Chapter 269 of the text has not been seen for a long time

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 269th chapter of the text has not been seen for a long time, floating astronomy

    “I need a few months to finish my existing business.”Caroline has almost no hesitation. As Eric said, Firefly's current development potential can be seen. Between a small accounting firm's Boss and a big company's chief financial officer, smart people know that they should choose which one.

    "No problem at all."Eric said that the company is now operating under the hands of Robert, and Eric doesn't have the right people, so he doesn't say anything. However, Eric has to pay more attention to the company's finances, and will be familiar with Carolyn.It is the best choice for Eliot to be inserted into this position. As for Robert .Shay, Eric believes that if he is smart enough, he will not oppose his decision.

    The two chatted for a while and walked to the office together under the staff's notice.

    The meeting was not long, and the issues discussed were roughly the financial issues of Firefly and the new line, as well as the development plan for next year. In Caroline.When Elliott reported on Firefly Finance, Robert.Shea’s face is very exciting, because the new line released six or seven films including “Ghost Street 5” this year, but the total revenue is less than the fraction of the first part of Home Alone. And according to the prior contract, Robert.Although Shay has a 15% stake in Firefly, he can only listen to Carolyn’s profit data, but he can’t get a penny.

    During the period, Eric also announced that he will appoint Caroline.Eliot is the financial controller of the company, Robert.Although Shay was difficult to conceal, he did not refute.

    The meeting opened for a whole afternoon. After the end, Eric stopped Robert who wanted to leave.Shea, asked: "Robert."An Affair to Remember 》How is the preparation of the videotape released? ”

    "I have customized the first "100-box videotape, Eric, do you really think that "An Affair to Remember" can re-sell by the influence of Sleepless in Seattle? ”Robert .Shei asked in confusion.

    Eric definitely nodded. "Of course. Robert, "100 boxes are too few. At least "300 boxes must be made in the first batch. You should pay attention to this matter as much as possible."

    Robert .Xie Yi’s head is like a rattle: “Eric, this is too risky. I think there are enough 100 boxes, and this has already cost 1 Million. We will definitely have to make a fortune in the future. . If the videotape is really hot, let's make the factory rush. ”

    "If you can't catch up," Eric asked. "Robert. Believe me, make "300 boxes and then spread the goods, tell those dealers, you can sell and pay." Make sure you have a video of An Affair to Remember on the channels we can reach. ”

    "This……"Robert still hesitates. An old movie more than 30 years ago seems to him. After the "Sleepless in Seattle", it is very good to sell "100 boxes, but Eric directly let him produce 300 boxes. Taking such a sales method is similar to Robert’s throwing money into the water.

    Eric thought about it. Said: "Robert, can you listen to me this time? If I prove that I am wrong afterwards, then I will not intervene in any business operations in the company for one year. ”

    Robert heard Eric say so immediately. What he fears most is that Eric is arrogant about the company's operations. Because of his age bias, Robert doesn't feel Eric's ability to run Film Studio at all. It is only because of the continuous success of several movies that he has the wealth and status. In this case, it should be honestly filming, rather than making irresponsible remarks about the company's operations. What makes him helpless is that Eric owns 85% of the company.

    There is Eric's promise, even if it is verbally. Robert .Shee felt that she could also gamble. "The cost of a 300-box videotape is only 3 Million. In exchange for his "absolute control" of Firefly for a year, Robert seems very worthwhile: "Okay. Eric, I will implement it as soon as possible according to your plan. ”

    Eric looked at Robert .Shee left and smiled, thinking that this method might last, and using such a 'bait' to drive Robert to do things according to his own will.

    After cleaning up, Eric left the office and was ready to drive home. Just out of the office building, a white-haired white woman in her 30s came over and stopped him.

    When Eric stopped, the woman eagerly introduced: "Mr. Williams, I am thanking Lisa.Cody, do you remember me? We have seen it. ”

    Eric really has forgotten that she had a side in New York and thanked Lisa.Cody, but he can't possibly know the man behind the woman, Brad.Pete.

    Only, relative to Xie Lisa.Cody's ardent, Brad.Pete seems to be a lot of jealousy. It seems that he is definitely against his manager's initiative to find the door.

    "Hello, Ms. Cody, I met again. ”Eric smiled and shook hands with the other person, and thought it was quite interesting. He thought that after that, he would never see Brad again.Pete.

    Thanks Lisa.Cody sees Eric thinking of himself, his face suddenly smiles, and he has to say that this woman is very good at maintaining, and Eric can't be sure how old the other person is.

    "Mr. Williams, remember your original invitation? I have joined my team with uta. ”

    Eric recalled it, remembering that there was such a thing, he saw Xie Lisa can bring Brad.Pete took the initiative to apologize and thought that this woman would be very good, so she spoke casually. However, Eric looked at the two people in front of him and asked: "What time?"

    "One……A week ago," Xie Lisa replied, and after seeing Eric showing no other look, the woman quickly said: "Mr. Williams, can you invite you to have a dinner together? ”

    Eric looked at Xie Lisa.Cody , again blinking at the woman behind her barely polite smile Brad .Pete, quickly remembered the other side to find their own purpose: "Ms. Cody, Mr. Pitt won't be auditioning for the X-Files actor? ”

    See things broken by Eric, thank you Lisa.Cody smiled slightly, and then said: "Mr. Williams, Brad, audition in the afternoon, but unfortunately you are not there in the afternoon. So I came in personally and wanted to talk to you. ”

    "All right," Eric glanced at Brad behind the woman.Pete: "Mr. Pitt, you don't have to go, go back and wait for the news. ”

    Brad .When Peter heard this, his face suddenly became a little embarrassing, thank you Lisa.Cody realized that Eric still didn't like Brad behind him, and he had to look at the man standing behind him.

    "that……I will go back first," Brad.Pete finally said at the moment: "Mr. Williams, again…Goodbye. ”

    Eric just nodded slightly to each other and waited for Brad .Pete drove away alone, and Eric opened his door, thanking Lisa.Cody said: "Ms. Cody, please get on the bus. ”

    "Oh, thank you," the woman quickly got into the co-pilot.

    In a restaurant, order the dishes, thank you Lisa.Cody can't wait to say: "Mr. Williams, in fact, Pete's acting is very good. If you don't believe it, you can check out Pitt's videotape of X-Files. He is a good opportunity that he has never encountered. ”

    Eric certainly knows Brad .Pete's acting is very good, and the other side won the performance awards and nominations than Tom.There are still more Cruises. However, this is how, Hollywood has a great performance but not many people, but there are only so many opportunities.

    However, looking at the woman in front of her eyes, Eric’s mouth appeared a playful smile: “Ms. Cody , you only have Brad .Is Pete an actor? ”

    Thanks Lisa.Cody didn't know why Eric suddenly asked this question, or shook his head: "No, there are four or five."

    Eric shrugged: "Oh, then you are really good for Brad."

    Thanks Lisa.Cody facial expression immediately slightly some red, she of course to listen to the outside of Eric's voice, but, manager and his hand actor that matter, in fact, there is nothing to be ashamed of, she also heard a forty or fifty-year-old music producer personally will a 12-year-old little girl with Big Red, And he's been teaching his wife, and that girl is like Celine or something.

    Adjusted the mentality, thank you Lisa.Cody has a faint request in his tone: "Mr. Williams, can you give Pete a chance? He certainly won't let you down. ”

    Eric looked at the woman in front of her, and her heart was quickly calculating, and this powerful manager helped Brad.Pete Zhang Luo, although the opponent is 26 years old, but the male actor, especially the handsome male actor, has a long shelf life, then Brad.It is very likely that Pete will be in Hollywood sooner or later, which is what Eric is very reluctant to see.

    In this case, hand over the "X-Files" actor to Brad.Pete is not good for him. Because "X-Files" and "FrInternet Explorer nds" are TV set Internet Explorer s with very fixed character image, it is almost impossible for Actor to change the screen image in the ten seasons and eight seasons. The possibility is even more embarrassing. Previous life The six stars of "FrInternet Explorer nds", the successful transformation of the big screen, only Aniston alone. And the price that Aniston pays is also very large, in order to transform to the big screen, in order not to let the audience think of 'Rachel.Green', many of the characters that Aniston received were very broken.

    Although she made a decision in her heart, Eric was quite 'thick'. After thinking for a while, she would like to thank Lisa.Cody reminded: "Ms. Cody, you have to think about it, once you let Mr. Pitt took over the role of "X-Files" actor, his screen image is likely to be finalized, and it is very difficult to transform in the future. Because the actor of this TV serInternet Explorer s has to sign at least five seasons of the contract" (to be continued)

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