Chapter 286 of the main body

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 286, provoking astronomy

    Beverly Hills Another villa in the house, John.Aniston a round in front of her daughter's door, want to knock on the door, but eventually lost and turned away, the other side of the door, little girl holding his legs curled up in bed, chin knee, silent listening to the radio as the cage trapped Beast revealed a strong and ambitious cry, The eyes do not blink, do not know what to write. +

    After the storm began, after several disputes with his father, there was no fruit, Elizabeth.Murdoch moved directly to Los Angeles and lived with Julia. Although the two girls pretended to be indifferent, but after the radio on the coffee table in the living room, the tune of "new-divide", the two were still At a glance, Julia silently reached out and jumped the radio to the maximum.

    Nicole is making a small cake in the kitchen, wearing big headphones on her head, wearing a simple shirt and jeans, a small radio on her waist, gently swinging her body with the tune inside, holding a hand in her hand. In a large bowl, use a blender to stir the ingredients in the bowl.

    Nicole had a short-term worry after the storm, but when Eric personally called and told her not to make any noise during this time, Nicole let go of her mind and usually did what she was supposed to do. She thinks, how can such a wicked man not be able to pass, and the tone of his call is full of confidence.

    Moreover, he is now single, and she feels that she must of course fight for it, even though he is so bad.

    Drew turned off the home audio sound connected to the radio, and the deafening sound sounded over a few tens of meters from the small apartment. It took more than a minute. A white fat man in the neighbor's house jumped out with anger. Shouting at the window that opened in Drew's room.

    "Touch ther**er. Get out of the way, don't affect the aunt's grandmother listening to the song," Drew heard the fat voice of the fat man, directly picked up an apple on the table and threw it out, and also pointed the middle finger at the fat man.

    The fat man faced Drew's imposing appearance, and his heart showed a hint of coziness, but soon he said: "Drew, don't think you are a star. If you don't turn down the sound again, I will call 911 to harass the people. ”

    "Come on, the aging mother's relatives have just withdrawn the lawsuit, my lawsuit has not been enough, just to come with you again, and more to prepare for legal fees," Drew will poke out of the window and lose again. An apple went out and just squatted on the head of the fat man.

    "you……It’s too unreasonable,” said the fat man, sulking his head and screaming.

    "How much is a pound. You sell it to me, don't give it to me. ”

    Seeing that the girl is so embarrassed. Some other neighbors who wanted to go to the previous theory also shrank back. The fat man stood in his home and snorted and gasped for a few breaths. He was about to continue to yell, but he saw Drew’s hands and did not know when he had a red plate. Bricks, glaring at yourself, a look that you will squat on me.

    The fat man, however, saw the violent picture of this crazy girl shooting his own father on the newspaper. He closed his mouth and took a few steps back and retracted into his house.

    Put the bricks in the hands, put the hoe back into the bedroom, and the song came to the end.


    *Pave the road open and let the pain converge

    * Cross new boundaries and reach the other side of truth

    *In the dark, the ash is like a snow flake

    *Between you and me, you have fallen into the sky

    *This day, I declare war on the whole world.


    "on-this-day, i-declared-war-on-the-world…"Shantou followed the beat and swayed the voluptuous waist, followed by a sigh, although the small face swelled red, but because of the five-tone incomplete, it sounded terrible, the song is finally over, named Matthew.The voice of the host of Lacede sounded again, Drew reached out and turned off the recorder and the stereo, then picked up the phone from the bed and dialed to the sharp corner of Malibu.

    After the connection, Shantou did not look like a little lion when he was just confronted with the fat man. It instantly became a docile cat, with soft voice and a bit of grievance: "Eric, just another neighbor bullied me. ……"

    In Malibu's mansion, several people in Eric's living room made a slight gesture, and then said to the phone at the end of the phone: "You don't bully others, thank you very much…Ok……no problem……I know I know……"

    After more than ten minutes, Eric hung up and sighed at the same time.

    Because of the reversal of the Wind, originally, Eric received four lawsuits, of which Drew's father and the prosecution of their own plagiarism screenwriter directly withdrew the lawsuit, discerning people can see, affirmation of the two behind the forces understand the situation now, know that things can not be abandoned to two people support, The prosecution of the illegal means of obtaining Malibu's sharp-angled land was not withdrawn, but Edward came to the news that it would be delayed for some time.

    As for Sony Film Industry's lawsuit against the Running out of the time contract, though not reconciled, but they also know that this kind of trouble, although can delay a period of "Running out of times" divided into payment, but angered Eric, The sequel to "Running Out of Time" is likely to be a distant one, so that a blockbuster movie, if the sequel is stranded, could cost more than tens of millions of USD. Therefore, both parties also started the settlement process.

    Of course, Eric did not sigh for these things, but thought of Drew's holds dutifully, Drew's father withdrew, Eric greeted the girl to move back, but Drew refused, said he wanted to live in Carr Feu with his mother, Eric know, this is a girl do not want to cause trouble for themselves , so whenever a girl calls over these days, Eric will patiently talk to holds dutifully on the phone.

    Once again, I went to the sofa and sat down. Eric sat on the ring around Jeffrey and others: "Where did we say that?"

    Jeffrey reluctantly reminded: "The music company's business."

    "Oh, yes," Eric thought again. Then said: "About the music company. Temporarily anchored under Firefly. I want to use this release of the single, we can build a simple distribution channel, and then temporarily release the original soundtrack of our company's movies. Robert, both me and Jeffrey don't know much about the issue. How about the Record Company for the time being? ”

    Robert .Shay smiled and nodded. He had the idea: "Of course, no problem, but what about e fans?"

    "Keep cooperation."Eric Lane, they're talking about e-fan. The New Territories point record, set up by Eric, named after its own, is just an empty shell with no distribution capability, so this single can only be selected to work with the famous EMI recordings: " Because of the firefly thing, I suddenly set up a record company, now several veteran record companies are very afraid of this, so can only maintain cooperation. Otherwise we have no chance to develop. After accumulating a few years of strength, it is not too late to consider flying alone. ”

    The people in the living room laughed. There is more or less pride in the tone. After all, a newly established music company with nothing but a single can cause the jealousy of several old record companies in the world, and it is not an easy task.

    "Let's talk about uta," Eric looked at Edward. "First, let's talk about the progress of the case."

    Edward took out the pre-arranged information: "The current situation is very beneficial to us, because the major companies that have helped the back are definitely giving up now, no longer trying to influence this case. Therefore, we just follow the normal procedures to respond to the case, because Firefly and UTA violations of antitrust laws caused by the illegal damage index is very low, so, in the absence of other forces to intervene, coupled with the current direction of public opinion, the Federal Trade Investigation Commission can not firefly and UTA from the heavy punishment, Even if I pay a fine, I think it's just symbolic. All you have to do is just take the shares of uta as soon as possible. ”

    After listening to Edward, Eric looked at Kapoor sitting on the other side and asked: "Kapoor, what do you think now, I mean, do you want to take over the uta?"

    Kapoor smiled bitterly and shrugged: "I certainly want it, but unfortunately I can't afford it."

    Eric has been silent. Since the beginning of the anti-monopoly investigation, the North American three major Brokerage Firm giants have formed a new pattern. The price of caa is as high as 30 Million USD, and the other two offer more than 20 Million USD. Eric bought uta a year ago and only spent 1 Million USD.

    However, Icm's report of such a high price must have been well thought out, and now the uta not only has Al.Pacino and other series of superstars, after acquiring uta, icm can also get another advantage, that is, once uta and icm merge, Eric will give priority to icm artists, this is no doubt.

    In just one year, Eric used several movies to make Al.Pacino made a comeback and brought a few unknown little Actors to the world-class superstar. This horrific star-making ability is why the three major Brokerage Firm giants have reported high prices. Icm is now at the bottom of the three major Brokerage Firms, and the Hollywood A-class superstar is the least signboard, so it is so eager for uta.

    I heard Kapoor .That said, Eric asked: "We don't talk about money first, Kapoor, I just want to ask, what is your real thought inside?"

    Kapoor thought about it and said: "Eric, in fact, Marvin of Icm.Josephson contacted me. If you don't let me say it, I tend to sell uta to icm, Marvin.Josephson also promised to give me a partner position. As for the other two companies, I think you have not considered caa. I have not considered it. Although wma has carried out a series of reforms and integrations in the past six months, it is too old and the system is still somewhat rigid. ”

    Eric nodded. He wanted to let Kapoor accept uta alone. However, it is still unrealistic to think about it. It doesn't matter that Kapoor can't get two or three million USD to buy the whole uta, even if Eric gives uta all to Kapoor. However, with the development of uta, it is still necessary to introduce partners, and gradually develop to the last three models of Brokerage Firm. It's better not to be in one step. Sell ​​uta directly to icm.

    Although this will make Eric completely lose its influence on the Brokerage Firm. However, in his current capacity, there is no longer any need to influence the Brokerage Firm.

    "In this case, talk to Icm and see if you can raise the price any more," Eric decided afterwards to Edward.

    Edward nodded and said that he wrote down.

    "Well, let's talk about the finishing touches. After more than a month of suffocation, I can't do anything without it, so I calmly passed. ”

    Just after Eric finished, Jeffrey whispered: "Eric, I think it's the best result to let this thing go smoothly."

    Eric squatted and looked at other people, whether it was Robert.Shea, or from New York in the afternoon, completely missed Chris with Hollywood.Hanson nodded at the same time.

    I smiled bitterly. Eric said: "Well, I listen to you. Don't do any substantive action, but still have to do something, otherwise others will think that I am very bullied. ”

    Everyone heard Eric say this, and when he was relieved, he laughed. They are worried that Eric will be young and young, and it is very unwise to want to go down with the seven Film Studios, because Firefly and Eric can survive this storm intact, it is God bless, there is not much Strength counterattack.

    "Eric, what do you want to do?"Jeffrey asked with a smile.

    Eric originally thought of the previous life. Some of the tricks of fighting. When a person was surrounded by a group of people, he made a shackle to catch one of the other group’s dead cockroaches and smashed one. I believe the rest will definitely show up. Fear, don't dare to provoke easily.

    He originally picked up Fox, but seeing that everyone around him is not willing to do this kind of thing, Eric can only give up.

    After thinking about it for a while, Eric's mouth showed a smirk: "Since you can't beat a person, then pick up the relationship between this person and your partner."

    The people who are present are all smart people. They understand Eric's meaning when they think about it. At the same time, they also realize that Eric's choice is definitely Fox. After all, the cooperation between the two parties is the deepest. Firefly even holds Fox TV Station 10%. Shares.


    Eric personally sang the "New-divide" single issue in North America set off a trend, coupled with the song lyrics is not without disease groan 丨 or unintelligible, but Eric this time encounter the most authentic portrayal, so, the single record sold three days, sales broke through 1 Million Zhang, a week later, has reached more than 3 million, but also undoubtedly boarded the various titles of the list of songs.

    At the same time, because of the influence of this song, Eric has received more and more public opinion support. He now almost no longer has to worry about the storm, and several women who are more intimate with him are in a series of paradoxes. Under the guidance, I also walked out of the shadow of this storm and began to consider the work arrangement for this year.

    On February 19th, another thing that was crucial to Eric happened.

    On this day, Cisco officially listed, the stock issuance price is 18USD, because there is no daily limit on the day of stock issuance, so on the day of the issue, Cisco's share price reached 22USD.

    Although this score is not too bright, but the next period of time, Cisco began a burst of continuous trading, and in less than one months the share price turned twice times, Chris praised Eric in a very strange and envious tone, and mysteriously asked Eric how he had confirmed that Cisco stocks would explode. Of course Eric can't answer it, only with Krishu.

    Meanwhile, in mid-February, the 62nd Oscar nomination list was announced, "Scent of a Woman" received the best film, best Director, Best actor and Best adapted script four nominations, undoubtedly became Oscar's big hot, in addition, Julia by virtue of "Pretty Woman" and "Steel Magnolias" two films, at the same time received the best heroine and best Supporting actress two nominations, again caused a media uproar, because for Oscar, a double nomination is very rare, Not to mention the two performance awards that are so important.

    As for Eric himself, all he got was a script nomination, the best adapted script for the scent of a Woman, the best original script of the others, in fact, Running out of time Originally can also get a nomination, but for public relations consideration, Eric gave up, but chose the most likely to take the prize "the others", after all, because the "mysterious Sixth Sense" has not appeared, "the others" theme is also very novel, the hope of winning the most.

    Of course, Eric just had a big trouble with the Seventh National Congress. Therefore, the companies responsible for these film distributions will definitely not do their best for the public relations of these films. Eric can only do it himself, and Firefly is among them. Only Robert .Shea has some experience in this area, and Eric gave it all to Robert.

    What he has to deal with now is another thing, about the matter of provoking a person and his companions.

    At the entrance of a famous Italian Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, the black luxury car slowly stopped in the parking lot, the driver opened the door, Rupert Murdoch walked out of the car, just got off, and the flash was lit nearby.

    With a wry smile, Rupert Murdoch sorted out the suit, and Elizabeth, who came out on the other side, also stepped forward to hold his father. The two wanted to go inside the restaurant.

    The waiter recognized the two people and greeted them: "Mr. Murdoch, Mr. Williams has been waiting for a while, I will take you over. "To be continued please search for the sky, the novel Better update faster!

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