Body NO. 281 Chapter Board Brick

I'm Hollywood. The latest chapters, Body No. 281 chapter brick, floating astronomy

    A black business car stopped outside an apartment in Los Angeles Carr, and several burly bodyguards quickly got out of the car, separating the group of journalists who followed. Dressed in a conservative casual wear sunglasses drew out of the business car, under the preservation of bodyguards, through the crazy press group, without a word to enter the apartment, reporters although many times in order to get news, but also do not dare to break into the house in broad daylight, Can only be disappointed to wait outside the apartment.

    "Well, say, what's going on this time?" ”Walking into the apartment door and sitting down on the living room sofa, Drew took the sunglasses and looked at his mother Eddie coldly.Jed.

    I haven't seen my daughter for nearly a year, originally Edico.Gide also wanted to say a few close words, but heard that her daughter was so cold to herself, Eddie.Gideton didn't want to: "I am your mother, don't you talk to me in this tone?"

    "I ask you, what the hell is going on?"Drew suddenly stood up and threw the sunglasses in his hand on the floor, and the broken lenses splashed on the floor.

    The daughter suddenly turned to Eddie.Gide made a jump, but then he refused to show weakness: "What fire do you send me, not you and Eric.What happened to Williams. Your bastard father even sued me. Now I have to pay for the lawsuit. I tell you, you must double the compensation for this money. Otherwise, I will think that I will fight this lawsuit and let your bastard father directly take you. Take it away. ”

    "I will ask, have you received any money from others this time?"Drew asked to raise his voice.

    Eddie.Gide excitedly waved his arms and said: "What money, anyone will give me money, it is estimated that the money has given you the bastard father, I have not seen a penny, but also spend money to fight the lawsuit, but also spend money Governing the case!"

    Drew stared at his mother for a moment. Only took a check from the handbag and smashed it in the past, warning: "The money is taken, and the lawyer does not need you to ask." Just give me a shut up. Also, don't let me know what you do at sixes and sevens in your back. Otherwise, I will let you know what is the evening scene! ”

    Eddie, who stooped to pick up the check on the ground.Gide heard her daughter say this, just wanted to refute, but when she looked down on the amount on the check, she immediately closed her mouth, and the angry expression on her face became stiff and quickly turned away, bringing a bit of ruthlessness. Unwilling to please. I opened my mouth and didn't know what to say for a while.

    Drew also didn't pay attention to Eddie.Jid, a middle-aged maid who was hiding in the kitchen and looking at the living room mother and daughter, said: "Ms. Martha, go and sort out my room, I have to stay here for a while."

    "No problem, Miss Drew," the maid said, and quickly went out of the kitchen and went upstairs.

    Drew and other maids disappeared at the corner of the stairs, only to Edico.Gide said again: "This time, you are not allowed to attend any party or party at sixes and sevens. Don't accept invitations from strangers, and don't bring men back. ”

    "I am your mother!"Eddie.Gide couldn't help but rebut.

    Drew immediately reached out and said, "Return the check to me."

    Eddie.Gide subconsciously took a step back. I put the check into my pocket and asked me twice: "How long?"

    "Wait the past," Drew said, and went to the door and told the bodyguard to move his baggage in, and Adico.Jide was hanging in the living room and went to the floor from the ground up.

    In United States, the number of cases in which civil proceedings entered the final trial process was very rare, and more than 90% of the cases were settled before the final trial. Eric's team of lawyers personally contacted John for the first time in the case of Drew's father suing Eric.Barrymore attempted to reconcile. However, the other party directly issued a compensation of up to 10 Million USD, which is no different from extortion. Eric's attorney, Edward.Lewis and John.Barrymore made some private negotiations. But the other party was not willing to make concessions at all, and finally had to go to court.

    On the 16th of January, the third week of the storm began, media public opinion was still using a variety of negative information to smear Eric, and at the same time, John.Barrymore sued his ex-wife Adico.Gide and the famous Director Eric.The Williams case also opened for the first time. Early in the morning, the number of journalists outside Eric's Malibu Point Estate increased to more than 300, and the number of journalists at the entrance to the Los Angeles High Court was no less than that.

    Drew and his mother took a business car and arrived outside the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. Just getting off the bus, they were surrounded by reporters who swarmed.

    Almost at the same time, Drew's father, who often appeared in the media with a heartbreaking father during this time.Barrymore also arrived at the same time. The reporters who saw this scene seemed to have some hints, and they were consciously at Drew and John.There is a way to go between Barrymore.

    Drew got out of the car, carrying a seemingly heavy bag and smiling straight through the crowd, heading towards John in a flash.Barrymore walked.

    John .Barrymore didn't expect her daughter to take the initiative. Although he showed a kind of kindness to his daughter in the media, he didn't have much closeness to the girl with this baby face.

    Of course, when the daughter took the initiative to come over, John.Of course Barrymore couldn't make any reaction, think about it, John.Barrymore showed a gentle smile and came to Drew at the same time, seeming to want to give her daughter a warm hug.

    Seeing this scene, the flashing lights of reporters around it are even more urgent. These reporters pay more attention to this storm than the general public. Therefore, they also have a deep understanding of the inside story of this lawsuit. Many people are keenly aware of this situation. To, Drew.Barrymore may have fallen to his father's side, in this case, the lawsuit Eric.Williams will lose no doubt.

    The father and the daughter walked to a distance of about one meter, John.Barrymore smiled and opened his arms, trying to give his daughter a hug. After all, this gesture still has to be done.

    Drew stared at his father with a slight smile on his head. The smile on his face became more and more weird. One hand reached into the bag, and after stepping forward, he quickly pulled out a red plate from the bag, at John.Barrymore was unrelentingly photographed in front of the man's face.


    A muffled sound accompanied by a pronounced crack in the bones, and the slabs of bricks shattered and slammed into the ground. (To be continued)

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