The reason of Chapter 277 is too strong.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 277 is too strong, floating astronomy

    Eric handed the "Basic Instinct" script outline written to Alan behind him, and the assistant went to Writers Guild of America to register the outline, only to David.Greenwater Road: "Because I don't like this woman."

“……”The two producers are speechless at the same time. This reason is too strong, David.Greenwater and Hans.While Whittle feels helpless, he is somewhat envious. When can he reach the point where he can control the fate of others with a 'dislike?'

    Eric didn't mean to explain to the two people. He is not an extreme nationalist. He is not sensitive. Because some people say that two words like anti-xx are going to resist what you do, you don't like me, then I I don't like you either, just like this, it's all flat-headed people, no need to be so big. But after the previous life was able to kill the tens of thousands of innocent civilians, the woman who laughed and said the word 'retribution' could only describe it with cold blood, no matter what political stance is used. Sophistry is hard to forgive.

    So, see Sharon.At the moment of Stone's data, Eric directly smashed the other party, and by the way, when the other side auditioned, the one would let Sharon.Stone's famous "Basic Instinct" script outline was written, and it is also a movie that has a Box Office of over 100 million.

    Although Eric's current fame, for his own image, it is impossible to make such a controversial large-scale movie in person, and even in the future, the screenwriter does not intend to use the real name in the screen, but this script is handed over to Robert.Shee is right, anyway, Robert.Shee has to dominate two big-production movies this year. As long as he makes money, Robert is sure that all movies are willing to make. As for Heroine, Heroine of a TV serInternet Explorer s can attract hundreds of people. Will Hollywood be short of Heroine?

    Eric was thinking about it, another poor girl was ignored by him, and the next woman came in. Eric looked up at the other person and then opened the other person's information and looked at the name above. Confirming that he did not admit his mistake, Eric raised his head with a weird smile: "This lady, have we seen it?"

    Hans, who is just about to speak.Whittle and David.Greenwater closed his mouth in unison.

    It seems that Heroine has fallen, and I don't have to continue to spend a few more days. Although I can see nearly a hundred beautiful faces every day, I don't feel any more when I look at it, let alone Eric is on it. They don't have much decision-making power in their hands, and they can only see that these beautiful women can't eat.

    Famke Janssen, who just sat down on the chair, saw Eric looking at his own eyes a little weird, but his heart was a little happy, and he was noticed, better than being ignored.

    "Mr. Williams, maybe you have seen the advertisements I shot on some magazines. I have shot a lot of advertisements. ”

    Eric unabashedly squinted at the two long legs wrapped in white slacks and asked, "Miss Jensen, are you a model?"

    Famke Janssen shook his head: "It's not over now, I just retired."

    Eric then asked again: "If you haven't been chosen this time. What will you do in the future? ”

    The expression of the girl did not change much. I thought about it: "In this case, I may apply for a university. After reading the book for two years, you can find other jobs after you get the certificate. ”

    "Other work, like?"

    Famke Janssen shook his head and shook his head: "I don't know, I haven't thought about it yet."

    Eric nodded and said to the two producers on the left and right: "I have no problem, come on."

    "No more questions, such as whether there is a boyfriend or something?"Hans.Whittle whispered a joke.

    Eric gave the other person a blank look and said the woman I was looking at. How about a boyfriend, robbing?

    "Eric. Is it her? ”David .Greenwater also whispered.

    "I will finish the audition in the morning," Eric replied quietly.

    Speak the truth. Born in the 1960s, the famous actress who caught up with the rise of Hollywood is not too much. It is more famous than the 30, and several of them are based on the first bus after the 70s. Famke Janssen is one of the more famous Hollywood women born in the 1960s.

    The girl gave Eric the most impressive, not the only five-level mutant in "Xx-men," the Phoenix Girl, but "007 golden eyes," the fierce and glamorous Russian female killer, that trick with two long legs in the man * when the other killed the way how a * got, since met, Of course, try the strength of those two long legs yourself.

    Famke Janssen saw the three main referees whispering in a whisper, and he was a little embarrassed, not knowing what the other party was discussing. But the next thing made her a little happy, because the three people were particularly careful about her audition. Other auditors usually did not have more than ten minutes of audition time, but her audition took a full twenty minutes.

    Waiting for Famke Janssen to leave, David.Greenwater said: "Also, the acting is a bit clumsy, but you can exercise more during the shooting process. The lens feels strong and it is worthy of a model."

    Hans.Whittle also echoed with a smile.

    Eric didn't care about the envied expression of the two people, and filled in his own opinions on the form in front of him.

    The audition in the morning passed quickly. Since the role has been fixed, then everyone does not have to work anymore. Eric packs up his own things and confesses two sentences. He leaves with Alan. As for Famke Janssen, he is not in a hurry, and he will finish it after this time.

    Time goes into late December, Christmas is coming, from the November 17th Thanksgiving schedule to the current five weeks, North America's Box Office market is basically the "Home Alone 2" leader, just five weeks, The Home Office of Home Alone 2 has reached 100 Million USD 10 million.

    The top five in the North America Box Office list, in addition to "Home Alone 2", is followed by Warner's "Lethal Weapon 2" and Universal's "Back to the Future 2", which occupy the Box Office list. The top three, while "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias" are repeatedly vying for the fourth place, and steadily get more than 10 million USD of Box Office every week.

    After seven weeks of accumulation of The Others, Box Office is about to break through 100 million. In the end, Box Office may exceed the original goal of 150 Million USD, because the Box Office of The Others has barely lost more than 20% in these weeks, and the Box Office of Steel Magnolias has become more stable. The Box Office, which has accumulated more than 60 million USD in five weeks, plus this movie is very suitable for the Christmas atmosphere. It is estimated that there will be a Box Office rebound in the next Christmas period, and Box Office has no suspense.

    As for Eddie.Murphy starred in the first week of the box office's black comedy "Harlem Nightclub", after the release of the next two weeks after more than 50% of the massive decline, directly pulled out five out, once again proved The black movie can't squeeze into the mainstream truth of Hollywood.

    The eye-catching results of the three films "Home Alone 2", "The Others" and "Steel Magnolias" also caught the attention of the media. From the beginning of November, Firefly or Eric's movies began to occupy the top position of the Box Office list. It has been seven weeks since the current position. On December 22nd, "Sleepless in Seattle" is about to be released. This is another film directed by Eric. Under the promotion of Fox, basically no one is optimistic about the one that Warner launched to use with "Sleepless in". Seattle's "Crazy Christmas Holidays".

    With the arrival of the seventh week, December 22 finally arrived, "Sleepless in Seattle" officially opened in more than 2,200 theaters in North America after the premiere of the Los Angeles China Grand Theatre.

    At the same time, there is the Al.Pacino starred in the attack on Oscar's "Scent of a Woman." Robert .According to the release rules of many rushing films, Xie arranged only 60 theaters for Scent of a Woman to get Oscar's admission ticket.

    After the Heroine of X-Files is determined. Eric's work this year has basically been completed. After attending the premiere of "Sleepless in Seattle", he has been staying in the Malibu mansion, taking a look at writing and writing scripts every day.

    Compared to Eric's relaxed and comfortable, the entire North America media is watching the first week of Sleepless in Seattle's Box Office. Because if "Sleepless in Seattle" can successfully win this week's Box Office championship, then Eric's film will really achieve the Grand Slam of the entire New Year's eight-week Box Office champion.

    Although many media are not very optimistic about the "Crazy Christmas Holiday" that Warner used to fight, but no one dares to pack 100%. Maybe this movie will create a Box Office miracle like Home Alone, after all. Although the film is not starred by children, the style has many similarities with Home Alone.

    In this anxious wait. Three days before the first weekend, Box Office was released. "Sleepless in Seattle" won the Box Office championship this weekend with 17 Million USD Box Office, and the "Crazy Christmas Holiday" Box Office has only 11 million USD, even There isn’t much Home Alone 2 that Box Office has risen because of Christmas. The outcome was decided without any suspense.

    A week later, "Sleepless in Seattle" won more than 27 million USD for the first week of Box Office, and the title "Home Alone 2" occupied the position of the Box Office. So far, Firefly successfully won the three movies. The Box Office champion for the entire New Year. The media began to operate this spontaneously. Although the first part of Home Alone won the 10-week Box Office championship last year, the movie Box Office can only be classified as a miracle. This year, Firefly won the eight-week Box Office championship through this relay, which really proved its strength.

    Although Firefly only released one "Scent of a Woman", several other movies were released by Disney and Fox. However, few of the media in the whole United States attributed this achievement to Disney, but touted Firefly. At the same time, one side down to mock the seven Film Studio.

    And it has to be said that in the "Sleepless in Seattle" won the box Office title, while several other things happened at the same time, including the "Scent of a Woman", the film's premiere theater although there are 60, but the first week to get more than 900,000 USD box office, with an average of more than 15000USD per cinema week box office, which is far more than the threshold of the 10000USD sale of movies. And the film's reputation is also very good, the media will be Al.Pacino's role as a blind lieutenant colonel is the most classic role he has ever played.

    The other thing is about the video of "An Affair to Remember". After the release of "Sleepless in Seattle", with the proper promotion of Firefly, the video of "An Affair to Remember" broke the first week of sales. The box, squeezed into the top ten positions of the video tape weekly sales. You know, this is an old movie more than 30 years ago. In the first week, "200 boxes of sales, then the next sale of 1 Million box is no problem, and may even reach the point of 2 Million box. Eric remembers the previous life "Seattle", "An Affair to Remember" videotape sales reached 2 Million boxes.

    According to the cost of less than 10USD per videotape, the 5USD profit that goes out to the distributor, Firefly can get half of the profit from each videotape with the price of 30USD. If the sales volume reaches 2 Million box, then Firefly can get it. 30 Million USD's profit. This money is equivalent to the total profit that a North America Box Office has brought to Film Studio. Many people who are unconcerned are amazed by Eric's vision. At the same time, Fox sold all the copyright executives of "An Affair to Remember" for 3"200 USD and left the Fox.

    Although outside to Firefly a piece of praise, but Eric found a lot of things more and more wrong, originally, according to the contract, Columbia should pay "Running out of Time" more than 88 million USD to Firefly, and "Frintern Et Explorer NDS should also be settled in December, but two large companies are looking for a variety of reasons to evade, Eric even went to Columbia and Fox side, but did not see two companies at the helm.

    And then, Eric let the newly appointed Firefly Finance Director Caroline.When Elliott applied for a loan from several banks with a movie contract in Firefly, in just a few days, the loan application was blocked for a variety of reasons.

    On the last day of the year, December 31, Eric was out for a day, but a few things went back to Malibu Villa, and Eric sat on the couch musing for a long time, combing through the unusual details of the period, and then he had to dial to new York Chris had a Christmas Jeffrey on the phone, and after the call, Eric said with a heavy voice: "Jeffrey, it may be a big deal …"To be continued)

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