The text of Chapter 284 is poor.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 284 is poor, floating astronomy

    So, a few days before the start of the 50-character concert, the generation of Emperor superstar died inexplicably.

    Thinking of this, Eric couldn't help but chill, thanking himself for not being born again to a black man. Therefore, although he is now being squeezed out by several giants, he has not been discriminated against by the public.

    After the Golden Globe Award, Eric and Robert.Shea signed a contract to transfer the 10% stake in Firefly again, and directly to Robert.The 60Million USD cash paid by Shay was credited to the investment company account in New York.

    Although both Jeffrey and Chris disagreed, I hope Eric will leave a cash for the unexpected, but Eric is determined to ask Chris to use the 60Million USD plus the 10 Million USD that has been received before. 70 Million USD cash, fully win as many shares of Cisco as possible.

    Before this storm, Eric had never been too valued about money. He felt that as long as he developed steadily and steadily, he would definitely step into the peak step by step in the future.

    But after the storm, Eric discovered that money is the most important thing in this world of capital. It is like a talisman. If Eric was a billionaire with a number of Billion USD properties, even if he was younger. Now these people do not dare to attack him like this.

    As time went by, and every day endured the newspaper of the media, Eric was able to hear the good news, because most of the investment agencies were not very bullish on Cisco's prospects, and Cisco's current market capitalisation was only million USD, so under Chris ' price offensive , some investors who have already decided to buy Cisco shares have transferred their subscription shares.

    The share of the stock that comes to hand is 7% from the beginning. A sum of money was added, and at the end of January, 70 Million USD was all spent. A total of 23% of Cisco's shares, although according to the market value of Cisco 225 Million USD. 70 Million's 23% stake is a big loss, but if you calculate the market value of 500Billion USD at the peak of Cisco's peak period, the value of this equity will be an astronomical figure.

    Of course, Eric also knows that with the growth of Cisco, this stock will certainly be gradually diluted, but as long as it can maintain about 10% of the shares, it will still be a huge asset in the future.

    At the same time that Chris will spend all 70 Million USD. February 1st is finally here, and the four lawsuits are still entangled. At the same time, United States' antitrust investigation agency, the Federal Trade Commission's Los Angeles branch, held a press conference, claiming that it would be suspected of Firefly and the joint elite Brokerage Firm (uta). The monopolistic behavior was investigated.

    When the news came out, the public opinion was once again stunned, and various analyses appeared soon in the newspaper.

    In the Malibu Manor, Edward.Lewis walked into the living room in a hurry and sat down opposite Eric, who had already done several people in the living room, Jeffrey. Robert .Sheikh and uta CEO Kapoor.Sid is here.

    "Edward, let's talk about the situation first?"Eric personally gave Edward .Lewis poured a cup of coffee and said.

    Edward drank the coffee. Then I took out a stack of thick documents and put them on the coffee table. I took out one of them and said: "Eric, roughly like this, the Federal Trade Commission has begun to investigate and collect evidence for Firefly and uta. Once the crime is convicted, then In addition to all the shares you want to take out, you may face huge fines."

    "What is the penalty for this?"Eric asked himself what he was most concerned about, and Columbia and Fox joined forces to owe a huge share of Firefly. Eric realized that the final killer must be related to money.

    Edward .Lewis found another document: "According to the provisions of the anti-monopoly law, under normal circumstances. It is based on 20% of the income generated by the illegal enterprise due to the monopolistic behavior. But this number is not fixed, and the elasticity is quite large. If you do it well, you don't even have to pay a penny fine, just transfer the uta shares in your hand, but if…"

    "Edward, sorry to interrupt you, you know, we all have a little knowledge of the relevant laws, so you directly say that I may have to pay how much fine."

    "Amount, okay," Edward.Lewis said: "According to Firefly and uta violations, you may have to pay a fine of up to 100 Million of 60 million USD."

    Eric made a jump: "How could it be so much, uta's profit today is only a few million?"

    Edward explained: "Eric, it's not your algorithm. You should combine uta and Firefly, because both uta and Firefly are your own industry. And I used to be from Caroline.Ms. Eliot got some information, and your total account this year has reached more than 400 million USD. In addition, the five movies that are still being released may bring in income, because the violations of uta and Firefly are not serious, so there is no possibility of increase in the base amount of 20%. Therefore, the sum is down, you have to pay. The fine will probably reach up to 160 million. ”

    Eric groaned and asked: "How long is the time limit for fines imposed?"

    Edward knows what Eric is asking, saying: "According to the current situation, this lawsuit will not last more than three months, and then you have three months to pay the fine, right, Eric, I just emphasized to you. The 160 million USD is only the worst possibility. In fact, in general, the fine will be much lower than this figure, even without paying."

    “For half a year,” Eric whispered to himself. He didn’t ask Edward what would happen if he didn’t pay the fine at the expiration. Obviously, nothing more than an asset freeze and then an auction. What is his asset, and only Firefly.

    Moreover, although the profits of these films at the end of the year may far exceed 160 million USD, Eric can be sure that after the film is down, he will not be able to get the money except for the lawsuit. And after winning the lawsuit, the estimated half a year has passed.

    Since things are irreparable, Eric is no longer suffering, and said to a few people around him: "Since this is the case, we should fight back."

    Jeffrey had long since sighed because Eric lacked trust in others, so at the current location, only Jeffrey knew what he had left before: "Eric, what do we need to do, even if we say that?" "To be continued)

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