Body Chapter 264 Wall Street Wolf

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the chapter 264 Wall Street wolf, floating astronomy

    Eric sighed: "One or two sentences are unclear. Anyway, I got together. I am only glad that these two days have not burned my house."

    Jeffrey at the other end of the phone smiled again and immediately said, "You must be uncomfortable at home. Now it's time for dinner. Would you like to come to me for a meal, just to know Chris?"

    Eric was just bored looking for someone to talk for a few days, and didn't want to bother Jeffrey to enjoy the family, hesitantly asked: "Is this suitable?"

    "How is it inappropriate, festivals, of course, the more people, the better, I am so deserted all the year round, it is better to come over. That's right, if you want to, bring the two hoes together. ”

    Eric thought that the two girls would never quarrel in front of the outsiders, so they agreed: "So, am I passing now?"

    "Come on, nothing hangs, the kitchen oven is still open."Jeffrey finished, not waiting for Eric to respond immediately.

    Eric put down the microphone and went back to the bedroom to change his clothes and walk downstairs.

    Drew and Aniston, who are robbing the dominant TV, see Eric wearing a formal walk downstairs, and he is also vigilant.

    "Eric, where are you going?"The two girls asked in unison.

    Eric put on an unpleasant look and said, "You two are too noisy, I decided to change places to Thanksgiving."

    "No!"The two girls smashed together from the sofa, walked to Eric's side and left and right, firmly holding his arm, and then glanced at each other, and again, the same voice: "Big you!"

    Eric rubbed his temple and said, "Okay, don't make a noise. Just Jeffrey called and invited me to his house to finish the meal. Who are you going? ”

    "I!"Still the same voice.

    "ok, ten minutes, change clothes. Whoever does not bring ink. ”

    A bang of noise, Drew and Aniston disappeared together at the corner of the stairs.


    Drive to the Jeffrey home. Eric pressed the doorbell and the door quickly opened from the inside.

    A young man in a suit with a serious look similar to Jeffrey but taller than Jeffrey opened the door and glanced at the three people outside, revealing a faint smile and extending his hand: "Hello, Mr. Williams. ”

    "Call me Eric," Eric reached out and shook hands with the young man in front of him: "I am also very happy to meet you. Chris. ”

    Chris.Hanson nodded again to the two girls and took the red wine that Eric handed over and said, "Come on."

    Three people followed Chris.Hanson walked in together, and the Jeffrey family was still the same, no, or a little cleaner than Eric last time, estimated to be due to his son's return.

    Both Drew and Aniston were at the Jeffrey home for the first time, and the two girls were surprised to see the apartment that was clearly inconsistent with Jeffrey's current family. Aniston can still resist what he said, but Xiao Nizi is straightforward and said: "Jeffrey is so rich. Why are you still living here? ”

    Eric turned and took a look at Xiao Nizi, warning her not to talk nonsense again, but Chris.Hanson took the initiative to explain to Drew: "My father is more old. Not willing to move out. ”

    "Oh," Shantou nodded lightly, not dareing to say anything.

    Three people sat down in the living room, and Jeffrey quickly got out of the kitchen, wearing an apron on his waist and seeing the Eric trio. "Eric, take a break and have dinner right away."

    "Do you need help?"Eric asked quickly.

    Jeffrey shook his head: "No need to use it. It’s enough to have emily help me, you first talk to Chris. ”Jeffrey finished. Drilled into the kitchen again.

    Chris.Hanson smiled slyly and explained: "I was in the kitchen when I was seven years old. I was burned once by hot oil, and then my father would not let me close to the kitchen. ”

    Eric smiled and said that he had made a look at the two little Nizi, and they both took the initiative to walk to the kitchen.

    In the kitchen, Jeffrey gave a few retreats, and another voice that sounded pleasing to the ears, and soon quieted in the whisper.

    The two men in the living room looked at each other and smiled.

    Eric actually observed Chris from the beginning.Hanson. So far, he has not found Chris.Hanson has a breath of learning, not like what Jeffrey once said, taking a four-year full scholarship at the university and working in Morgan Stanley, one of the four major investment banks.

    Eric can only sum up the fact that Chris is in the room, and the meticulous details of the suit, summing up that the other party is either a perfectionist or that the character is somewhat rigid. Of course, the former is more likely.

    "Eric, what are you thinking?"Chris suddenly asked.

    Since it was Jeffrey's son, Eric naturally gave Chris a sense of intimacy and said frankly: "Jeffrey said that you are working at Morgan Stanley, I am thinking, why don't you have a Wall Street wolf in your body? What?"

    Chris squatted and then smiled and asked: "Eric, what do you think, the so-called Wall Street wolf, what should it be?"

    Eric thought about it and said, "At least it should be full of aggression, but I look at you more like a meticulous researcher in some research institutes."

    Chris shook his head and said: "Eric, you are wrong. The more aggressive the so-called 'Wall Street Wolf' in your mouth, the less aggressive it seems to be on the surface. You can look at some photos of Wall Street's famous investment bank executives. Almost everyone is a mediocrity. If you put it in the crowd, you will never find it again. ”

    For the first time, Eric heard this view and asked: "Why do you want to do this?"

    "Because it is more disguised, it will paralyze the enemy and make the opponent lose their vigilance."

    Eric nodded thoughtfully: "Yes, Chris, what do you do specifically?"

    "Of course it is what makes money."

    Eric smiled and asked, "If Firefly wants to go public, can you find me?"

    Chris heard the question and slightly smiled on his face. "Eric, whether or not you are joking about this question, if Firefly really wants to go public, be sure to give it to me. The name Firefly is for me. I think you know, I hope it will develop better."

    Seeing that Chris was so serious, Eric also nodded solemnly. (To be continued)

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