Body Chapter 274 looks at the eye of Fox

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 274 looks at the eye of Fox, floating astronomy

    "Hello, Mr. Williams," Raymond.Although Zou wants to show a look that is not humble, but the expression is inevitably a bit more eager: "Mr. Williams, I have seen your "Running Out of Time". To be honest, this movie is very similar to some of our Hong Kong movies. It is just in the release of "Running Out of Time" in Hong Kong. very good. ”

    “Actually, I have always liked Hong Kong movies very much,” Eric said. “For example, Bruce.Li’s several films, “Jingwumen”, “Tangshan Big Brother”, “The Raptors Cross the River”, “Dragon Fighting”, and the half of the “Death Game” are really a pity. ”In the end, Eric shook his head regretfully.

    Raymond.Zou heard Eric suddenly say this, his face followed with a reminiscence look, shaking his head: "It is a pity, hey, these have been more than a decade." I still remember the first time I worked with Bruce. ”

    Finished, Raymond.Zou suddenly looked up again and looked at Eric. He said, "I remember Mr. Williams You are only 19 years old this year. When Bruce died, you should be only three years old. I really can't think of it. ”

    "Good movies are always good movies. Speaking of it, when I was filming in Seattle last time, I went to Bruce specifically.Mr. Li’s cemetery, although it has been more than a decade, but there are often fans everywhere in the world to go to the flowers. ”

    Raymond.Zou Yu was awkward, and the shame on his face flashed away. It was not Bruce.Li, maybe he won't have today's achievements, except for Bruce.When Li was buried, he never went to Seattle a few times: "When I finish the matter, I will go to Seattle to worship."

    Eric nodded nodded. Then look at Robert who hasn’t heard much.Shea, he still doesn't know what Robert meant to introduce himself.

    Robert is in Raymond.Zou’s face pulled Eric aside and said: “This is the case. Last year I participated in a movie by Hong Kong Golden Harvest, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". You have heard that Fox originally agreed to release the film, but after watching the film, Fox repented. ”

    Eric heard the words "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and soon remembered the film. Although he was not familiar with the film's previous life in United States, he knew a piece about the history of Hong Kong movies. It is said that Raymond of Golden Harvest.Zou always wants to enter Hollywood. After several small fights, Jiahe bought the rights of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and planned to play it once. The film Golden Harvest invested 80 million, and finally in North. America earns 1 Billion HKD. At the current exchange rate, 1 Billion is equivalent to almost 130 million USD, and it is impossible for a foreign company to separate 100 Million USD from Hollywood. Then the money is definitely the North America Box Office of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the Box Office of the North America 100 Million, which can squeeze into the top ten of the current Box Office list.

    In such a movie, Fox gave up. However, this seems to be well understood, and Fox has always liked to do this kind of thing. Previous life Fox gave up the North America release of RMS Titanic and sold it to Paramount at a low price of 60Million USD. Finally, RMS Titanic got more than 600 million total Box Offices in North America. Although it has been such a time, Fox did not learn the lesson, 'get it again', and later, "Avatar" of Card God, Fox worried about the risk, introduced other investors, and finally "Avatar" Box Office exploded. Fox lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of this wrong decision.

    Shaking his head threw out the thoughts of these sixes and sevens, Eric asked: "Robert. So what do you think? ”

    Robert .Xie Yidao: "It is like this, Eric. The film has invested a total of 13 Million USD. This is not a small amount. The new line is also involved in the investment of 3 Million USD. Now Fox is not willing to issue it. We can only do it ourselves. I think your vision in the movie should be good, so I want you to take a look at the film and help out the idea. ”

    “Is the copy brought?”Eric asked.

    Robert .Xie Yi groaned: "No, I just brought Mr. Zou to meet you, by the way, let's go to the company tomorrow."

    Eric also realized that he was in a hurry. Although his family had a personal reaction too much, even if Robert brought the copy, he would not be able to leave the hundreds of guests in the hall to leave alone, which is too rude.

    "Well, I will go to the company tomorrow morning, let's take a look."

    "Well, that's it," Robert said, pointing to the point: "I saw an old friend who said hello in the past."

    “Be free, play with fun,” Eric said with a smile, watching Robert leave, and Eric found that Raymond had not left with Eric.

    "Mr. Zou, do you have anything else?"

    "No, that, Mr. Williams, you just said that you like Hong Kong movies very much. What do you think of Hong Kong movies? ”

    Eric took Raymond to the buffet table and took some food. Two people came to the sofa near the floor-to-ceiling windows and saw Eric coming over. A pair of men and women who were tired of the sofa quickly made the position.

    When the two men walked down together, Eric said: "Mr. Zou, I think the discovery of the Hong Kong film has completely lost its rationality, giving the last crazy feeling before the burst."

    Raymond originally wanted to talk to Eric about some excellent Hong Kong movies. The set is almost the same. If you can promote cooperation, then it would be better. I did not expect to hear Eric talk about the status quo of Hong Kong movies. After a bitter smile, Raymond said helplessly: "Everyone makes money by making money, who will think so much." It is Mr. Williams, this outsider looks very clear, in this case, Mr. Williams, what do you think is the solution? ”

    Eric can do anything, he just said according to the impression of previous life.

    Because of various restrictions, the Hong Kong film prospects are almost doomed. After thinking about it, Eric immediately said: "Although I also like a lot of Hong Kong movies, I have no way to deal with this situation."

    Even if there is, it will not be used now, at least until 20 years later, the mainland has completely opened up its own movie market. But at that time, it is estimated that there is no such thing as a Hong Kong film.

    Raymond sighed and looked at Eric, tempted and asked: "So, Mr. Williams, do you think we have the possibility of cooperation? "To be continued)

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