Body Chapter 285 New Territories Point

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 285th chapter of the new world, floating astronomy

    Since the announcement of the video and the reversal of the public opinion, North America’s local media has just begun to take such a slap in the face, while the United Kingdom media on the other side of the Atlantic, including several United Kingdom newspapers controlled by News Corporation, have no luck. The land changed its position and supported Eric on one side. As for the reason, of course, the identity of Eric United Kingdom, at least, the United Kingdom media thinks so, just as long as the actress from United Kingdom becomes famous in Hollywood, regardless of whether the actress joins United States citizenship, The United Kingdom is called the English Rose.

    Eric, a Hollywood Director who grew up in United Kingdom London to eight years old and still retains United Kingdom citizenship and created a series of Box Office miracles, certainly became the pride of the United Kingdom population before the storm. Several films directed by Eric can be seen in the Box Office of the United Kingdom.

    Therefore, after the storm began, the United Kingdom media also followed the wind to Eric to carry out a series of attacks, but most of the media used to see their own children do not live up to the hatred of iron.

    Now, I thought that my family's 'children' had fallen, but the facts proved that this was actually framed by others. The emotions of the United Kingdom media can be imagined.

    On the day the video was released, United Kingdom's famous Guardian published an article on the front page of the headline, categorizing Eric's attacks during this time as 'the most serious public persecution at the end of the 20th century'.

    "Eric.In just one year, Williams has left a series of classics for the world's film industry, which is very rare in the history of the world's movies. His "Home Alone" series brings laughter to children around the world. His "Pretty Woman" and "Sleepless in Seattle" bring love to young men and women, his "Running Out of Time" Let us experience a sinister confrontation. His "The Others" made us realize that the horror film is still chilling without plasma and violence…

    It is such a talented young man who has suffered a series of people because of his miraculous rise. It is the most serious public opinion persecution in the 20th century. If we carefully study it, we will find out. For more than a month, the media has been about Eric.Williams's series of scandals are basically unfounded and unmade based on a few photographs taken by the wind, and Eric.The several lawsuits that Williams is being subjected to are also completely manipulated by the people behind them. It is hard to imagine that in the United States, a country that always clamors for freedom above all else, its news public opinion will be manipulated to such an unrestrained state, which has to be said to be ironic. ”

    After the publication of the Guardian article. The argument that Eric is suffering from the '20th century's most serious public opinion persecution' was quickly recognized by many countries outside the United States and quickly returned to North America.

    Most of the United States media, which was originally just drifting, quickly accepted this view. At the same time, she began to clean herself and defended Eric.

    However, after the reversal of this storm, the most violent reaction was not the media, but the ordinary people. Throughout the ages, countless historical facts have proved a truth, that is, the group that the people are most likely to be fooled. But it is also the most undisciplined group. And in the video, Arnold.Carpenter’s remarks are undoubtedly a huge challenge to the United States people who have always pursued freedom and transparency.

    So, just three days. Through Eric's fan organizations scattered across North America, in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and other United States more than 10 major cities, Eric has appeared, asking the federal government to On the investigation of the persecution of the group, although the number of people in each city is not much, even Hollywood's base in Los Angeles, the participation of the demonstration fans are less than 2000 people, but the scope of the United States almost all important cities, even the most stupid people. I also know that if the federal government ignores this, it will definitely expand. Finally, it is difficult to control.

    Eric was in this storm when the federal government was still discussing countermeasures urgently. After almost a complete loss of voice for more than a month, it was a statement that it would publish its first single on the day of February 14th, and on the day of the sentiment, to respond to the storm. At the same time, all proceeds from the subsequent release of the single will be donated to North America's Legal Aid Foundation to help disadvantaged groups.

    Responding to the injustice of one's encounter with a song has never happened. When it comes to novelty, whether it is Eric's fans or not, it is expected to be greatly anticipated. The North Carolina's major Record Company, which was keenly aware of the business opportunity, all contacted Eric in the first time and requested the agent to release the single on the most favorable terms.

    And the federal government, which seems to be aware of what, officially held a press conference on February 13th, claiming that a special investigation team will be set up for Eric.Williams has thoroughly investigated a series of attacks during this time.

    On February 14th, the festival of American couples was carnival, but this evening, many cities in North America, the couples who went out to go shopping and watch movies seemed to be a lot less. Many people found the radio that had been thrown into the storage room. After some debugging, I found the channel I wanted. Of course, there are a lot of people without a recorder, therefore, on this day, originally because of the popularity of TV, has sold a dismal tape recorder appeared a high tide, a lot of stores in the reserve of the tape recorder was even dispelled, afterwards, after some good media incomplete statistics, the day of the U.S. audio recorder sales more than 2.6 million units , far more than the annual Super Bowl produced by the television sales of millions of records.

    A busy day in a villa in Beverly Hills.Eisner finally got home, since Eric exposed the video, Michael.Eisner was keenly aware that for more than a month, he and several other film giants have made a series of actions against Eric, and they will all fail. Moreover, as the initiator and the main executor of this event, after the emergence of Eric's demonstrators in major cities across the United States, Michael.Eisner had to personally clear a series of evidence from previous actions, and in order to give the federal government an account, he had specially arranged several newspapers as scapegoats.

    Sitting on the sofa in the living room and resting for a while, Michael.Eisner looked at his watch and whispered his maid, got a radio, and silently entered the study.

    At the same time, countless people throughout North America made the same behavior almost before 8 pm.

    At eight o'clock, a public music show on the Federal Public Radio officially began.

    "Hey, everyone, I am a good friend of everyone, Matthew.Lacede, as a radio host, I am sure that today, when everyone is turning their attention to the TV screen, today will definitely be the day of the most listeners in my career. You may not know that from the time I went to work, I have listened to a song more than 20 times in more than two hours now. The kind of crying that is blood boiling is estimated to be the most heard in my life. Exciting tunes. Wow, wow, my boss is smearing my neck across the glass. Well, in order not to be fired, I’m finally saying a word, here is the public music radio’s “Music Paradise” show, I am the host Matthew. .Lacede, let's listen to the famous Director Eric.Williams brought us the new song "new-divide". ”

    The host voice fell, after a short silence, as if by far and near the drums sounded, then a series of rapid music drums guitar sound, more and more high tone, with a sense of the power of the shocking, the prelude lasted for half a minute more than a clock, the song has not sounded, Before the radio, countless people felt a chord and tremor from the depths of the soul.

    It seems that Michael has not experienced this feeling for a long time.Eisner sat in his study chair, and the fingers on the desk unconsciously tapped the table with the tune of the radio, but quickly froze, although there were no other people in the study, Michael.Eisner's face still showed a trace of embarrassment and embarrassment.

    But the music in the radio was not because of Michael.Eisner's reaction changed and Eric's voice quickly came out of the radio.

    * I remember that the sky was over the sky, thunder and lightning.

    *I remember every moment at that time, before forgetting

    * When the doom appears

    * escaping from the fate of fate

    *Your voice flashed, saying that I deserved my sin

    *That gives me a reason to prove my fault.


    Michael .Eisner changed his position on the executive chair, pretending to sneer a sneer in the corner of his mouth, muttering: "Is this a complaint?" It’s naive. ”

    Even so, Michael.Eisner's face is no longer ridiculous. As a CEO of Film Studio, he realizes that the spread of this rock will bring more help to Eric, who is now in an advantageous position. Therefore, Michael.Eisner couldn't help but start to sort out whether he still had the first and last cleanliness, and if there were any handles in the hands of others, he was a qualified businessman, and things could not be done, Michael.Eisner naturally feels that it should continue to work with Eric. After all, the benefits are the first. (To be continued)

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