Body Chapter 273 Bad Neighborhood

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 273th evil neighbor, floating astronomy

    Drew walked around to see the party's preparations. After a while, he found that Aniston had disappeared and followed a waiter: "Aniston?"

    The waiter carrying a tray recalled: "Miss Aniston just seems to be looking for Mr. Williams and Miss Kidman, but not found in the villa, I saw her go out. ”

    "Oh, go get busy," Drew nodded, waiting for the waiter to leave, his eyes turned and went to the entrance to the studio, pressing the button at the door.

    After a moment, Eric’s voice came: “Who is it?”

    "Eric, I am Jenny, open the door?"Drew said, listening to Aniston's voice.

    In the studio, Nicole, who was squatting in front of the man, heard the voice, looked up in a panic, and looked at Eric at a loss. Eric suddenly heard the sound and was shocked. Suddenly, he couldn’t hold back, and all got the girl’s face.

    After a moment, I took a deep breath and Eric reacted. The sound lines of Aniston and Drew were very different, so Xiao Nizi learned that Aniston's voice was not at all.

    Giving a sullen Nicole a reassuring look, handing the tissue box on the table to the girl, Eric just picked up the microphone on the table and said, "Drew, don't make noise."

    Xiao Nizi, who is leaning against the door, makes a giggling burst of laughter: "Eric, you won't be scared…What is it? ”

    Eric was coldly snorted, Drew didn't seem to hear it, and still smiled and said: "Remind you, Big Fat Girl is looking for you both."Drew finished and turned off the call.

    Eric put down the microphone and pointed to the bathroom doorway: "Go take a shower. After a while, I said that you are reading here, I will leave. ”

    Nicole nodded. Eric simply cleaned up and quickly left the studio.


    Go back to your bedroom and have a shower. Eric changed out of a suit and left to go outside the villa. After looking for a while, she finally saw Aniston sitting on the bench next to the tennis court and saw Eric walking alone. Unsuccessfully, Aniston finally showed a relief. Expression. Despite a little apology, Eric found a reason to go out and smashed it. He knows that little girl certainly won't like to hear the truth. He can't be stupid enough to tell the truth.

    As the night approached, the party began.

    The list of invited guests is Drew, and Eric is too lazy to intervene. In addition to many people familiar with Eric, the guests also have the usual neighbors located near the sharp corner of Malibu, plus these guests. Male companions or female companions, Lin Lin has a total of nearly 200 people.

    At this point, Eric is dealing with a 'bad neighbor', so the first time he meets, he will label the other party. It is because the other party is really not very happy, and when they meet, they will directly buy the manor to buy him.

    "Eric, 35 Million. 35 Million, how about selling this estate to me, I promise a one-time payment. ”In the face of Eric's refusal, the middle-aged man with a beard on his face added another price.

    Eric looked helplessly: "Mr. Ellison, I have said it many times, I will never sell this estate."

    "37Million, this money is 10 Million more than the cost of your entire estate, Eric, you think about it."Larry .Ellison rushed to add another price, with a hint of fanatical emotions.

    During this time, I saw the information of 'Freedom City' from the newspaper. Sexual luxury prefers Larry to collect luxury homes.At first glance, Alison was in the middle of the cliff, full of a king's imposing 'city of freedom', compared to. He felt that the series of luxury houses he had bought in Malibu had an impulse to remove directly. The arrogant Larry.Alison believes that such a mansion is only owned by him.

    So, as a 'neighbor', I received a party invitation, Larry.After Ellison arrived at the manor, he was directly wrapped in Eric and the price was added from 27Million to 37Million USD.

    "Or else, Mr. Ellison, you can contact Frank.Mr. Gehry, I can authorize the design of this mansion for free, and you can find another place to build one. ”

    Larry .Ellison immediately shook his head: "This kind of mansion is of course unique. Moreover, there is still a place like Malibu's sharp corner. God, I never thought about it before. I should buy it here earlier. Eric, you can't do this. I have a total of 16 luxury homes in Malibu, all of which are used to change with you. What do you think? ”

    Eric opened his mouth in surprise, to Larry.The identity of Ellison Oracle CEO, then the price of these luxury homes is not less than 1 Million USD, the total of 16 luxury homes, the total price may reach four 50 Million.

    However, Eric still wants to shake his head: "Mr. Ellison, I will not sell this manor anyway today, so please don't talk about it anymore, and I have to entertain other guests. Sorry."

    See Eric going impatiently, Larry.Ellison had to say: "So, Eric, please contact me the first time if you want to sell it."

    "Okay, I promise, as long as I have the idea of ​​selling, I will definitely contact you, Mr. Ellison."Eric dropped this sentence and followed Robert, a 50-year-old Asian man.Shay went.

    "Hey, Eric, it's awesome here, I can't help but feel a little heart."Robert .Shee smiled and embraced Eric.

    Eric let go of Robert .Xie Yidao: "Oracle's Larry.Ellison has been entangled with me for more than ten minutes, Robert, you won't want to buy this manor too. If you dare to speak, I dare to call the security guard directly to drop off. ”

    Robert .Sheihaha smiled and said: "Of course not, how can I not be interested?" Yes, let me introduce this, this is Raymond from Hong Kong on the other side of the ocean.Mr. Zou. ”

    Eric actually recognized this man early, although the other person and the previous life he saw a lot of young from the media, but there is not much change: "Hello, Mr. Zou, I am Eric.Williams. "To be continued)

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