Body Chapter 266 Investment Company

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of the 266 chapter investment company, floating astronomy

    "Chris, do you know Cisco?"Eric asked with excitement. In the memory, Cisco may not be listed yet, so his current position is sure to be the next big share. Eric doesn't even want too much, even if he only gets 10%, just ten years later, just the value of this stock can make him taste the richest man in the world.

    Chris thought for a moment and asked: "Are you the router company that Sequoia Capital invested in?"

    "Yeah, do you know Cisco too?"Eric asked awkwardly, Chris knows this company, it seems that it is not good news, is it…

    Chris didn't see the uneasiness in Eric's expression, and said with an inexplicable smile: "Of course, because it is our company that operates Cisco, it is just our same department, but not a group, his name is George.Kelly, the guy spent several months, several major Cisco shareholders agreed to the ipo plan, and now lobbying around, I hope some investment institutions will take over Cisco's stock when Cisco goes public in February next year. ”

    That being said, it is not yet listed.

    Eric suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He just heard that Chris is familiar with Cisco. He thought that the company was already on the market, or that the company was targeted by a big investment bank like Morgan Stanley, and he wanted to eat it. Not an easy thing

    "Chris, can you do me a favor?"Eric thought for a moment, then stared at Chris carefully, saying: "Help me buy Cisco shares, buy as much as possible."

    Chris is inexplicable: "Eric, now some investment institutions are George.Kelly wandered away, many people are not optimistic about this company. ”

    Jeffrey, who has been quietly listening at this time, also advised: "Eric, if you want to invest, you can let Chris help you find some more valuable companies, you said this…What Cisco. I think it is still. ”

    Eric shook his head firmly and continued to stare at Chris. "Chris, can you do me a favor?"

    Chris seems to be infected by Eric's eyes. The subconscious nodded and then said: "Eric. If you are interested in this company, I can help you to George.Kelly asked for some more detailed information, you better read it later. ”

    "No, I have already decided."

    Chris and Jeffrey glanced at each other, and Jeffrey whispered: "Eric, just you are…Drink a little more? ”

    "Listen, Jeffrey, and Chris. I am sober now, neither fainting nor drunk. Ok, actually it’s…I have seen some of Cisco's information before, and I think this company may become an industry giant like Microsoft, Oracle or Apple. So, Chris, can you give me some good advice? ”

    Chris looked at his father. He knew that Jeffrey was the most familiar to Eric. Jeffrey thought about Eric's past personality and looked like what Eric had decided to do before. He has never succeeded in dissuading him. So Jeffrey nodded to his son.

    With the confirmation of his father, Chris said: "So, Eric. If you decide, first of all, it is best to set up an investment company, or find an investment company to help you act as an agent. Morgan Stanley has a dedicated private wealth management department. With your current position, you will definitely receive the best service. Of course, you have to pay a lot of commission. So I recommend the previous one. Next, it is very simple. Acquire Cisco's stock through this investment company, then find a professional Manager to enter the Cisco Board of Directors. Help you take care of the stock after the acquisition, of course. You can do it yourself, but I don't think you have time, nor do you recommend doing these more professional things yourself. ”

    Eric thought for a moment, looked at Chris sitting across from him, and suddenly said: "Chris, or else, how come you manage this investment company for me?"

    "I?"Chris pointed to himself.

    Eric nodded. "Yes, don't worry, this company won't be a small one. I guarantee that the company's funds will not be less than 100 Million USD."

    Chris knew that Eric wouldn't make such a joke, and he was struggling.

    He is now a senior manager of Morgan Stanley. Many people do this in investment banking. It takes at least seven or eight years. He only spent four years, and he is likely to do it again in another year. Promotion.

    Now, suddenly there is another chance to appear in front of him. If the person who said this to him is not Eric, but other people, he may agree immediately. But Eric was too young, which made him feel hesitant, fearing that Eric was a whim.

    "I know what you are scrupulous about, Chris, but believe me, this is not my decision to make a whim, I promise you. If you don't believe it," Eric looked at Jeffrey next to him and said: "Jeffrey can testify. ”

    Jeffrey touched his nose and smiled and said, "Let me guarantee what?"

    "Make sure I am not in a whim, you should be familiar with my character."

    "But in my memory, it's really a whim to do a lot of things," Jeffrey said in Eric's depression, then smiled and added: "But then it turns out that you are right. Chris, I think, you can try. ”

    Chris indulged for a moment and said: "Eric, I need to think about it, I will give you an answer as soon as possible."

    “No problem,” Eric nodded, not urging.

    It wasn't until ten o'clock in the evening that Eric took the initiative to leave the Jeffrey home with two little girls.

    Thanks for the chicken flying dog, because of the dispute, three people did not eat the turkey, the two girls clamored beyond the United States. The president would forgive the two turkeys they bought. After the festival, Aniston started working. Eric also breathed a sigh of relief when he left the villa. Focusing on the three movie Box Offices related to Firefly, I also started the casting of X-Files, because after two months of busy, the screenwriter team has basically completed the first season of X-Files. .

    At Disney's headquarters, the assistant knocked on the door and pushed it away, against Michael, who was busy.Eisner said: "Mr. Eisner, Mr. Robin is here. ”

    "Let him come in," Michael.Eisner put down the pen in his hand.

    Bruce.Joey.Robin quickly walked into the office, these days he was very beautiful, because the script of "Ghost" by Eric's Fancy things throughout the Hollywood, the top seven companies he saw almost once, those who want to work together to the small film Studio is countless, want to get SC Ript People's prices are also getting higher, but has not reached his heart expected.

    "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Robin," Michael.Eisner bypassed the desk and walked over to smile with Bruce.Joey.Robin shook hands.

    Bruce also didn't feel the stunned feeling that he had met with the top seven executives not long ago, and he did not humble with Michael.After Eisner shook hands, the two sat together on the sofa.

    Michael .Eisner didn't comment on the "Ghost" script and said: "Mr. Robin, script I have already seen it, I invite you to come today, I want to ask you something."

    "Mr. Eisner, what's the matter though. ”Bruce picked up the coffee from the assistant and took a sip.

    Michael .Eisner patiently watched Bruce dress up and waited for the other person to put down the coffee cup before asking: "I just want to know one thing, you and Eric.When Williams talked, what did he say? If your answer satisfied me, I would give you a very suitable price. ”

    Bruce.Joey.Robin frowned, Michael.The command tone of Eisner made him very uncomfortable: "Mr. Eisner, Mr. Williams said that he is very optimistic about this script and wants to buy the past Director. ”

    Michael .Eisner shook his head: "No, I am very familiar with that little guy. He will never say such a thing. I need you to restore the plot when you met him." If you continue to lie, or don't want to say, then you can leave now. If you tell me the situation at the time and the results will satisfy me, I will give you a very good screenwriter contract. I know that the highest bid is Paramount. They gave you a price of 600,000 USD and a profit share of 2%. Believe me, my offer is definitely higher than them. It depends on whether your answer will satisfy me. ”

    Bruce had a bad mood and almost wanted to walk away. However, he wouldn't have to go through the money. He thought about it and endured it. He roughly described the situation when he met Eric.

    Michael .Eisner listened patiently, and of course he knew that Bruce couldn't be honest and honestly said that it would be inevitable to add modifiers. So he is also judging that the words that Bruce said are hydrated.

    Wait for Bruce to finish, Michael.Eisner leaned on the couch and thought for ten minutes.

    The story came from the celebration party of The Others Box Office, which was held by Disney and had the most Disney's party at the party. So Michael.Eisner has learned a lot about the whole process of the whole thing.

    What he can judge at the moment is that Eric did not actively approach the group at the party, but accidentally passed by the group of guests, only to accidentally hear about the script. At that time, he just talked a few words, the group There is a general manager of the Disney distribution department, and according to the other party, Eric did not show any difference at the time. So Eric started to hear a few people talking about this script and it was very optimistic that this might be ruled out. (To be continued)

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