The ultimatum of Chapter 283 of the main text

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the ultimatum of the 283th chapter of the text, floating astronomy

    "Robert, speaking, it’s been half a year since we first met."

    Robert .Shey put down the coffee cup and looked at Eric and nodded. "Almost."

    “Remember the conversation we met for the first time?”

    Robert looked up: "At the time we should have said a lot, what do you mean?"

    Eric didn't care about Robert .Shay’s confession reminded me: “I told you that there is not much time left for us.”

    Robert .Xie looked out at the seascape outside the window, silenced it, and bowed his head and picked up the coffee cup again.

    Eric continued: "I said at the time that the merger trend of Media Group and Film Studio has already begun. If we do not seize the opportunity of this last few years, then we will completely lose the growth and development of this merger trend. Opportunities can only become a vassal of several major media groups in the future."

    Robert .Shea is still silent.

    Eric sighed a little and there was something he couldn't do with Robert.Shay said that in memory, 20 years later, more than 90% of North America's media channels are controlled by the six major media giants. If this happened twenty years later, Eric basically has no room for rebellion. compromise.

    But now it's different. Now that the United States media is not highly monopolized, it is in the hands of more than 50 large and small media companies. Therefore, even if all the media resources in the hands of several major studios are brought together, the channel of public opinion control can't be more than one-third. Although this storm seems to be raging, in addition to the media that dominate the paradox, Some of them just follow the tide, seeing the wind and the rudder.

    So Eric doesn't have the power to fight back, just. He has been waiting, waiting for his enemies to see the poor and show the last weapon. He can fight back. This time, the four lawsuits will once again hit his prestige. Like a scandal at first, will not cause a fundamental injury to him, after all, although he is now a public figure, but also not purely rely on the celebrity to eat public figures, even if it is because of the storm so that he can not pick up the guide tube in a short time, but he could still use other means to dominate the production of films

    So everything he does now. It’s all about keeping Firefly.

    Firefly is like his own city. As long as he has this foundation, he can develop his strength and attack the city. Once he loses Firefly, he can't show his skills even if he has the skills. He can only mention others at most. The city pool takes care of the affairs and can never do the master.

    Both men were silent for a while , Robert .Xie Yi first said: "Eric, I heard that in order to calm down this time. You may have to use a lot of money? ”

    "Alright," Eric nodded, slightly guessing Robert.Shay’s intentions.

    Robert .Shay did not let Eric wait. Just said: "The 60Million USD that you paid me last time, plus the dividends for the new line at the end of the year, although I spent a portion of my investment, I still can get almost 60Million USD."

    This time it was Eric's turn to silence, 60Million, not much, and quite a lot.

    "Eric, 15% is too little, which makes me feel less secure. I think at least 25%. ”

    Eric lowered his head. Looking at the three palm lines of his palm without saying a word.

    Which one is the business line?

    It must be the longest one.

    Thinking for a while, Eric finally looked up. To Robert .Xie Yidao: "I promise you."

    The two talked about the specific details, Robert.Xie Yi left with satisfaction.

    Waiting for Robert.When Shea left, Eric sighed in disappointment. He originally wanted to incorporate Pixar Studio and the film Film Industry, which has a lot of previous life hot film adaptation rights, into Firefly. However, it seems that it is still not the case. Do as well.

    Because John.Barrymore was injured, the trial of this case can only be postponed until one week later, and in the other three cases, Eric did not have to appear in person and handed it over to his own lawyers.

    However, although he tried to avoid this time in the public view, but one thing, he had to play.

    On January 20th, the 47th United States TV movie Golden Globe Award was held at the Los Angeles Hollywood Hilton Hotel.

    Firefly received a total of 11 nominations for "Pretty Woman", "Running Out of Time", "Steel Magnolias" and "The Others" and "FrInternet Explorer nds" as TV serInternet Explorer s, which involved Eric himself. There are two best screenwriter awards for "Running Out of Time" and "The Others". The Golden Globe Award is not the best Director, or Eric can at least get another nomination.

    If it weren't for this storm, Eric, who won two nominations at the same ceremony as a child under the age of twenty, will undoubtedly become the most beautiful one on red carpet. Although Eric also considered absenteeing the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, doing so would mean showing weakness to the enemies behind him, and Eric finally slammed his head on the red carpet.

    This time, Eric didn't bring any female companions, but was alone.

    After the media interview area, Eric stopped to show a confident smile, letting the flash lightly illuminate.

    "Eric, Eric, can you say a few words?"A reporter shouted at this time.

    Eric laughed undecided, neither agreeing nor denying it. If the other person asks something that is difficult to answer, Eric makes up his mind and leaves.

    "Eric, you haven't shown up during this time, so what are you doing in the Malibu Manor, are you preparing a new script?"

    Eric squatted and couldn't think of the other person's question. Now, in this situation, he still has any mood to think about script. However, since the issue is not too sharp, Eric replied: "I just signed up for a music company and may release a single during a while."

    "Eric, can you first disclose the subject of the single?"

    "Mr. Williams, what is the name of the music company? ”

    "Eric, are you going to give up the film and switch to music?"

    Eric didn't plan to answer the question again, was about to leave, and heard the last question. Still turned a blind eye: "Just playing tickets, my main energy will always be on the film."

    After saying this, Eric no longer pays attention to these reporters. Go straight to the end of red carpet.

    Compared to last year, Eric's achievements this year are even more dizzying. But the number of people who came to say hello was obviously a lot less, and most of them were men who knew him. As for the actresses who were present, except Julia, Virginia and Nicole, according to Eric’s prior instructions, they nodded to him. Other actresses scruples about Eric's current reputation, and none of them dared to join Eric.

    Eric didn't care too much, and it was everyone's Basic Instinct.

    Waiting period. Red carpet is still appearing in succession.

    About a dozen minutes later, in the cheers of a movie fan, Eric saw Aniston wearing a white tube top dress coming over and posing for a while in the media area, and came to the rest area.

    The two men’s eyes were unanimously encountered. The reporters who noticed the situation also raised the camera and looked forward to the news of the couple who broke up.

    "Jenny…"Eric didn't move, shouted, and Eric tried to contact Aniston more than once. But the chick seems to be determined this time, and he has never taken any calls from him. The letters sent have not responded. The flowers sent were also returned.

    Aniston's gaze was only heard in Eric's face for less than two seconds, and he quickly turned away and walked in the opposite direction to Eric.

    Eric sighed and didn't dare to get together on this occasion. He didn't care too much about his reputation, but for Aniston.

    During this time, because Aniston had a relationship with him on the day of the incident, only a few of the close-knit women had to be attacked by Aniston. If this time he will get together. If the two people are suspected of compounding, they will definitely bring trouble to the little girl.

    "Eric. Are you OK? ”Notice Eric's low look and Jonathan standing next to him.Demme said comfortably.

    Eric shook his head: "It's okay."

    Tom on the other side.Hanks also said at the moment: "Eric. I believe that everything will pass. ”

    "This is of course."Eric smiled confidently.


    In the ceremony hall, Eric sat at the table "The Others". Because this table was arranged later, Eric would feel comfortable and would not cause much attention.

    Of course, the world will never be around someone rotating, therefore, Eric is suffering from this storm, the slightest impact on this session of the Golden Globe Award lively atmosphere, perhaps is what the prior orders, this session of the moderator did not make fun of Eric, Eric's name was not even mentioned throughout the presentation, and the camera rarely swept the table where Eric was sitting.

    Eric is also gradually realizing that this is someone who intends to deal with himself cold. Well, although the Firefly-related movie TV serInternet Explorer s got 11 nominations this evening, it certainly won't get any heavyweight awards.

    Things really are as Eric expected, because the "Scent of a Woman" release time missed the Golden Globe Award nomination, so the more important ones such as "Pretty Woman" music comedy best film and "Steel Magnolias" plot best film , without exception, spend the rest of the family. The two best screenwriter nominations related to Eric were all lost. Even the most likely, the previous nominations of the previous life Julia have won nothing, not to mention the best Heroine nominations that Virginia has won with The Others, and there is no suspense. An Eric has no memory of the "Baker Brothers" Heroine Michel.Pfeiffer.

    At the end of the development, Eric had no hope that all 11 nominations would be lost. However, when it was the turn of TV Ser Internet Explorers, the best comedy in the musical comedy series, Aniston unexpectedly won the best Heroine.

    Looking at the podium with a faint surprise saying that there is no mention of his award-winning chick, Eric's mouth is a sneer, what is this, is it to warn the women who are close to me, as long as Eric.Will Williams break the award and win the award?

    After two hours of awards, Eric did not intend to attend the party. Just about to leave, a strange waiter handed an envelope to his hand.

    Eric took the car back to Malibu Manor before he unpacked the envelope.

    There is only one piece of paper inside. There is a series of numbers written on it, 19900201.

    Very well resolved. It means February 1, 1990.

    Eric didn't have to think about it, he knew that this was the ultimatum that the manipulator behind him had given him.

    It’s really unbearable, Eric thought, previous life Michael.Jackson has been attacked by the media for three months. It’s only a month, and the spirit has not yet collapsed. Is it necessary to make a 'killer'?

    Think of Michael .Jackson. Eric couldn't help but discover his own experience and previous life Michael.Jackson has many similarities.

    Michael .Jackson suffered such a large-scale attack in 1993, not only because of his black identity, but also because he was from the original signing singer status, jumped to the position of Sony record Boss, not only got Sony record 50 % of the shares, the hands of the famous Superstar songs such as the Beatles, Elvis Presley, etc.

    In the 1990s, the record industry was still prosperous, and the value of these songs alone was more than 1 Billion USD, not to mention the 50% stake in Sony Records.

    And all of this. It’s an unbearable thing for the giants of the recording industry and the Western world dominated by whites.

    So, after a storm of overwhelming. Michael .Jackson began to quiet.

    More than a decade later, in 2009, Michael.Jackson is 50 years old and plans to host 50 world tour concerts to commemorate. Many people thought that the 50-year-old pop musician would certainly not be as beautiful as before, but things are not as many people imagined, totaling more than 7"50 concert tickets, after starting the booking. In just a few hours, it was swept away by fans all over the world. It turns out. The Emperor superstar is still the Emperor superstar.

    So, a few days before the start of the 50 concerts. A generation of emperor superstar died inexplicably.

    Thinking of this, Eric couldn't help but chill, thanking himself for not being born again to a black man. Therefore, although he is now being squeezed out by several giants, he has not been discriminated against by the public.

    After the Golden Globe Award, Eric and Robert.Shea signed a contract to transfer the 10% stake in Firefly again, and directly to Robert.The 60Million USD cash paid by Shay was credited to the investment company account in New York.

    Although both Jeffrey and Chris disagreed, I hope Eric will leave a cash for the unexpected, but Eric is determined to ask Chris to use the 60Million USD plus the 10 Million USD that has been received before. 70 Million USD cash, fully win as many shares of Cisco as possible.

    Before this storm, Eric had never been too valued about money. He felt that as long as he developed steadily and steadily, he would definitely step into the peak step by step in the future.

    But after the storm, Eric discovered that money is the most important thing in this world of capital. It is like a talisman. If Eric was a billionaire with a number of Billion USD properties, even if he was younger. Now these people do not dare to attack him like this.

    As time went by, and every day endured the newspaper of the media, Eric was able to hear the good news, because most of the investment agencies were not very bullish on Cisco's prospects, and Cisco's current market capitalisation was only million USD, so under Chris ' price offensive , some investors who have already decided to buy Cisco shares have transferred their subscription shares.

    The share of the stock from the beginning of 7%, a sum of increase, at the end of January, million USD all spent, a total of 23% of Cisco's shares, although according to Cisco million USD market capitalisation, million to get 23% of the stake is simply a loss, but, The value of the stake would have been astronomical, according to the market capitalisation of Cisco's Peak 500Billion USD.

    Of course, Eric also knows that with the growth of Cisco, this stock will certainly be gradually diluted, but as long as it can maintain about 10% of the shares, it will still be a huge asset in the future.

    At the same time that Chris had spent all 70 Million USD, February 1st finally arrived, and the four lawsuits were still entangled at the same time. The Los Angeles branch of the Federal Trade Commission's Federal Trade Commission, United States' antitrust investigation agency, held a press conference announcing that it would investigate the monopolistic behavior of Firefly and the joint elite Brokerage Firm (uta).

    When the news came out, the public opinion was lost again. A variety of analyses quickly appeared in the newspapers.

    In the Malibu Manor, Edward.Lewis walked into the living room in a hurry. Sitting down opposite Eric, there are already a few people in the living room, Jeffrey, Robert.Sheikh and uta CEO Kapoor.Sid is here.

    "Edward, let's talk about the situation first?"Eric personally gave Edward .Lewis poured a cup of coffee and said.

    Edward drank the coffee, then took out a stack of thick papers on the coffee table and took one of them and said, "Eric. This is roughly the case. The Federal Trade Commissioner has begun investigating and collecting evidence for Firefly and uta. Once convicted, you may face huge fines in addition to all the shares of uta. ”

    "What is the penalty for this?"Eric asked himself what he was most concerned about. Columbia and Fox joined forces to owe a huge share of Firefly. Eric realized that the final killer must be related to money.

    Edward .Lewis found another document: "According to the provisions of the anti-monopoly law, under normal circumstances, it is based on 20% of the income generated by illegal enterprises due to monopolistic behavior. But this number is not fixed. And the flexibility is quite large, and if you do, you don't even have to pay a penny. Just transfer the uta shares in your hand, but if…"

    "Edward, sorry to interrupt you, you know, we all have a little knowledge of the relevant laws, so you directly say that I may have to pay how much fine."

    "Amount, okay," Edward.Lewis said: "According to the violations of Firefly and uta. You may have to pay a fine of up to 100 Million USD 60 million. ”

    Eric made a jump: "How could it be so much, uta's profit today is only a few million?"

    Edward explained: "Eric. Things are not your algorithm, you should combine uta and Firefly together. Because uta and Firefly are both your own industries. And I used to be from Caroline.Ms. Eliot got some information, and your total account this year has reached more than 400 million USD. In addition, the five movies that are still being released may bring in income, because the violations of uta and Firefly are not serious, so there is no possibility of increase in the base amount of 20%. Therefore, the sum is down, you have to pay. The fine will probably reach up to 160 million. ”

    Eric groaned and asked: "How long is the time limit for fines imposed?"

    Edward knew what Eric was asking, and said, "in the present case, this lawsuit will not be more than three months, and after that, you have three months to pay the fine, by the way, Eric, I just stressed to you, 160 million USD is just the worst possible, in fact, In general, this fine will be far below this number, not even pay. ”

    “For half a year,” Eric whispered to himself. He didn’t ask Edward what would happen if he didn’t pay the fine at the expiration. Obviously, nothing more than an asset freeze and then an auction. What is his asset, and only Firefly.

    Moreover, although the profits of these films at the end of the year may far exceed 160 million USD, Eric can be sure that after the film is down, he will not be able to get the money except for the lawsuit. And after winning the lawsuit, the estimated half a year has passed.

    Since things are irreparable, Eric is no longer suffering, and said to a few people around him: "Since this is the case, we should fight back."

    Jeffrey had long since sighed because Eric lacked trust in others, so at the current location, only Jeffrey knew what he had left before: "Eric, what do we need to do, even if we say that?" "To be continued)

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