actor industry is born with some yearning, and Donald.Special Trump's performance desire is even stronger. If possible, the couple will not object to Ivanka's appearance in Eric movies.

    Because Aniston was rushing back to Los Angeles to film the last few episodes of the first season of FrInternet Explorer nds, and Eric had a lot to do. The two left the New York and returned to Los Angeles the next day.

    After the premiere, on November 17th, "Home Alone 2 Lost New York" was officially released. This time, because of the many movie crocodile slacks in the Thanksgiving period, even if Fox is fully hyped, "Home Alone 2" has a reputation. Not as good as The Others, which was released at the beginning of the month. The comments on the film in the media show a very obvious c-shaped polarization. There are many good sequels for this sequel, and there is a lot of blame.

    The New York Post wrote for Home Alone 2: "Too many sequels have been criticized by deja vu, only because fans are so fond of it, because they are too high, so they will cough more. But "Home Alone 2" is completely worthy of waiting for fans for a year, although some say it is a replica without any improvement, but the sequel's story is more full and interesting than the first. As for saying it is a 'replica', this is inevitable. If there is no bridge for Kevin to ruin two thieves, will Home Alone be Home Alone? ”

    and "Hollywood Online" as a representative of a group of newspaper but the words of fierce criticism: "Home Alone 2" is Williams produced a no sincerity of the sequel film, the plot of a lot of repetition, the plot inexplicably illogical, more unbearable is, The film, which faces 6-12-year-old children, is full of people's jokes, which I think is definitely a huge mistake of the film grading Committee, and home Alone 2 should at least be divided into PG-13 level, not PG level. ”(To be continued)

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