The body of the 278th chapter

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 278th chapter, the astronomy

    Eric said on the phone about the various things that happened in the past and his own guess. Jeffrey of New York also realized the seriousness of the matter and said that he would return to Los Angeles tomorrow morning.

    Hanging up the phone, Eric sat alone in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and as the sunset sank completely into the sea, the living room without lights turned dim. Xiao Nizi did not know where the madness went. Without the instructions, the manor of the manor would not take the initiative to enter here, so only Eric was alone in the whole villa, and it seemed quiet and empty.

    I don't know how long it took, the intercom of the living room slammed, and after Eric got up and pressed the call button, the voice of the manor security came: "Mr. Williams, there is a man named Arnold.Carpenter’s people came to visit. ”

    Eric wondered: "I don't know such a person. Does the other person say what he is doing?"

    Security Road: "No, but he said that he is a 'transporter.'"

    “Speaker,” Eric whispered, whispering something quickly, and said to the security guard: “Let him come in.”

    "Okay, Mr. Williams," said the opposite, terminating the call.

    Eric opened all the lights in the living room, and the dimly lit living room quickly became as bright as white. Then Eric walked to the study.

    A few minutes later, a white man with glasses and elegant carrying a black leather bag into the door, in the bright light of the interior of the luxurious luxury decoration, issued a few low praise, although know oneself may not have such a mansion for a lifetime, but think of their own today to do things, In the mind unavoidably produce a few deformity of complacent feeling.

    The man saw no Eric figure in the living room, and he was not polite at all. He sat down on the sofa on the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the sparkling sea outside the window patiently waiting for the owner to appear.

    after awhile. Eric came out of the study and saw the strange man who had sat on the sofa, slightly frowning. But soon he returned to calm and walked over to a strange man.

    I heard footsteps. The man stood up, but did not move, standing in the same place and waiting for Eric to approach, only to reach out and introduce himself: "Hello, Mr. Williams, my name is Arnold.Carpenter. ”

    Eric reached out and shook hands with the other, but did not speak, see Arnold.Carpenter doesn't care about his own coldness. Just waiting to sit down in the field, Eric said: "Sorry, Mr. Carpenter, here is my favorite location, please sit there."

    Arnold.Carpenter's look changed, but his face soon hanged a sneer, so he stood up and said: "If you wish, Mr. Williams. ”

    Eric sat down in the position that Arnault gave up, only to look at Arnold sitting opposite.Capt said: "I heard that you are a 'speaker', then talk about your intentions."

    Arnold.Carpenter did not speak for the first time. Instead, I opened my carry-on bag and took a stack of photos from it and pushed it to Eric: "Mr. Williams. You can look at these first. ”

    Eric took a thick stack of photos and saw the first picture of Drew's squatting in his arms like a kitten, photographed at the door of Malibu Manor a few weeks ago, and Xiao Nizi glared at himself. I got to the knee that time.

    Eric's heart flashed a bit, and it turned out that he felt that he was right. It was indeed someone who was tracking and photographing himself. Well, perhaps his other feelings from these days are not wrong.

    Although she was shocked, Eric still glimpsed through the next photo, except for his "close photo" with Drew. The woman who has had contact with him has never let go, and the time span is a whole year. Even a lot of photos Eric didn't think of it at first glance and needed careful recall. In order to remember the time and place of the occurrence. And these photos are quite clever, so you can see the relationship between men and women in the photo at a glance.

    After reading the photos, Eric immediately determined that it was not related to Fox, because Murdoch had personally admitted that a reporter from News Corp.'s New York Post had tracked him for months. Moreover, even a photo of him and Nicole is in this stack of photos, but he and Elizabeth are not. If these are the handwriting of other forces, then is the relationship between the newly-famous famous director and the media tycoon daughter exposed, is it more sensational?

    However, although Fox can be seen in the photos, Eric can be sure that things are far from simple. If only the News Corps wants to use these tricks to force him to submit, the result can only be pushed to other forces, whether Murdoch or Barry Diller, can not be so stupid.

    Ejecting the photo in his hand to the coffee table in front of him, Eric looked up and stared coldly at the opposite Arnold.Carpenter: "What does this mean?"

    Arnold.Carpenter slightly evaded Eric's indifferent gaze to the freezing point and said: "Mr. Williams, this is what you know and ask. ”

    Eric voice said without a trace: "Do you think that with these little tricks, can you affect me?"

    Arnold.Carpenter said: "Can and can't, depends on my Boss. Mr. Williams, you have to understand that many of the famous characters like you in Hollywood history may be like a meteor-like scandal because of one or two scandals that are not too eye-catching. Do you need me to help me list a few? ”

    Eric sighed: "These women in the photo and I are all you want, exposed. I am the most publicly regarded as a playboy. Hollywood has a lot of playboys."

    Arnold.Carpenter sneered and sat up straight and said: "Mr. Williams, the 'public' in your mouth is the most ignorant group. What kind of people they will treat you, the key is to look at the media that control the public opinion and want them to be what you are. And the people who let me talk just control a large part of North America's media. So, these photos are enough to make you notorious. Moreover, this is only a beginning. After a small trouble, there will be more trouble waiting for you. ”

    I heard Arnold.Carpenter said such a passage, Eric flashed a glimmer of color, but he quickly covered up the emotion and said in a slightly angry tone: "Mr. Carpenter, can tell me behind you. Who is Boss, or Boss?"

    Seeing that Eric was finally irritated by himself, Arnold.Carpenter proudly said: "Mr. Williams, you are so smart, how can you guess? ”

    “Well,” Eric continued. “So, what are the conditions for them?”

    "40% of Firefly Film Studio shares," Arnold.Carpenter said this sentence as if he were an endorser, and then said: "Look, Mr. Williams, Boss who sent me to talk is not greedy at all, giving up 40% of Firefly shares, then you are still the biggest shareholder of Firefly. But if you don't agree, wait for everything to start, and then let my Boss close, the price is far more than that. ”

    Eric coldly snorted, 40% of the shares, does not seem to be greedy, but lost 40% of the shares, minus the three percent of the shares that had just been transferred to Jeffrey not long ago. Only 42% remain, although it is still the largest shareholder of Firefly, but it does not reach absolute control.

    And Robert .Although Shay can be mediocre, he has always been a very powerful person. If those people get a 40% stake, they promise to Robert.Shey, what he wants, Eric can be sure, Robert.Shee will definitely fall to the other side, at which time Eric will also lose control of Firefly.

    After the merger with the new line, Firefly, which has a film distribution channel, is still not the size of the seven giants, but it has initially developed into a prototype of film giants. Once he loses control of Firefly, Eric can be sure that he will have a hard time under the joint pressure of the seven Film Studios to develop a Film Studio with a complete distribution channel, plus the 1990s, Film Studio and Media Group. It will usher in the big trend of integration. At that time, in the face of film giants that fits with the media group, Eric will only be thrown farther and farther. Even if he can still shoot big movies, he can't have the strength to bargain with those of Film Studio, and he will eventually become a chess piece for the big group, not a player who can play the game.

    To think about this, Eric didn't want to go down with the other stranger, and went straight to the order: "Mr. Carpenter, go back and tell your Boss, want Firefly, come and get it, give it a try. Can't get it."

    Arnold.Carpenter’s expression was more smug, and he said: “Mr. Williams, my Boss has already guessed that you will be young and refusal to reject this suggestion, so he told me to tell you, you will have time to think about it tomorrow, calm down and think about it. You see, this villa is so gorgeous and extravagant. If you want to maintain everything here, the annual expenditure will not be less than 1 Million USD? ”

    Eric didn't seem to hear Arnold.Carpenter’s words are like this, referring to the door: “Mr. Carpenter, in fact, it’s very uncomfortable for you to be a stranger here, so please leave now, I’m afraid I can’t control it. Let the security guard throw you into the sea, you have to know that this is a private territory, I have the power to do so."To be continued)

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