Body Chapter 265 Cisco

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 265 Cisco, floating astronomy

    Seeing Eric nodding, Chris breathed a sigh of relief and said, "But, Eric, if, I mean, if you can ensure that Firefly can grow as fast as it is now, then it's best not to go public. After many companies have been listed for many years, they will try their best to privatize. Because the listing can get a lot of financing, it also means more responsibility and risk. As for Hollywood, almost all of the major Film Studios have encountered hostile takeovers. The most recent one was in 1984, and Disney was Sol.Steinberg maliciously attacked, and finally Disney spent 325 million USD to redeem 11.1% of the shares in Steinberg, knowing that Disney's market value was less than 2Billion USD at that time. 300 Million and more USD of cash made Disney feel hurt and had to give up family management, and hired Michael.Eisner is the helm of the company. ”

    Speaking of this, Chris smiled and said: "Of course, it is now proved that Disney made a very correct decision at that time, which is a blessing in disguise. But not every company has this kind of good luck. Firefly is developing so fast now that once it goes on the market, it will cause more embarrassment. ”

    Eric listened patiently and nodded from time to time. When Chris finished, Eric had made up his mind, and Firefly would never be listed.

    "Chris, you said that if Firefly has never been listed, is that okay?"

    "Of course," Chris said, not wanting to say: "Most of the company's listing is to get more development funds. In my opinion, Firefly is not short of money, why should it be listed?"

    Two people were chatting, and Jeffrey came out of the kitchen and called the two to prepare for dinner.

    Eric also saw Chris's girlfriend in the restaurant. The name is emily.Brighton, a tall figure, blonde blue eyes. Dressing up is very fashionable. In the introduction, Eric knows that the other is a Vice Chairman named Brighton Garment. According to the girl's last name and the name of the clothing company. Coupled with the age of the girl can not be started from scratch, do not guess also know that the other party is definitely the daughter of the clothing company Boss.

    Emily .Brighton talked more than Chris, and when Eric saw a small scream that was only a fan, he said that he liked Eric movies very much. The dinner table not only introduced the detailed process of knowing Chris and I always kept Aniston as the spokesperson of their fashion company.

    Aniston faces emily.Brighton’s enthusiasm doesn’t know how to shirk it. He can only look to Eric for help. Although the little girl is still just a TV Actor, it has already made a name for itself with a "FrInternet Explorer nds". And emily.The Brighton family's fashion house has no fame. Aniston will lose identity if he ran to endorsement.

    Before Eric spoke, Chris noticed Aniston's embarrassment and took the initiative to explain: "Amy, quietly eating?" Your company is too small, and now that the second-line star is a spokesperson, I think it is enough. ”

    The emily who heard this was unwilling, and he said: "I don't even blame you. If you didn't confuse the listing, the three factories in our company are now built, and Asia. The order worth 9Million USD…"

    "How can this blame me, obviously your father is too greedy. The company information was falsely reported. ”

    "It is clearly checked out by you!"Emily reveals the appearance of a wounded deer, blaming: "All companies will do this when they go public, so we can't do it!"

    Chris put down the knife and fork in his hand. Raised the voice and retorted: "Don't you know how much your father has falsely reported? Fortunately, I was checked out. If sec detected it, your company has now been fined for bankruptcy. ”

    Emily heard the faint anger in Chris's tone, and narrowed her neck with a guilty conscience. He whispered: "Of my father changed it clearly, you still…"

    "That was vetoed by Mr. Horkridge. Don't forget that you almost let him lose his job. He didn't pursue it."

    Eric is at odds with Drew and Aniston sitting around him.

    This……Seems to be quarreling?

    Don't break up on the spot, or else the three of them can be sinful today.

    I am secretly praying in my heart. Sitting at the top of Jeffrey, he slowly coughed twice: "Cough, well." stop fighting. ”

    Chris and Emily, who had already entered the state, heard Jeffrey's voice and immediately woke up. I quickly closed my mouth. In order not to let the scene calm down, Eric took the initiative to provoke the topic, and the atmosphere of dinner gradually became active.

    After dinner, emily pulled Aniston and Drew into the room and said small things, leaving only three big men in the living room.

    At this point Eric apologized: "Sorry, Chris, just at the table…"

    "Eric, it doesn't matter to you, you don't have to worry about it," Chris shook his head.

    Jeffrey also sighed with emotion: "This is also very good, and occasionally two words. In fact, when Sorina is there, we both often quarrel."

    "Dad, don't say those things anymore?"

    "Well, I won't say it," Jeffrey knew that his son was good for himself and nodded.

    Talking and chatting, Eric gradually brought the topic to topics that he was interested in: "Chris, are you familiar with Forex trading?"

    “I still know a little, but I have not participated in such a project. I am currently working in the securities department.”

    "Then you will speculate on foreign exchange, for example, the yen, isn't the yen now very appreciated?"

    Chris shook his head. "Now the yen has doubled in value. Even if you have money, you can't make much money now."

    Eric stunned, and some regretted the previous life. He didn't pay much attention to the history of Japan's economy. He heard that Chris said that he had to give up, but another huge opportunity has not yet arrived, Eric said: "So , Ruble, you don't know about the Ruble of SovInternet Explorer t Union?"

    Chris advised: "Eric, I think, you are still honestly making movies, and the foreign exchange market is not affordable for anyone. Just like the yen, although the yen has doubled in value over the past few years. However, international hot money has not received the terrorist profits you think in the foreign exchange market. The federal government only made Japan's goods lose competitiveness in international trade through the appreciation of the yen, and Japan's domestic funds and enterprises fled. Eventually, Japan’s economic bubble burst and the economy stagnated. ”

    "Ok. I mean, don't you find out that SovInternet Explorer t Union is not going to work now? ”

    Chris shrugged: "There is such a possibility, but who knows when SovInternet Explorer t Union will not work, and even if the SovInternet Explorer t Union economy collapses, because this country mandates the ruble's foreign exchange ratio, so we also Don't get in."

    "Well, you didn't think about such a possibility. SovInternet Explorer t Union The disintegration of dozens of franchisees and the restoration of the capitalist system. At that time, because of the economic turmoil, the ruble will definitely plung, it must be a very good opportunity, right? ”

    Chris and Jeffrey glanced at each other and looked at Eric strangely. After a while, Chris smiled: "Eric. If you throw this out, it will be welcomed by the whole world. If the SovInternet Explorer t Union really disintegrates, you no longer have to worry about the threat of nuclear war. The "Great Ivan" that bombed the entire Arctic Circle that year scared the world. ”

    Eric has some helplessness. Although the upheaval in Eastern Europe has taken place and things have been reunified in Germany in August this year, the Sovinternet Explorer T Union, which has been in memory for almost two years, combined with a half-century of competition between the US and Soviet Union, sovinternet Explorer T Although the Union has been repeatedly demonized, but the strength is no doubt, few people will think that a big country in a few months time to fall apart.

    "Then let's assume a little better," Eric continued. "If possible, SovInternet Explorer t Union disintegrates. The ruble fell sharply on one side, and at that time I took out 1 Billion USD funds to fire the ruble. With hundreds of times of leverage, can you turn this money up dozens of times? ”

    Jeffrey didn't respond. Chris looked at Eric with an idiot look: "Don't say it's 1Billion, even if you come up with 10Billion, if you dare to use more than 100 times leverage, in the kind of fierce financial shock you said, maybe a few minutes. Lost it."

    Eric stayed: "That…Ok, I don't understand this too much. ”

    Chris knows that Eric didn't even go to college, just an ordinary high school graduate, so he patiently explained: "Take the 100 times leverage you said. If you invest 1Billion USD, you can put the money. Zoom into the size of 100Billion USD for foreign exchange trading. But your 1Billion USD is only 1% of 100Billion, which means you can afford to trade up to 1%. Even if the trend of a currency as a whole is falling, because of the game between buyers and sellers, there will be dramatic ups and downs in this process. As long as the currency rises more than 1% at a certain stage, your money is 1Billion. , or 10Billion, will be immediately closed. In general, the foreign exchange market usually uses about 20 to 30 times the leverage, and occasionally some people will risk using 50 times the leverage. ”

    "Amount, okay," Eric smiled slyly and shrugged. "Just when I didn't say it."

    Seeing Eric's appearance, Chris and Jeffrey both laughed, Chris added: "The more violent financial turmoil, the lower the leverage used to ensure the safety of funds, the real opportunity, take 1Billion capital into it. It is very powerful to be able to double it."

    Since Forex doesn't play, Eric thinks it's better to invest in a field that he is familiar with, and he is most familiar with, except for movies, the fastest-growing IT industry in the next 20 years.

    There are no chances for several major software companies, the Internet has not yet developed, and various network companies have not arrived. On the hardware side, Eric has long remembered Apple Inc. Unfortunately, Joe’s future is uncertain, and Apple has not entered the bankruptcy. What else is there?

    After a moment of thought, a name flashed out.



    Eric slammed his head and almost picked up the surprise. Previous life, but the market value once soared to 500Billion USD giant. (To be continued)

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