Body Chapter 279

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 279th chapter of the storm, floating astronomy

    See Eric's appearance at any time, Arnold.Carpenter didn't wait any longer, put down a business card with a simple contact, and said: "Mr. Williams, whenever you want to talk, just call this. ”

    The last sentence is finished, Arnold.Carpenter got up and left. Eric threw the business card into the trash can, and got up and went to the study room. The recorder in the exit pocket pressed the play button, and there was a dialogue between the two people. Later, he took out the tape that had just been engraved from a machine with a monitor in the study room, opened the recorder and stuffed the tape in, and pressed the play button.

    Arnold.Carpenter’s picture sitting against the camera appears on the TV screen, and the clear picture quality makes Arnold.Carpenter's every move is complete, even if it is an ordinary person, he can roughly distinguish what the other party said from the fan's fan.

    The time of the videotape was not long. Soon after the broadcast, Eric put the recorder and videotape into the safe and locked it, and then he took a sigh of relief. At least, he would not fall into the previous life Michael.Jackson is in a situation where he can't justify his excuses.

    It’s funny to say that in general, few people install cameras in their homes, but who made the villas built according to the Iron Man mansion in memory.

    Since it is imitation, these small details cannot be forgotten. Not only the living room, but also many places in the manor have a camera that connects to his study. As long as Eric thinks, sitting in the study room, you can learn about the wind and the grass in any place in the whole manor.

    Unexpectedly, the momentary rise at that time gave him a reward that was vital to him today.

    January 1, 1990, New Year's Day.

    Jeffrey returned to Los Angeles at ten in the morning, along with Chris.Hanson, Chris has resigned from Morgan Stanley, and has been preparing Eric's investment company for this time. He heard what Eric said from his father, and Chris didn't feel relieved, and he followed José.

    After understanding the details of the matter. Instead of negotiating any solutions, the three people found that Firefly is now experiencing a lot of difficult problems. But Jeffrey and Chris have never asked Eric to compromise with those people, and finally agreed to look at the situation and see the move again.

    The New Year's Day seems to be a plain past, but it is like the last silence before the storm.

    On January 2nd, Eric got up early in the morning, letting the servant pick up today's newspaper, the headline of "Los Angeles Metropolis News", and the black and bold headline came into view.

    Eric .Williams: Hollywood's most hypocritical playboy.

    "Oh, I don't care at all."Eric glanced at a few photos on the front page, and his photo with a few women appeared on the top.

    The content of the article is even more ridiculous, and Eric’s temperament to chase beauty is all distorted on a large scale, and his life is shaped into a shameless act of Actress who can’t get a character from him without paying for meat. .

    I also read a few other newspapers, although the relatively well-known "Los Angeles Times" did not have these messages, but similar reports appeared on many newspapers in the next file.

    Since the end of the big film era, Hollywood's film industry has become more and more sound, the so-called hidden rules have no soil for survival, and the stars are no longer a member of the large field without personal freedom. There is no need to reconcile the whole land to be played by those powerful figures.

    But this does not mean that the unspoken rules have disappeared, but that everything has been placed on the bright side.

    In Hollywood, an actor wants to climb all the way. In the absence of any background backing, only pay for your own carcass. Therefore, many years later, a magazine on United States has listed dozens of success tips on how to become a star. The first thing is: no matter if you are a man or a woman, how to be a sexually oriented person, if you want to be a star, you must Always ready to provide sexual services to those who can open the way for your career.

    Of course, although this kind of thing is very common in Hollywood, most people silently abide by these rules and not destroy it. Occasionally, there are a few unwilling 'rebels' who can hardly afford any big waves.

    of course. The public is not ignorant of the situation in Hollywood, but they can see it. It has always been the most gorgeous and sunny side of Hollywood, so most of Hollywood's stars are very positive in the public mind, and everyone is happy to indulge in this glitz.

    Today, suddenly someone will be Hollywood Director Eric.After the dissent of the scan scandal between Williams and many Actress, it was widely publicized, and Eric was undoubtedly passively the 'rebel' of the Hollywood rules. Therefore, after seeing these articles, Eric’s image in the public’s mind must have plummeted. .

    Within a few hours of the launch of the new day's newspaper, Eric's mansion in Malibu was surrounded by paparazzi. Eric had originally planned to go out and saw this situation and could only stay in the manor honestly.


    In a small villa in Beverly Hills, Aniston is waving his newspaper. Some of the collapsed Nicole squatting at the table: "Why, this is why, I treat you as a good friend, but you seduce my boyfriend. , you Bitch, Drew is also a Bitch, as well, Julia.Roberts, and…"

    little girl look with excitement to the series of names on the newspaper and read it, then San Liangxia the newspaper torn splintered toward Nicole and threw him: "You are Bitch, I've had enough!"

    Nicole will look lightly flew into his own collar in the confetti come out, it said: "You say we are Bitch, What you are, if not Eric, you can get" FrInternet Explorer nds "Heroine role it Can you have the fame of today?"

    The Aniston language was stuffed and immediately said, "I am his girlfriend!"

    "so what?"Nicole looked up and said in an understatement: "Even if you are married, what about?"

    "you……"The chick pointed her finger at Nicole, bite her teeth, and then returned to her bedroom with hate, screaming and stuffing her stuff into a simple suitcase, pulling it out and taking a check at Nicole. In front: "This is my rent. Starting today, I have nothing to do with you. ”

    "Oh," Nicole took the check and looked. Then fold it up, in front of Aniston's face. The style was crammed into the bra of his chest, and he also smiled at Aniston's flattering look: "I will pay for the extra money."

    "Bitch!"Again, Aniston walked out of the suitcase.

    Nicole looked at the door of the living room and made a loud noise. He picked up a piece of newspaper scraps scattered on the table and looked at the contents. He muttered: "It’s an idiot. I didn’t even see the bastard in trouble. When you come out, you know how to be jealous."


    Aniston stuffed the suitcase into his car and just opened the small courtyard door. Before I got on the bus, I was surrounded by several paparazzi.

    "Miss Aniston, what do you think about the content on today's newspaper?"

    "Jennifer, you will talk to Mr. Did Williams break up? ”

    "Miss Aniston, you are living with Miss Nicole Kidman, does it mean that you are with her and Eric.The things between Williams have long been clear? ”


    Hearing the noise around him, Aniston irritatedly pushed a tape recorder in front of his eyes and shouted: "Take me all, from now on, I am with Eric.Williams has nothing to do with you, don't bother me anymore. ”

    The reporters faced Aniston's gaffe. More excited, what they want is this effect, if the parties show a calm look. They certainly can't get more explosive news from it.

    "Jenny, will you continue to play "FrInternet Explorer nds"?"

    "Miss Aniston, you are sure to say that you want to work with Eric.Did Williams break up? ”


    Aniston squinted and pushed the crowd, got into the car, slowly drove the car on the road, got rid of paparazzi, and made a few turns in the alleys of Los Angeles, and the mobile phone rang. After switching on, I heard my father's voice. Little girl parked the car slowly on the side of the road and finally cried out in the face of the microphone.


    "We are now at Eric.Williams is on the doorstep of the manor at the sharp corner of Malibu for your live coverage. Since the day before yesterday, Eric.The scandal between Williams and many actresses suddenly broke out, but it has been more than 72 hours since then, and the manor has closed its doors so far, Eric.Williams did not come up with any clarifications. ”

    A woman in a blue suit holding a microphone and standing outside the bustling group of reporters said to the camera, behind her, it was the backdrop of the closed gate of the manor. Although it has been three days, the storm on the newspaper still has no calming momentum. Therefore, the number of reporters at the entrance of the manor has not decreased, but has been increasing. At present, at least more than 100 people have gathered.

    "Accepted by Eric.The impact of the Williams scandal, the week that Firefly is showing in the Five movies box office has received varying degrees of influence, including "Sleepless in Seattle" was the most serious scandal, the second week box office decline more than 4 0%, only got million USD box office, three other films, the "The others", "Home Alone 2" and "Steel magnolias" box office decline also exceeded expectations, "scent The "a Woman" was least affected by the lack of a major release. And according to the data released by the relevant statistical agencies, because Eric.The impact of the Williams scandal, the total loss of Box Office after the five films will likely exceed 100 Million USD. ”

    "Accepted by Eric.Drew implicated in the Williams scandal .Barrymore, Julia.Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Virginia.The three famous actresses of Madsen are currently in a state of loss. No one has made any statement. As for whether the other party has been warned by certain forces, we have no way of knowing. And Eric.Williams's open girlfriend Jennifer Aniston announced the day with the scandal, which was announced with Eric.Williams broke up. The "FrInternet Explorer nds" copyright starring Jennifer Aniston belongs to Firefly. After the couple turned against each other, the second season of "FrInternet Explorer nds" also appeared a huge suspense. ”

    "The famous model Li who has a good performance in "Home Alone 2".In an interview with the Manhattan Morning Post reporter, Zimmerman publicly stated that Eric.Williams is a very gentle and considerate man, and many of the attacks on the young Director are completely embarrassing. So far, this is the only one in Eric's movie, for Eric.Williams defends Actress. ”

    In the Malibu mansion, Eric sat motionless on the sofa and watched the rolling news about his own news on the TV set not far away. The coffee table in front of him and the floor were covered with various newspapers.

    Drew carried a small tray with a few exquisite meals on it, carefully plunging into Eric: "Eric, do you want something to eat?"

    Eric had been staring at the TV's eyeballs and then turned around and looked out the window. There were still a few pieces of 'garbage' floating on the blue sea. I don't know when the sky was dark again.

    "Let there, I will eat later."

    Drew slammed the tray in front of him on the coffee table, and sorted out the scattered newspapers before he carefully leaned over to Eric. After getting along with Eric for a long time, Shantou was able to perceive any slight emotional changes in Eric. Now, she feels that Eric is very angry, and that kind of anger can break out at any time. Although I know that Eric will definitely not anger to himself, but the gimmick is still timid.

    Quietly sitting next to Eric for a while, Xiao Nizi said: "Eric, would you like me to find a woman?"

    "Ok?"Eric looked at the girl with a puzzled look.

    "I think, I think, you may need to vent."Drew is so fluent.

    Eric smiled bitterly: "Who are you looking for, you still don't think it's messy now."

    "or……"Xiao Nizi slowly retracted her body and squatted on the floor. She climbed to Eric's leg and reached for Eric's belt.

    Eric stopped Drew's movements, touched Xiao Nizi's furry bag head, and smiled reluctantly: "Okay, I really don't have this mood now."

    Drew, listening to Eric, stopped acting, but still leaned on Eric's lap and rubbed his cheek against Eric's thigh: "Eric, no matter what they are, I will always be yours." ”

    "You misunderstood, Drew, actually I called to not let them speak, in this case, they do not speak is the best choice." ”

    "Well," Drew, with a well-behaved hum, this time, Eric said everything was right. (To be continued)

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