The main dark horse of Chapter 263

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 263th largest black horse, floating astronomy

    Although the comments on "Home Alone 2" are polarized, there is no stopping the sequel from smashing the end of Box Office.

    Three days in the first weekend, Home Alone 2 got 31 Million USD Box Office in more than 2,200 theaters in North America. After the first week of release, the total box office of the movie reached more than 46 million, far exceeding the first With a first-week score of more than 27 million, Hollywood's other Film Studios are scared, fearing that Home Alone 2 will break the first Box Office record created.

    The second place in this week is Warner's "Lethal Weapon 2". Although there are more than 1900 canvases, only more than 25 million Box Offices are available, which is half the price of Home Alone 2. Paramount's black comedy "Harlem Nightclub" ranked third, and got 22 Million USD Box Office.

    "Home Alone 2" got the 46 Million USD Box Office, but it doesn't really make people feel too surprised. The most unexpected movie of the first week of Thanksgiving is the one that has been neglected. Magnolias.

    Seriously, it is a bit exaggerated to say that neglect. After all, this is the first film Julia has experienced after the success of Pretty Woman, so she still receives considerable attention. But compared to the vigorous publicity of "New Year's Day", "Lethal Weapon 2" and "Back to the Future 2", Julia starred in this drama about the ordinary life of several women in the southern town. Weak too much.

    Therefore, although Steel Magnolias only got the first week of Box Mill Office for 17 Million USD, it ranked fourth in the Box Office rankings, but this movie is undoubtedly the biggest black horse in the New Year period. Because of the 1000 screens, Steel Magnolias got an amazing 17,000 USD Box Office per screen for the first week, and the attendance rate was scary. Except for Home Alone 2, the average value of 20000USD is higher than Steel Magnolias. "Lethal Weapon 2 is only 13,000 USD, and Harlem Nightclub is 10,000 USD, just reaching the standard for big movies.

    Next. Under the impact of a wave of the latest release, "The Others" this week's Box Office fell 41%. Harvesting 147"50 USD Box Office, barely squeezed into the top five.

    Global's "Back to the Future 2" only got more than 13 million USD of Box Office. It is not that this movie has encountered Box Office Waterloo, but because Global does not know what kind of consideration, it is not put this film. On November 17th, it was not placed on November 24th of the following week, but it was put on a very awkward November 22, just the day before the Thanksgiving.

    Speaking of Thanksgiving. Eric's brains couldn't help but hurt. While receiving the delightful Box Office data every day, Eric was also jumping in the villa in Beverly Hills. As the important holiday of United States after Christmas, Thanksgiving is a day of family reunion.

    Drew certainly can't go back to Carr F. and her mother for what Thankgiving. And Aniston, her parents reorganized the family after the divorce, the same-brother's brother, the half-brother, and so on, that is a chaos, plus the little girl is also an adult, no matter which side to go Thanksgiving feels very uncomfortable. Intently or unintentionally complaining to Eric a few words, Eric invited the little girl to come to his home for Thanksgiving. Originally thought that Aniston would not agree, I did not expect this time to agree.

    So, Eric, who was sitting in front of the study computer but didn't have a little thought about his work, felt very strong.

    If the two little Nizis are like a water, it will be a fire. You can also neutralize something, but both of them are fire attributes. The only thing that makes Eric happy is that the two girls don’t fight.

    Looking at the document for half an hour, and did not knock out any words, Eric boringly shut down the computer, walked out of the study, and heard the sound coming downstairs.

    "Hey, big fat girl, how many times have I told you? This pillow is my personal use, you are not allowed to touch! ”

    "You little Bitch. Let me try another fat girl, I will touch it. ”


    After a short pause. Aniston’s frightened and disgusting voice immediately came: “Wow, it’s so disgusting, you’re going to touch your mouth on the pillow.”

    "You have the ability to rely on it!"

    "Roll, stay away from me, oh, don't change the station, return the remote control to me, I am learning to make a pumpkin pie."

    "Who do you dare to eat, the salmon egg roll you made yesterday is hard to eat."

    "Don't eat, you still eat so much, don't think I didn't see it."

    "I have a stomachache in the middle of the night."

    "You are nonsense, I am fine with Eric!"

    Eric hesitated a few times, sighed and turned back to the study, picked up the phone and dialed the number, hitting them one by one.

    Virginia went home to spend the holidays with her parents, and Nicole was in Chicago to give a tour of Sleepless in Seattle. Even Julia is not in Los Angeles. At the end of the boring, Eric dials the number of the Jeffrey family.

    "Hey, here is the Hanson home."After the call was connected, Eric squatted because it was not the voice of Jeffrey, but a young man. Eric immediately thought that the other person might be the son of Jeffrey, Chris.Hanson.

    "I am Eric.Williams, are you? ”Although 80% of my heart has been confirmed, Eric still asked.

    The phone paused and said: "I am Chris.Hanson, Mr. Williams, are you looking for my father? I will call him here. ”

    Eric didn't know each other and didn't say anything. After a while, Jeffrey's voice rang from the other end of the phone: "Eric, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Is there anything to call this time? Say well, Chris is hard to come back once, and bring his girlfriend back home, so I won't care about the big things. If you have anything in the company, you can go to Robert. ”

    Eric groaned and smiled. "Nothing, but I am a little bored at home. I just dialed your home number and wanted to chat with you."

    Jeffrey asked strangely: "Drew, shouldn't Xiao Nizi be at your home now? There is a little girl with a strange spirit, are you still bored? ”

    "How do you say that Jenny has come to my house too. So, you understand. ”

    Jeffrey certainly knows what Eric is talking about. He was with Eric and saw two little hoes on the bed. After a pause, Jeffrey laughed: "Hahaha, Eric, how do you put them together?"To be continued)

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