Body Chapter 272 Aniston’s Intuition

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 272 Aniston's intuition, floating astronomy

    The car drove all the way to the gate of the manor. The security guard saw the vehicle approaching. He was about to ask for the invitation and saw the two people in the car. The security guard immediately forgot the invitation and revealed a smile. "It’s Miss Aniston. Please come in."After three or two steps, I ran back and opened the door.

    When I got off the bus in the parking lot, the two girls reacted like Eric when they first saw the City of Freedom. They stood there and looked at the villa for a while, then walked side by side.

    Pushing open the glass door, the staff wearing waiters and chef costumes in the hall of more than 600 square meters in the eye are busy shuttles, and there is not much reaction when they see the appearance of the two girls.

    Now the party hasn't started yet, but as Eric's girlfriend, Chick feels that it takes for granted.

    After waiting for a while, see no one cares about himself, the chick is a little angry, even forget the Nicole next to him, stepping on the high heels and walking towards the kitchen. After entering, just see a middle-aged man in a suit is negotiating with Drew. What is it, the chick is quite a chest, and walks proudly: "Hey, how are you going?"

    Drew looked up and glanced at Aniston in a little white dress and smiled slightly: "This lady, you are early, the party hasn't started yet, but you can go to the living room for an hour."

    Seeing Drew think of myself as the guests treated chick gas is not one to play: "You little Bitch, do not forget who he is, be careful I let Eric put you out."

    "I'm so scared," Shantou looked at the 'horrified' patted the small chest, and then turned his face like a sly smile, and there was no fear: "You have the ability to go."

    Aniston squinted at Drew and immediately looked at the middle-aged man in a suit: "Are you the head of the party?"

    The middle-aged man smiled and nodded as if he had not heard the dispute between the two girls.

    The two girls in front are Eric.Williams is a close woman. He didn't dare to offend, but he had to say to Aniston: "Hello, Miss Aniston. My name is Will.Clark, what is your order? ”

    "I don't like the location of the buffet table outside. You can help me move it," the chick found an excuse.

    Haven't waited for Will.Clark responded and Drew said immediately: "Mr. Clark, don't forget that I am coming to checkout today."

    Will.Clark looked around. As a party manager, he often encountered disputes between different members of the host family. In general, Will.Clark will push things to the people who have the decision. And in front of you. The only owner in this manor, not Eric.

    Therefore, Will.Clark quickly said something slippery: "I think it is best for the two ladies to find Mr. Williams negotiated. ”

    The two girls squinted at Will.Clark, Will.Clark just shrugged, saying nothing, a little bit of what you want, but I just don't do it.

    Helpless, the two Xiao Nizi looked at each other, they also know the size, so many people are here. Of course, it is impossible to make Eric embarrassed by the conflict.

    Finally, the chick started to say: "One half!"

    "mora!"Drew followed.

    Aniston clenched his fist as if he had thought of something. Immediately shook his head: "You can't think about it, or we will go to Eric."

    Drew snorted: "This time, you first provoked the dispute. Today, I invited more than a hundred guests. If you mess around, let Eric lose face in front of so many people, hehe…"

    Aniston is not Drew. If the two positions are reversed, it is unscrupulous that Xiao Nizi does not mind that Eric will be ugly, but Aniston does not dare to do so. Unwilling to squint at Drew, Aniston asked: "Where is Eric?"

    Drew shrugged. When you look at your eyes, you don’t know what to say: "I don't know, there are more than 30 rooms here. Go find one by one. ”

    "you……"The little girl almost couldn’t help but rushed up, and looked at the two men next to the eyelids.Clark, Aniston asked: "Mr. Clark, do you know where Eric is?"

    Will.Clark smiled and shook his head: "Miss Aniston, I have been in the kitchen, this, I really don't know."

    The girl slammed her feet and turned away angrily.


    Nicole in the living room watched Aniston walk towards the kitchen, looked around the interior of the villa, walked around in a leisurely stroll, stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the sea outside the window for a while, turned and was planning to go to the second floor. Occasionally saw a closed door next to him, Nicole curiously pressed the button on the door.

    "whats the matter?"Eric's voice was heard in the speaker above the button, and Nicole was shocked.

    "That, Eric, it's me."Nicole quickly said something to the speaker.

    "Oh, come in," Eric's voice fell, the door opened automatically, and Nicole looked curiously at the door leading to the next level before he walked in, and the door behind him closed silently.

    Go along the revolving staircase to Eric's studio, see Eric is sitting at the desk reading, looked around, see here with her once in Beverly Hills villa to see the Eric study decorate almost, 32 steps to the side of the wall, looking at the wall of a dense manuscript, Nicole no words to find "Eric, I don't think you've changed your habit," he said. ”

    Eric put down the book in his hand, reopened the window, turned off the fluorescent light in the room, and said to the girl: "Why change it, I like it."

    Nicole swayed in the room behind his back and said, "I really envy you, what do you want to do."

    Eric laughed: "As long as a person doesn't always want too much, he can do whatever he wants."

    "Which is so easy."Nicole shook his head and walked over to Eric's desk. He sat on the big desk with his hands slightly, raised his legs, and smashed his heels on his feet to sway his white feet.

    Eric looked at the girl's series of seemingly random moves, raising the eyebrow and asking, "Jenny is coming with you?"

    "Of course, she is outside, maybe she is quarreling with Miss Barrymore."

    Eric subconsciously glanced in the direction of the door, and immediately thought that no one would inform himself that the two Xiao Nizi did not quarrel. Of course, he also believes that both girls are measured and will not argue in the presence of so many people. In this case, Eric also let go of his heart, re-sitting back to the leather chair, looking up at Nicole sitting on the desk, the girl wearing a red one-shoulder dress at this time, the perfect figure is fully exposed, the neck is still With a red silk scarf and bright red lips, it looks beautiful.

    Seeing Eric looking at himself with that aggressive look, Nicole suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, and realized that she was in a bad position and wanted to jump off the desk, but some thoughts in her heart stopped her. Instead, he raised his chin slightly and he was quite a chest.

    “Is it something, why does it look a bit big?”After a while, Eric asked with a smile.

    The girl gave him a blank look, but said with a slight provocation: "You touch it."

    Eric has never been a polite person, reaching out and picking up two long legs of the girl, pulling Nicole into his arms.

    After a slap in the face, Nicole’s resounding voice sounded: “No, don’t take it off, what if someone comes in?”

    “No one can come in without my permission,” Eric explained, and the girl in her arms suddenly resisted.

    The big red dress quickly flew up, falling on the sofa next to it, followed by a small piece of cloth.

    The white tender red pheasant was pressed on the desk, and the cold touch made Nicole sigh and snorted. He turned his head and looked at the man behind him, but felt a strong hand holding his waist. It is followed by fiery intrusion.


    The chick did not grab the dominance from Drew and left the kitchen unhappy. However, Nicole disappeared and asked several staff members, but no one noticed. Finally, a waiter pointed to the road. The stairs upstairs said: "I just saw Miss Kidman going there, she might go upstairs."

    Aniston thanked him and walked up the stairs. The chick also noticed the closed door leading to the next floor, but not as curious as Nicole, but went upstairs.

    It took a while to go back and forth, and after a long lap, I didn't find Nicole and I didn't find Eric. Aniston felt a strange feeling in his heart, and he did not reconcile to find it again. He also knocked on many doors, but there was no response.

    Returning to the hall, Aniston asked Eric's whereabouts to the person who was preparing for the party.

    "I don't know, Mr. Which room Williams might be in. ”

    “Miss Aniston, we are here for the first time.”

    "Sorry, Miss Aniston, maybe you can go out and look for it, the manor is quite big, maybe Mr. Where is Williams somewhere else? ”


    After asking for a circle, I didn't ask Eric's whereabouts. The little girl groaned in a depressed mood and muttered: "Exactly, build such a big house, hide and seek."

    Even though she complained that the chick was still walking outside, neither Eric nor Nicole could find it. The strange feeling in her heart was getting stronger and stronger, but she was not willing to think in a certain direction. Although it is the easiest way to ask Drew directly, but Anston is very reluctant to deal with Drew. She is not a Drew opponent at all. She prefers to fight directly because she is more than Xiao Nizi. Stronger, but today's occasion is obviously not suitable. (To be continued)

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