Chapter 280, four summons

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 280, four summons, floating astronomy

    When the two whispered a little talk, the mobile phone on the coffee table rang. Shantou took the phone and put it in Eric's ear, and the whole person took advantage of Eric.

    Eric grabbed the little waist of the hoe and the other hand pressed the call button. The phone rang with Jeffrey's concern: "Eric, are you still okay?"

    "I'm fine, watching the fun, how is the company doing now?"Eric glanced at the news that was still playing on the TV, saying. However, the tone is inevitably somewhat reluctant. He is not the kind of iron-minded person. After such a large-scale attack, there may be no feeling. If it is not left a little bit in advance, Eric does not know what he will do now. .

    "The company's situation is still stable, but today a few unimportant small staff resigned, it is estimated that it can not stand the pressure of public opinion, I did not retain. Also, Robert tried to test me in the afternoon, which seems to make me persuade you. ”

    "I guess he has been hinted by some people, leave him alone, and do whatever he wants."

    "I understand, just tell this to you, and, when are you going to fight back, can't you let things go so far?"

    Eric paused and said: "It's not the time, right? How is the money going?"

    When Jeffrey heard the question, the tone was a bit heavy. He said: "I am dragging. I personally went to Columbia and Fox, but I didn't see any person in charge. I asked Edward. He said that if this kind of thing goes to court, although we can definitely win, it will take several months. As for the loan, Caroline contacted several banks, and Citibank had already been heart-warming. I agreed to lend us 50 Million USD, but then Disney and Fox sent out a lawyer's letter, indicating that there was a problem with our contract. Stopping Citibank's loan to us, the matter is gone. ”

    "You feel. What is their purpose in doing this? ”Eric thought about it and asked.

    Jeffrey at the other end of the line said: "I think it may be related to paying taxes. However, if there is such a problem at the time, I think that a company like Firefly, which is in good condition, the IRS will definitely agree to delay the payment of taxes. of."

    What Jeffrey can think of, Eric also thought of it. Therefore, he knows that the next storm is definitely related to money, and it is estimated that it will be a lot of money. Otherwise, several big companies will not try to stop Firefly from getting funding.

    "Jeffrey, don't think about the two money for a while, try to get Caroline to try the loan. If the domestic bank does not work, then try a foreign one. Since Citibank is willing to let go, I think there will be other banks willing to lend to us. ”

    "I know. In fact, Eric, Caroline told me that there is another way of lending, which is to mortgage your Firefly shares, so that other companies have no reason to stop. ”

    Eric didn't want to deny it: "Jeffrey, there is no room for negotiation. Our opponents are now trying every means to get Firefly shares. You can guarantee that I will take the mortgage. Can you get it back? ”

    "I mean, if it's just a small part of the mortgage. For example, 10%. ”

    "No, Jeffrey. Don't say anything about this. ”Eric went on to say: "Yes, since they are all shot, we can't be indifferent, will "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
"The production of "X-Files" stopped me, and the other party released the news," Eric paused, and then said: "FrInternet Explorer nds" may…There is no second season. ”

    The opposite Jeffrey heard Eric say so, silent for a moment, said: "Eric, or else, I went to talk to Jenny, she is estimated to be only impulsive, and now she can definitely understand your situation."

    Eric sighed and rang a few days before John.Aniston personally called and would slap his own meal and warned himself not to approach his daughter again. Eric said with a sigh of relief: "No."

    Jeffrey on the other side of the phone shook his head and said, "Well, okay, Eric, don't watch TV all day, and don't read the newspaper again. You know, those are fake. Still looking for something else to do, such as writing a script or something? ”

    Eric thought about it and said, "Would you like, let me find a band for me?"

    "The band, what are you looking for?"

    "I feel like I want to make a song."

    Jeffrey knows that Eric knows the soundtrack of some movies, and he has seen Eric's personally created episode. He has no doubts and nodded. "That, what type of band do you want?"

    Eric said: "Rock band, industrial heavy metal, find me the best."

    "amount……Ok. ”

    Say again, the two talents hung up the phone. Eric will push the little Nizi who is listening to his own ears, turn off the TV, explain a few words, and then drill into his study.

    The next day, Jeffrey gave Eric a Los Angeles best rock band, along with a whole truck of music production equipment, and sent it to Malibu's estate. For the next few days, he still waited for Eric's paparazzi. Occasionally, we can hear the vague rock music coming from the manor.

    After a week of fermenting, Eric still didn't respond, but things didn't show up. There were some banner protesters outside Malibu's manor and Firefly office building, asking Eric to announce his exit from Director. Then 'the scourge' of Hollywood. And some media that want to be fair, occasionally publish a few more sensible analysis articles on this storm, and all of them are buried by this one-sided public opinion carnival. After all, a famous genius Director is also a billion. The riches stepping into the dust is very much in line with the dark desires of many people.

    At the beginning of the new week, the storm began to escalate. Eric woke up in the morning and had not had time to eat before breakfast. She received four summonses from the Los Angeles District Court.

    Drew .Barrymore 's father , John .Barrymore jumped out and submitted a series of evidence condemning his ex-wife Adico.Jed is indifferent to her daughter, and even let her underage daughter let Eric.Williams raised a private pet and sued Eric for infringing his underage daughter while prosecuting he wanted to snatch Drew custody.

    A clerk responsible for real estate management at the Los Angeles County Government took the initiative to disclose it.Williams used illegal means such as bribery when he acquired the 14-acre public land in Malibu.

    Hollywood is a little-known little screenwriter Randy.Clapp sued Eric .The Williams movie "Running Out of Time" script is suspected of copying a police film "The Light and Dark Controversy" that he created five years ago, to Eric.Williams claims 200 Million USD.

    The newly formed Sony Film Industry also came to join in the fun, suing Eric and Columbia Film Industry for the "Running Out of Time" contract for alleged fraud, and Eric's Box Office was extremely unreasonable and undermined business rules.

    Eric .At the same time, Williams faced four lawsuits. Not only did North America, the entire Western world, all the eyes of the media focused on Eric. Things have evolved to this day, and many people are beginning to understand that the things that happen during this time are far from being as simple as they think. However, even so, most people are only concerned about the development of the situation with a look at the lively posture.

    In the sharp corner villa of Malibu, Eric and the newly arrived private lawyer Edward.Lewis discussed the four suits in front of him.

    "Eric, it's getting more and more troublesome, and you must have seen it, there must be a lot of support behind these lawsuits, so, to tell you the truth, I'm not at all sure that I can win all four lawsuits, because if they can find so many people, then judges, juries, and others, These factors are also difficult to control, after all, you are now in the extreme weak side. ”

    Eric listened to Edward's analysis quietly, and when the private lawyer finished, he said: "Edward, no matter what the outcome, as long as you do your best."

    "This is for sure," Edward.Lewis nodded, continuing: "In these four lawsuits, about" Running out of the time "plagiarism is the easiest lawsuit, I have let people find the screenwriter wrote the original story, although the" Light and dark "story indeed and" Running out of "has A bit similar, but only in general a little similar, the details of the difference is basically thousands of miles away. The other is Sony's lawsuit. The contract signed with Columbia is personally led by me. I promise that there will be no problems. As for the other two things…"Edward looked up and looked at Eric. "When I bought the land for Malibu, I did use some of that. But all of it was cash, and it was impossible to leave evidence. Moreover, even if I can finally confirm this, I will not let it be implicated in your head, you just insist that you don't know. ”

    Eric can hear that Edward is going to take things on himself and gratefully nod. "Thank you, Edward, yes, the last lawsuit, you don't have to worry too much."

    "Are you sure?"Edward glanced at Eric and said, "I just said that this lawsuit is the most dangerous. Because you are a little careless, you may lose."

    Eric shook his head confidently: "Do not worry, you will never lose."

    Edward didn't quite know the exact relationship between Eric and Xiao Nizi, but I saw no such thing as Eric said. (To be continued)

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