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    In the conference room, the head of several big companies almost all from the bottom of the Hollywood climb up, and therefore the Hollywood all kinds of tricks again familiar with, however, after a few hours of deliberation, a series of Firefly and Eric Strategy was set down, six CEO Even after Eric Furuan, the interests of the big companies are divided.

    After Thanksgiving, Eric entered the last busy part of the year. In the plan, Eric can rest for a long time from the end of December as long as he finishes this month. Drew is even thinking about whether or not to go on holiday when two people are on Christmas.

    Eric has been participating in the audition of the protagonist of X-Files throughout Fox in the morning. Since X-Files has received more attention than the previous life, the male Heroine selection that will support the entire series is also very cautious.

    And because of the success of "FrInternet Explorer nds", Eric's "X-Files" male Heroine is very fierce, and Hollywood's famous Actors who have not developed well in the past two years have participated in the audition of male Heroine. Although the audition has entered the second round, the candidates for the leading actor have not finished in the morning, and none of them have been able to satisfy Eric.

    Moreover, Eric did not consider the two of previous life. Because the original version of David.No matter what kind of emotions Duchogne is in, the smile of the mouth is always lingering, giving a very playful feeling, so Eric didn’t plan to start. Give this role to him. The previous producer chose David .Duchoni is the leading actor, mainly because the other party's pay is very low.

    As for Heroine Gillian.Anderson is even less in line with Eric's expectations, not to mention the fact that the other party has not yet debuted.

    Heroine Dana of X-Files.Scully is supposed to be a high-intelligence woman who graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in physics and law and is a faculty member at fbi, but she is a petite Jillian.In the play, Anderson did not show a high IQ female temperament. Instead, it is more like the male lead Fox.Muller’s little secretary. Eric imagined playing Dana.The Actress of Scali's character should be tall and sturdy. It is best to add a bit of coolness. This character is best able to form a match against the actor in the play, rather than becoming a vassal of the actor.

    I have had lunch at Century City. Eric can only hand the afternoon audition to the two producers because he has to return to the Firefly headquarters to attend the first annual meeting after the merger of Firefly and the new line.

    "I’m sorry, Caroline, just happened to be in a traffic jam on the road,” Eric hurriedly pushed the door of his office and said sorry to the brown-haired woman who was sitting in the office about 40 years old. The woman’s name was called a card. Lorraine.Eliot. I opened a small accounting firm in the industry, and Firefly and Eric's personal finances have been outsourced to Caroline.Elliott's firm.

    Seeing Eric's rushing appearance, Carolyn, who had been waiting for a while, could only chuckle, saying: "It doesn't matter, Eric, I haven't arrived long."

    Eric didn't go to his desk, but sat down on the sofa opposite Caroline, saying: "Carolyn, is my personal financial situation compiled?"

    Caroline took the prepared information from the bag and put it on her lap. She looked up and said, "Eric. now? ”

    Eric looked at his watch and there were more than 20 minutes from the meeting at 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought it would be enough to listen to my financial situation. So nodded.

    Caroline opened the information and began to report: "Eric, your main income this year comes from several movies, of which "Home Alone" is divided into 120 Million USD, Fox buys overseas distribution rights and accounts for 24Million, and "Home Alone's video tape and TV rights split in the second half of the year, a total of 32 Million, "Home Alone" currently has a total income of 176 million USD."

    Although I have seen it many times, these data are still Caroline.Eliot personally sorted it out. However, in front of this young man who is less than 20 years old, he read it again. Caroline still produced a feeling of living in her life. After a brief emotion and distraction, Caroline.Eliot quickly turned his attention to the information. Continue to read: "Because Firefly and the new line will achieve financial consolidation next year, the Box Office division of all movies released by Firefly this year will still be owned by you personally."Pretty Woman's global total Box Office score is 102 million, and the current video and TV rights are only accounted for 19Million, a total of 121 million USD. In addition, "Running Out of Time" global Box Office total score becomes 88 Million, there is no video tape sharing yet, "FrInternet Explorer nds" advertising points become 29Million, these two money have not yet arrived, according to the contract, Columbia and Fox TV Station will complete the payment by December 31st. In addition to these major Box Office revenues, Firefly's advertising division has placed a total of 18 Million USD through the advertising of four films, Pretty Woman, Running Out of Time, Home Alone 2, and Sleepless in Seattle. In addition, the other two companies you own, Pixar Studio has zero profit, and the uta side has 9"300 USD."

    Having said that, Caroline.Eliot paused and looked at Eric seriously: "Eric, compared to movies, I think uta this Brokerage Firm can't make much profit for you, so I personally recommend you, or take this Brokerage as soon as possible. The stock of Firm is out of hand, otherwise it may cause trouble for you."

    Eric nodded. He has gradually discovered this problem in the past six months. Although he owns 90% of the shares of uta, it does not mean that 90% of the artists of uta are owned by him. The company can only get artists. A small part of the 10% is drawn, and most of them are also owned by the artist's immediate manager. So although Kapoor only accounts for 10% of the shares in uta, if you only count the Brokerage Firm income, you have Al.Pacino, Julia.Kapoor, who has several a-level star brokerage contracts, such as Roberts, does not make less profit than Eric. It is important to know that the manager is not only drawn from the pay, but the income manager obtained by Actor from other sources such as endorsement is divided. In addition, Eric can't intervene in any matter of uta in order to avoid suspicion, so this part of the shares is dispensable to him and can be transferred at any time.

    "I will consider it, Caroline, let's talk about it."

    Caroline.Eliot continued to read: "In summary, you have reached 441 million USD this year, and two of them totaled 117 million USD. Next is the expenditure situation. Firefly has participated in the production of seven films this year. The “Running Out of Time” expenditure is zero, the other six covers various personnel dividends, the total cost is 84Million, the acquisition of Pixar studio and subsequent investment of 30 Million The acquisition of the new line expenditure 60Million, the acquisition of Fox TV Station shares expenditure 80 Million. In addition, the manor construction in Malibu costs a total of 27Million, and your personal credit card account covers several large expenditures, totaling 7.14 million, and…"

    Caroline.Eliot looked at Eric strangely and said: "And, Miss Barrymore's credit card spending, 21.56 million, totaled a total of 309 million USD. Eric, before Columbia and Fox pay the other two payments, you have a disposable fund of only 15 Million USD. And even if the two money arrive, you can no longer use it at will, because even after some reasonable tax avoidance, the tax you have to pay this year will still reach 140 million USD. ”

    Eric deliberately let Caroline help me sort out the financial situation, is preparing for the upcoming investment company, Chris.After a few days of consideration, Hanson has already agreed. According to information collected by Chris, Cisco's stock price may be 18USD at the time of listing, and the total market value is only 224 million. Eric knew that this was the only time to get Cisco's shares at such a low price. After the listing of Cisco, the stock price soared. At that time, even if he wanted to buy, it is estimated that those investment institutions would not be willing to sell their shares, so Eric This time, of course, you have to get as many shares as possible. But now, he found that his remaining funds were not enough to pay taxes.

    "Carolyn, can you apply for a deferred tax payment?"Eric tempted to ask, he just knows that there is such a way to extend the tax payment for half a year. If it can be delayed until the second half of next year, then the split of these released movies must have been settled at the end of the year, and his financial situation will be very Loose. ”

    Carolyn shook his head: "Eric, whether it is Firefly or your personal financial situation is very simple, there is no way to get an extension from the IRS through financial means, if you intend to take an extension at the beginning, it should be at least half a year. I was informed before, it is already late."

    Eric smiled bitterly and said: "It seems that I have to borrow again. By the way, Caroline, what do you think of Firefly? ”

    Caroline wondered: "Do you mean that?"

    "You should know that after the merger with the new line, we have passed the business that is no longer possible to outsource your finances to you this year."

    Caroline.Eliot's heart is cold, and Firefly is her biggest customer. If she loses this customer, her office income will be reduced by at least half. However, Caroline suddenly realized that Eric had just said something: "Eric, you mean, you want to…"

    “Yes,” Eric smiled and nodded. “I want to invite you to Firefly as the chief financial officer. Even so, you have to turn off your office. But I believe you will definitely realize that Firefly is worth doing. "To be continued)

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