Chapter 267 is very means

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 267 chapter is very means, floating astronomy

    Excluding this possibility, the script's grade will be reduced by one.

    Then Eric left the group, Bruce chased it up and told Eric the outline of the script. After Eric finished listening, he just left a business card for the other party, so that Bruce went to the company to talk about it the next day.

    Well, you can be sure that Eric is interested in this script, but Eric is interested in too many scripts, and the other party makes Drew.Barrymore, the little Nizi who bought copyright all the time, although she thought it was silent, but everyone who knows knows that only script is actually the least valuable. Hollywood does not produce 10,000 scripts per year. There are also eight thousand, and only a few hundred can be made into a movie.

    Therefore, Michael.What Eisner wants to confirm is whether Eric will personally direct the script.

    Up to now, Eric has made three films in the film, North America Box Office has broken through 200 Million USD, and Home Alone 2 continues to break through 200 Million USD in the first week of 46 Million Box Office. It's just a matter of time.

    In this case, Eric decided to shoot the next movie, unless the opponent decides to take the art film route to Oscar, the Box Office will never be lower than 100 Million USD, or maybe a Box Office may reach 200 Million USD. .

    And Michael.Eisner personally read the "Ghost" script, this script is absolutely no match with the art.

    "Bruce, can you be sure that in the process of talking with Eric, is he going to personally direct this script in his speech?"

    Bruce is because of Michael .Eisner thought for a long time and was annoyed by the air, but he nodded. "Yes, Williams has always said that he wants to personally use the Director script."

    Of course, Bruce went to Eric to emphasize that he personally directed Director and others to lead to two different outcomes.

    Because this will hinder Bruce's negotiation with other Film Studios, in fact, Bruce has another plan in mind. As long as other film factories can give him a price that he is satisfied with, he does not have to sell the script to Eric, as long as it is stated in the contract. The other party must let Eric do the Director, and as for the big companies, how to get Eric. That is not what he should worry about.

    Thinking again and again for a moment, Michael.Eisner finally made the decision: "1 Million USD, plus 3% of North America's profit share. Mr. Robin, this is the final offer from Disney. There is no room for bargaining. I don't think there will be any other prices that Film Studio will offer. So, if you agree, we can immediately fit the approximation. If you don't agree, you can leave now. ”

    Bruce.Joey.Robin's lips were drawn, in the heart of the rapid calculation, the price has actually reached his psychological expectations, to know, a few weeks ago, he was just trying to do his best to sell the script, now 1 million USD plus 3% of the profit share, has far exceeded his initial psychological expectations, As for the 3 million and box office conditions that were originally opened in Eric's office. That's just for bargaining. And, Michael sitting opposite.Eisner seems to be tougher than he thought, and he knows that the other party is not joking. Bargaining on your own will not have much results.

    In this case, Bruce quickly made a decision: "Mr. Eisner, I can sell the script to Disney at the price you mentioned, but I have a condition. ”

    "Please say," Michael.Eisner simply made a gesture of asking.

    Bruce.Joey.Robin said: "I want Eric.Williams personally made the director of the film. ”

    Michael .Eisner's look was fine, and he knew that a movie was shot by a different person, and the effect was definitely different. So I had the idea of ​​buying this script and working with Eric to make this movie in the future. Otherwise, it will not give such a high price to Bruce.

    "I can promise you this condition."Michael .Eisner pretended to think about it and nodded.

    "Do not. I haven't finished yet," Bruce showed a sly smile. Road: "I sold the script to Disney at the price you just said. Disney must first pay me 1 Million USD, and then have a three-month period. If within three months, Disney can't determine Eric Director. The film, the contract is invalid, as for the deposit of 1 Million USD, I can only return to Disney 50% at most."

    Michael .Eisner sinks his face: "Don't you think this is too outrageous?"

    Bruce shook his head. "Of course not. I took a big risk in doing this, if you didn't invite Eric."Williams is Director, and after the contract is abolished, outsiders can definitely guess our conditions. I want Eric again.Williams, the director of the film, didn’t get much benefit. ”

    "How can I be sure that you will not secretly disclose the message to Eric.Williams know? ”Michael .Asked Eisner.

    Bruce said in surprise: "How is this possible, Mr. Eisner, even if the news leaks, it is more likely that you are leaking from Disney. Because I leaked it, I lost at least 1 Million USD. This money is not worth mentioning for Disney, but for me it is A huge sum. ”

    Michael thought about what might be done next, and then said: "Three months is too short, at least one year."

    "Up to six months, one year is too long."

    "Not at all. Since you are a Hollywood screenwriter, you should know that after ten or eight years of twists and turns, the scripts that were filmed into movies are everywhere, so one year. After one year, even if Disney is not successful, the value of your script will not depreciate, so only one year. ”

    Bruce looked down and thought, "Okay, it's a year."

    "Then I will make people fit the grass."Michael .Eisner stood up and picked up the internal phone on his desk and said a few words.

    A few hours later, the script contract was signed and Bruce was sent away.Joey.Robin, Michael.Eisner came to Malibu, a long-awaited villa, and the time was already in the afternoon. Several people in the villa had arrived in advance. If you are very familiar with Hollywood, you will recognize them at a glance. These people are the top leaders of the seven companies.

    "Hi. Barry, I haven't seen it for a long time. ”Michael .Eisner took the lead to Barry Diller. Warmly greet each other.

    "Yeah, everyone is very busy, I can't remember when it was time to meet."Barry Diller said with a smile.

    Michael .Eisner and Warner CEO Steve.Ross and Global CEO Sid.Singer greeted him and then found a position next to Barry Diller.

    Soon , Peter Film , CEO of Columbia Film Industry , which was acquired by Sony not long ago .Cooper also arrived at the villa.

    This is followed by Paramount CEO Frank.Mancuso, the seven CEOs of Film Studio have come six times.

    The heads of several big Film Studios know each other, and most of them have worked together. Therefore, even if there is a competitive relationship with each other, on the surface, they all have a warm look, chatting for a while, Michael.An assistant at Eisner hurried in, at Michael.Eisner said a few words in his ear.

    After the assistant left, Barry Diller asked, "Isn't Metro Goldwyn Mayer coming?"

    Michael .Eisner nodded.

    "Oh, it doesn't matter if you don't come, he can't make any decisions, everything is going to Cork.Kokorian’s bastard got the idea, and it’s coming. ”CEO of Paramount Frank .Mancuso said: "A few months ago. Cork, the bastard, also wants to invite me to host Metro Goldwyn Mayer, but who is taking over the mess is who is unlucky. ”

    As the top leader of several Film Studios, people here are more or less affectionate about movies. Hear Frank.Mancuso said this, and they all felt that they wanted the scenery of Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

    "In this case, let's get started," Michael.Eisner said that this gathering was a tribute to him.

    Heard Michael .Eisner said that the remaining five people stood up and walked to a conference room that had already been prepared.

    Sitting next to the meeting table, an assistant came in to distribute the prepared materials to several people present. Then quietly closed the conference room door and retreated.

    "Everyone has a look, can't let Firefly continue this way."Michael .Eisner said. This is the information he has compiled about Firefly. In fact, these data sheets are available in several other Studios. But Michael.It is also impossible for Eisner to let the other party 'bring their own dry food'.

    The room was silent for a long time, the time Warner CEO Steve.Ross first closed the information in his hand, and others read the information one after another.

    Then, face each other.

    They all know that Firefly is already a huge threat to the Big Seven. The information on the documents is also in the hands of these people, but they have not put them together.

    Now the results of Firefly's performance this year are in front of these people, and the impact of several helmsmen can be imagined.

    “Unexpectedly, a Firefly company’s profit this year has already exceeded half of our seven major profits.”Steve .Ross said with emotion.

    Paramount's Frank.Mancuso shrugged and looked at the old boss Barry Diller, who was very bachelor and said: "Martin.Davis has to intervene in everything, but he still doesn't know how to do it. Paramount's profit this year is negligible, and maybe it will hit a loss next year. ”

    The CEO of Global has captured the plastic cover of the folder and looked at Michael.Eisner: "The Others and the "Steel Magnolias" together, it is estimated that you can get 200 Million multi-Box Office, Disney is also a profit, Michael, what are you going to do?"

    Michael .Eisner can hear Sid.The sourness in Singer's words, said: "Disney did not make much money. Williams only gave us the pure distribution rights of the film, and the video and TV rights were not in Disney's hands."

    "Then you can earn at least four 50 Million," Steve said.Ross also said.

    "Don't fight, don't forget what we are going to discuss today."Barry Diller interrupted the conversation.

    Then, five people turned their eyes to Barry Diller. Everyone knows that Fox is the closest partner of Firefly. He not only holds the rights to distribute three movies that Eric has personally directed, but also masters the surrounding areas such as videotapes. There is also "FrInternet Explorer nds" from Fox TV Station.

    Barry Diller can certainly understand the meaning of these people, and he said: "If you think that I am not here, then I can leave." But if this is the case, it would have been meaningless to have this party today. ”

    Barry Diller finished, and swept coldly, no one said anything more, and continued: "I haven't said it before, you must have read this week's Box Office data. From November 17th to November 23rd, North America's total Box Office was around 130 million, but the three movies related to Firefly accounted for more than 70 million, more than half of the total. If we continue to let Firefly continue to expand like this, you should be able to imagine what the Seventh Congress will usher in. ”

    Sid of the world.Singh said: "Before Firefly acquired the new line, I specifically greeted you and could not let Firefly complete the acquisition. But the fact is that this acquisition has not been completed with a little resistance, and no one of you has blocked it. Now that there is a new line, Firefly will have a distribution channel. Even if their overseas issuance is extremely weak, as long as Firefly continues to make huge profits in China, it is a matter of time to develop and expand overseas channels. So, you said, what can you do now? ”

    The crowd was obviously short-lived, and Barry Diller looked at Michael who organized the party.Eisner: "Michael, since this party was initiated by you, you must have some ideas in your heart?"

    Michael .Eisner nodded. "Now, we want to prevent the development of Firefly from being impossible, so we can only try to buy shares. If we can't destroy it, try to control it."

    "Oh, if it's as easy as you said, I think some of you have discussed with Firefly if you have the right thing?"The CEO of Columbia who has been relatively silent.Cooper Road.

    "Of course, therefore, normal means will definitely not work. In this case, we can only use some extraordinary means."Michael .Eisner's tone is faint: "This requires us to unite and work together to be successful."

    “What about Metro Goldwyn Mayer?”Frank .Mancuso asked with concern.

    "Cork.Kokorian is not a fool. After we work together, Metro Goldwyn Mayer will definitely keep up. "To be continued)

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