Text No. 271 Chapter of Resentment

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 271 resentment, floating astronomy

    From the very beginning, Malibu's manor has attracted a lot of attention, because the manor occupying 14 acres of land is undoubtedly the largest manor of Malibu that has just been built independently, and is still in such a special location. The sharp corner of Malibu. But this kind of attention was very limited, until the unusually striking 'Freedom City' on the cliff was completed, and relevant news appeared on some of the local newspapers in Los Angeles. People have speculated that this gorgeous city like the “Freedom City” of Malibu landmark building is a new manor.

    But because the news has been kept secret, everything is under speculation, until early December, someone found Hollywood's youngest Director Eric.Williams and Drew.Barrymore began to enter and exit the estate frequently, and the news finally exploded.

    If the owner of the Manor is just a millionaire, it may be nothing, but instead of Hollywood Director, which created a series of box Office miracles like Eric, that would mean a great news value, after all, people are always curious about the private lives of celebrities. So, in just one week, all the information about the manor was smashed by the all-in-one paparazzi.

    "According to the relevant person who participated in the design of the "Freedom City", the "Freedom City" was originally created by Eric.Williams hand painted it, and finally handed it to the famous architect designer Frank.Gehry's detailed design, after seven months of elaboration, finally built a dreamlike mansion like a work of art. Eric .Williams is a Hollywood Director who has created a series of Box Office miracles, compared to Oracle CEO Larry who bought luxury homes in Malibu like the upstarts in the Middle East.Ellison, our young Director who is less than twenty years old is undoubtedly more tasteful. ”

    “After investigation, the total cost of the Malibu Pointe Manor is nearly 30 Million USD, which is five times the price of the most expensive manor in Malibu. The 'Freedom City' located on the edge of the corner is over 40,000 square feet. With more than 30 rooms inside, the estate also has a range of facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, helipads and more. Although the newspaper did not get the owner of the estate Eric.Mr. Williams' interview permission, however. It can be seen from the long-range aerial photography of the hired helicopter that the 'city of freedom' is like a gorgeous silver shell on the edge of the Malibu sea. According to an analysis by a professor of architecture at the University of California, building this dream villa on a cliff is very difficult, and this alone could lead to a 30% increase in construction costs. However, it seems that all this is worth it. Maybe many people will come to Malibu in the future and will be willing to go out by sea. Looking far away from this dreamy mansion. ”

    "So far, we have found that in addition to Drew.Beyond Barrymore, with Eric.Williams is closely related to Jennifer Aniston and Julia.Roberts and Virginia.Actress Madison and others have not yet entered Eric.Williams' new estate, Eric.Williams has repeatedly told the media that he is only going to Drew.Barrymore treats her sister as Eric.Williams didn't make the first appearance with Jennifer Aniston until the premiere of "Home Alone 2" three weeks ago, and personally recognized the relationship between the two. However, according to informed sources, the relationship between the two is not stable. therefore. Who will become the most expensive manor of Malibu, no doubt left us a huge suspense. ”



    Located at the Disney headquarters in Burbank, Michael.Eisner dropped a newspaper with the aerial picture of 'Freedom City' on his desk. The expression was silent and muttered a few words, and soon a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth. After a while, his assistant knocked open the office door and walked in.

    "Mr. Eisner, this is the latest information from ims detective company. ”The assistant placed several portfolios on Michael .In front of Eisner.

    Michael .Eisner opened the portfolio and first took out a stack of thick photos, one by one, and the contents of the photos were all a photo of Eric and Drew in public. Overturned the photo with a blank expression, Michael.Eisner took out a few more copies from the portfolio.

    "You contact Little John.Is Barrymore? ”Looking down at the information in his hand, Michael.Eisner asked casually.

    The assistant nodded. I thought about it and said: "Mr. Eisner, I think. The key to the matter is still at Drew.Barrymore there, if she doesn't cooperate. It is impossible to Eric at all.Williams has had a big impact. ”

    Michael .Eisner didn't lift his head, and his voice said faintly: "This is not something you should care about. You just need to do it according to my instructions."

    The assistant heard Michael.Eisner's disappointment in his tone, nodded quickly: "Yes, Mr. Eisner. ”

    "You go out first."Michael .Eisner casually waited for the assistant to leave the office, Michael.Eisner opened several other portfolios.

    Although he didn't know how to attack Eric with Drew's underage, Columbia's former Chairmanman had already used it, but Michael.Eisner is not expecting this trivial little thing to have a big impact on Eric, as long as it creates some trouble for the young man who doesn't know how to be tall.

    Moreover, when the day comes, the young man will find that he will suddenly face a lot of trouble, Michael.Eisner didn't believe that a series of means could be used, and Eric could still die without bowing.

    "Hollywood is not so good," read all the documents, Michael.Eisner was in a good mood leaning on the office chair, so he said softly.


    “Eric, they are so annoying,” Dali in the villa of Malibu, standing by the huge floor-to-ceiling window, pointed to several speedboats floating on the sea and said, “The sea that was originally pretty, now looks like a few pieces floating. Rubbish."

    Sitting on the sofa near the French window, Eric was reading a book. He heard Xiao Nizi’s complaint and pointed to the party company staff who was preparing for the evening party in the living room. He said: “It’s not what you are looking for, you have to What party is going to be held, or else there will be no more paparazzi on the sea."

    When I heard Eric say this, Shantou immediately spoiled to Eric: "It’s a pity that such a beautiful new home doesn't hold a party."

    "Don't make a fuss, go to toss your party," Eric pretended to pull Xiao Nii out of his body angrily. Drew laughed and laughed and ran away.

    Eric was a little annoyed by the people walking around, so he got up and walked to his studio.

    The studio is located on the lower floor of the living room, and the structure is completely in accordance with Tony in memory.Built by Stark's studio, of course, there is definitely no Iron Man armor, but according to Eric's study in Beverly Hills, the entire west wall of the studio has been transformed into a large magnetic white writing board. Still using magnets to absorb a lot of manuscripts, Eric likes the feeling that many of these things are in front of them. In other places, bookshelves, filing cabinets and other furniture were placed, as well as the piano. A large desk for work is placed by the window, and you can see the outside of the sea by looking up.

    However, at this point on the surface of the boat is indeed like holds dutifully said, looks like floating garbage, although these people with the advanced long focal length camera can not see the interior of the villa, but still refused to leave, because the day before the paparazzi shot drew Photos of swimming in the terrace pool, Eric estimates that these people are waiting for the party tonight to come to the terrace.

    Reluctantly shrugged, Eric turned on the light, and pressed a button on the lower window. The window below the window silently raised the baffle that matches the color of the workroom. The baffle and the wall merged in one another. Out of the window, the studio also formed a completely enclosed space.

    Eric sat down satisfactorily at the desk and continued to look at the book about business management.


    On the coastal highway, a red car was driving in a hurry, and Nicole holding the steering wheel looked at Aniston, who was sitting in the co-pilot. The chick was looking at the window with an arm around the open window.

    Bored, Nicole asked casually: "Jenny, don't you really want to move over?" Looking at the newspaper these days, the villa is really beautiful. ”

    Aniston blinked and immediately shook his head. "No, I can't move." That, Nicole, you don't think I am living with you to bother you? ”

    Nicole quickly shook his head: "Of course not, I just don't want to understand."

    Silence for a little while, Aniston said: "I told the guy that there is only one woman at home, and he promised that I would let Drew move out at the age of sixteen. If I compromise now, maybe after two years, he will not fulfill his promise. ”

    Nicole heard this and his lips moved, but he didn't speak.

    She thinks that Aniston is so naive. In two years, there will be many things happening. Who knows what will happen. Because of that experience, she was clear about Drew's savvy character, when the hoe was willing to move out to blame. She can even imagine what method the little goblin would use.

    Nicole thinks that if she encounters such a thing, she won't care about anything. It is the right way to rush to grab a man. It is very likely that it will be empty in the end.

    Why not yourself?

    Thinking of Eric's attitude towards himself, Nicole couldn't help but give birth to a faint resentment, and then squinted at Aniston with some envy.

    Which one can't compare to this stupid girl? (To be continued)

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