Chapter 275 urges

I'm Hollywood the newest chapter, the No. 275 chapter urges, flutters the astronomy


    Upon hearing this question, Eric thought about it and shook his head. Although he had another soul in his heart, he did not feel any obligation to help Hong Kong film enter Hollywood.

    And there aren't many examples of successful Hollywood collaborations with Hong Kong films. There is only one "Rush Hour" series in memory that can be used, but this movie is obviously not suitable for present, previous life Jack.Cheng has been paving the way for several films, and after the famous reputation in Hollywood, the "Rush Hour" series was launched, and fortunately, the appetite of Westerners was justified. Now Jack.Although Cheng is in the middle of the world, but Hollywood is not famous, please ask him to star in "Rush Hour" and then find a Hollywood Chinese Action Actor is not much different, but the other party's pay is folded into USD but it is almost the same as Hollywood's first-line star. .

    "Mr. Zou, I don't think it is a good time to cooperate. I have some understanding of the history of your Film Studio, Jiahe's star, Jack.Mr. Cheng tried to enter Hollywood in the early 1980s, but failed several attempts. I think he will definitely not easily abandon his status and career in Hong Kong now. Will he come to Hollywood to develop? ”

    Mr. Zou pondered Eric's words, his eyes showed disappointment and helplessness. Eric said it was really good. Hong Kong movies are now in an explosive period, Jack.Cheng has a lesson from previous failures, and it is impossible to agree to the development of Hollywood. And except for Jack.Cheng, he can't get other Actors. After all, only Chinese Kung Fu can be aroused to interest Hollywood. Even this big-handed "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is actually a scorpion with some kung fu. The four ninja turtles in the movie are played by Hong Kong martial artists.

    "This is really a pity."Mr. Zou shook his head and said that although he also had some thoughts on participating in Eric's film investment, this young man is the director of Hollywood's most popular movie this year. There are so many people in Hollywood who want to invest in his movies. It is impossible for an outsider such as Golden Harvest to participate in a piece of the pie.

    Finish eating the food in front of you. Eric said goodbye to Mr. Zou before he got up and left. Just a few steps away, a tall woman in a black dress walked over to Eric with a glass of red wine, and it looked like an old one.

    Really unrealistic, Eric smiled helplessly, slightly sideways, quickly reaching out to hold the girl's wrist, and the other hand picked up the red wine in the other hand. The woman who turned red on her face lifted it: "This lady, thank you for your red wine."

    The girl saw her intentions and was seen. Although she was awkward, she immediately seized the opportunity and said: "No…You are welcome, Mr. Williams, my name is…"

    The girl is about to introduce herself. Eric puts a finger on the girl's red lips and looks directly at the girl's slightly scorpion. She said, "This lady, I have heard a very philosophical word." It’s called 'I’m acquainted with each other', so don’t mention your name? ”

    When Eric took back her finger, the girl nodded. "That…Ok. Mr. Williams, are you lucky enough to dance with you? ”

    Eric shook his head: "Sorry, miss."

    The girl didn't dare to be too entangled. She turned and walked away. Eric was about to leave. A slightly screaming voice rang in her ear: "Why must I meet each other, Eric, when we first met, why did you put it? I stayed in the office?"

    "Because we are 'having a chance to meet each other.'"Eric turned and smiled and looked at Nicole. At this time, the girl refused to look like a glamorous look, and there was no wolverine in the study.

    See Eric licking his face. Like Eric, Nicole whispered in a tone of hate: "The next time you think about it…I want to let me do that again. ”

    Eric shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you want, Nicole, you know that I am a very pity, and I never force a woman to do anything."

    Nicole bit her lip angrily, remembering that in the study Eric tightened his face and prevented her from dodging, and almost couldn't help but spill the red wine on Eric's face.


    “My favorite woman is so praised,” Eric laughed. “Miss Kidman, can you dance with you?”

    Nicole hesitated, and handed the little hand to Eric. When the man pulled himself to the dance floor, Nicole couldn't help but ask: "Why refuse the lady named 'no name'?" This is not like your character. ”

    "Because I don't like her eyebrows, do you accept this reason?"Eric in the dance floor stunned the girl's waist.

    Nicole followed the man's strength and put his body close to Eric, retorting: "Ghosts, I think you are jealous of Jenny here."

    "Then, you are so close, you are not afraid of what association Jenny will see?"

    "Of course not, because Jenny is going outside."Even so, Nicole couldn't help but look around.

    Seeing Nicole's reaction, Eric smirked again: "Nicole, do you think that our conversation is like a couple of adulterers?"

    "You can be really dirty."

    "Hey, you started to praise me again. This is not good. Men are very exaggerated. How about going to see my study again?"

    Nicole puts his red lips in Eric's ear and threatens: "As long as you are not afraid of being seen, I have no opinion at all, but if it is exposed, I will blatantly grab the man with Jenny."

    "Wow, that's still it," Eric thought as if he had thought of something terrible. Pretending to have a cold war, he didn't mention it.

    The hot party didn't end until midnight, and Eric used the top floor of the master bedroom that could watch the Malibu landscape at 360 degrees without a dead end, and the little girl stayed half-pushed. .

    The next day, Eric went to Robert in the morning.Xie Yi and Mr. Zou from Hong Kong read "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" together. Actually, because of the baptism of countless special effects films of previous life, Eric looked at this 'fifty money' special effect of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". ", several times have the urge to get up and leave.

    Because I already know the results of Box Office, it is too easy to look for the advantages of this movie. Therefore, after reading it, Eric still endured the discomfort of the heart and praised the movie. Let Robert feel free to power the film. After all, no one can't afford to trade with USD.

    Get Eric's affirmation, Robert.Shea assuredly set the release date of the film during Easter, although this schedule is not as good as the summer file, but it is quite good. Besides, the summer file must be reserved for your own movie. Although the new line of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" also has some investment, it is still not a biological one.

    After discussing "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", Eric just left the screening room and saw Alan waiting outside. See Eric coming out and said: "Eric, Disney's Chairman Frank.Wells and Fox TV Station Chairman William .Bell is waiting for you. ”

    "Do they come together, what did you say?"Eric asked in confusion.

    Alan shook his head: "I didn't come together, I didn't say anything about you."

    Eric looked at his watch and said, "Let's go."

    When I came to her office, Eric saw two middle-aged people sitting in the lounge chatting, and greeted them. I wanted to invite two people to go to my office, but Frank.Wells and William .Bell looked at each other and didn't mean to be together. Eric realized that the two people were not looking for their own purposes. They looked around and suggested: "Or, Mr. Bell, you should rest here for a while."

    "No problem, Eric, I don't have anything in the morning anyway."William .Bell laughed and sat back on the sofa.

    With Frank.When Wells walked into the office together, Eric asked the other person's intentions.

    "This is the case, Eric, have you not promised the distribution rights of a Disney movie before, Mr. Eisner asked me to discuss this and sign the contract, so that Disney can also put the release plan into work next year. ”

    Eric thought about it and said, "Sorry, Mr. Wells, I haven't decided what film to shoot next year, so how about waiting for the New Year?" Don't worry, I promise to give Disney a distribution rights. ”

    Frank .Wells remembered when he came, Michael.Eisner's embarrassment, said: "Eric, in fact, this is OK, can we sign an intent contract first, you do not need to provide a specific film plan, as long as you can ensure that a movie will be handed over to Disney next year. Just like…Like the three movie contracts you gave Fox last year, I remember that you didn't discuss with Fox about the other two movies except Home Alone 2, didn't you? ”

    Eric spread his hand and said: "Frank, you have to know, Firefly is not the small workshop a year ago, so I can't take the liberty to promise you. Many things need to be planned. Since you talked about my contract with Fox last year, I am sure I will know some of the storms that occurred during the period. Therefore, I will plan for next year's plan to ensure that I will sign a contract with Disney. ”

    Frank .Wells said a few more words, seeing Eric not letting go, then left in disappointment. The six CEOs who have discussed in Malibu have so far known very few people. In order to ensure that secrets are not leaked, except for the six CEOs, there are only those who are directly responsible for execution. And Michael.Eisner also didn't tell Frank about it.Wells, so Frank.Wells also felt that Eric gave the reason enough to get back to Michael.Eisner confessed. (To be continued)

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