The 287th chapter of the text is too fake.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 287th chapter of the text is too fake, floating astronomy

    With the reminder of the waiter, Eric stood up, but saw that there was more than Murdoch alone, and Elizabeth, who was holding his father. The girl looked at his expression with a touch of blame. Apparently Elizabeth also knew where Eric would face. I chose here to make my father feel embarrassed.

    After all, it was a woman who had a close relationship with herself, so Elizabeth’s scornful expression made Eric a little embarrassed.

    Since Eric passed this crisis, because of the "FrInternet Explorer nds" lawsuit and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
"and" x-files "production of things, Murdoch there have been more than once proposed to meet with Eric, Eric after a bit of a pinch, and then agreed to come down, and refused to go to Murdoch family Manor proposal, also did not invite Murdoch to their own Malibu pointed The corner manor, which was chosen at the restaurant in the downtown area of the Sunset Boulevard, was also specifically notified by Eric paparazzi.

    As long as Murdoch takes the initiative to contact him, then the media will not only think that Fox is actively bowing to Eric, but several other major studios will definitely have a bad idea for Fox, and Fox will be regarded as a big company. A traitor to the league.

    But Murdoch obviously is not what province oil lamp, not only will relate with him some warm ignorant daughter pull up, still pretending to be a pair of old and frail need people to arm poor appearance, estimated after some media of a little rendering, Eric will certainly be molded into the young arrogant unreasonable, Let an old man in person to beg to be willing to rest enteric image.

    In desperation, Eric really wants to pick up a cup of coffee and pour it on Murdoch's head. It's too fake. The old guy is still less than 60 years old. As a passer, Eric obviously remembers. Previous life Murdoch is still in his 80s.

    Murdoch saw Eric's look. There was an unclear smile on the corner of his mouth. He came to Eric and took the initiative to reach out and said, "Eric, hello. We meet again. ”

    "Hello, Mr. Murdoch. ”Eric and Murdoch shook hands and looked at Elizabeth next to Murdoch. The girl gave him a blank eye, but didn't mean to say hello to Eric.

    "Liz, don't be so rude," Murdoch said, though he was very satisfied with Eric's eating in front of his daughter, but on the surface he pretended to be a strict father.

    Elizabeth turned her dissatisfied look at her father, and although she was very impressed with Eric's insistence on the location. However, he did not agree with his father's practice. He snorted and ignored the two men who had more eyes than the horse's nest. They walked straight to the table and sat down, picking up the menu and looking at themselves.

    Murdoch and Eric glanced at each other at the same time.

    "Mr. Murdoch, let's sit down too. ”Finally, Eric opened his mouth first.

    Murdoch nodded and sat down. The three men ordered the dishes and silenced for a while. Murdoch took the initiative to find a topic: "Liz. How was the movie you prepared? ”

    Originally, he lowered his head and folded the napkin in front of him. Elizabeth, who made up his mind and did not speak, heard his father ask him directly, and he snorted and said: "All are ready. Start shooting at the end of the month. ”

    “Oh,” Murdoch nodded and said, “I heard that Heroine is what…JodInternet Explorer.Foster, looks like a good acting, this film is definitely very exciting. ”

    Elizabeth looked up at Eric and said, "Yes, someone recommended me to let JodInternet Explorer.Foster starred in Heroine, and I felt good after the audition. I promised it down. ”

    Murdoch saw her daughter squatting at Eric, and she didn't have to think about who the person who recommended Heroine. Look at Eric with a smile: "Eric, if you want this movie, it will be released by Firefly."

    Eric raised the eyebrow. Before he even said anything, Elizabeth glanced dissatisfiedly at his father: "Dad!"

    Eric followed and said: "Mr. Murdoch, the Firefly release does not matter, but our overseas channels are not perfect, I am afraid it will limit the Box Office results of this movie. ”

    Eric finally said a truth-telling truth, but Murdoch used Eric's words as proof that he was not optimistic about the film. He knew that Firefly's distribution ability was limited, thinking that Eric didn't want to use limited distribution resources in a less-than-optimistic one. In the movie, therefore, it will be so euphemistically rejected.

    In fact, Murdoch himself has seen his daughter as the producer of this Silence of the Lambs, the script, after all, Elizabeth the film investment nearly million, in addition to Julia and drew two people together 6 million away, all other investments were Elizabeth to his father, who, despite his Murdoch of control, refused to give News Corp power to several children at more than 80 years of age, but in other ways, such as economics, he never mistreated his children, Elizabeth found to do the movie producer life goal, Murdoch of course very happy to support, readily cut the investment, as to earn not make money he completely did not consider, as the ability to exercise her daughter.

    Moreover, although Murdoch doesn't know much about movies, he also knows that this script is a cut-type limited-level horror film. This type of movie rarely gets a high Box Office, and it is difficult to get recognition for the award. So just now he's going to ask Eric's Firefly to release the film, and for the purpose, still the original, to set Eric up with Elizabeth, Eric is through the biggest crisis of all time and will certainly be able to achieve great success in the media industry as long as it is steady. If such a man could be the husband of a daughter, the future will certainly be of great benefit to News Corp, and, when Eric was attacked earlier, the daughter had a fight with herself, and Murdoch decided that her daughter was fond of Eric, and that she was quite deep, and since there was such a foundation, Of course, a lot of contact can blossom, isn't it?

    Thinking of this, Murdoch smiled at Eric. "Eric is just a horror film. The new line was not originally dedicated to the release of horror films. So I believe that Firefly can operate well. If it is necessary in the future, it will be overseas. Release, Fox will definitely cooperate."

    Murdoch was so 'good', Eric couldn't refuse any more, and looked at Elizabeth in a blink of an eye, but saw the girl pissed down her head, folded a napkin in her hand, and then tore it into a glimpse.

    "Liz, what do you mean?"Eric tempted to ask.

    The girl snorted and said, "Let's do it."

    "That's it," said Eric and Elizabeth, and Murdoch said as a parent.

    See Murdoch saying that Elizabeth did not object, and Eric nodded.

    At this time, the restaurant's waiters began to serve three people, and the conversation was temporarily paused. Waiting for the waiter to open the red wine for three people, Murdoch took a goblet and sipped a sip. A few words, if nothing happened to Eric: "Eric, were you born in 1970?"

    The meat is coming.

    Eric thought so, on the surface, with the look of recollection: "Yeah, I was born in London, but when I was eight, I came to United States, and I have no memory of London."

    "If you have time, you should go back and see," Murdoch said with emotion. "I remember more than 30 years ago, when Liz's grandfather died of a heart attack, I had to give up my studies and take over the family business. I am not much older than you. . At that time, the Sydney newspaper was dominated by three big families, seeing the success of my "Sunday Mail" and "news", I began to use the two newspaper ideas, and after many successive rejections, I started using all kinds of means, within a year, I run a newspaper company that received accusations and lawsuits that were almost always the sum of years before, and I even received death threats. But I didn't give in. It took me a whole twenty years to develop my newspaper company into Sydney's largest media group, and in turn bought the company I used to be an enemy. ”

    Murdoch saw Eric pretending to be nothing, but he knew that Eric was definitely listening to himself, so he continued: "So, Eric, what you have experienced during this time is no longer normal. Therefore, I think you still have to look forward, don't always care about it. ”

    Eric, this smiled and looked up: "Of course I am looking forward, Mr. Murdoch, otherwise, we won't be sitting here so peacefully today. ”

    "So," Murdoch tempted to say: "Remove the lawsuit against "FrInternet Explorer nds", and "X-Files" can be anxious, but "Who Wants" was scheduled to air in March. To Be a Millionaire?
"At the end of February, the whole team has not had any movements yet, Eric, I think you should be hurrying." I think it would be a very good time to launch this program after the one-month promotion and wait for the Oscar Awards ceremony at the end of the month. ”

    “I think so too,” Eric swallowed the food in his mouth and wiped his mouth with a napkin before staring at Murdoch. “But, Mr. Murdoch, you just said, after you became the first of the Australian newspaper group, you bought the enemy you once…So, what about this incident, the five movies at the end of Firefly, because of this storm, the loss of Box Office will not be less than 100 Million USD, and Firefly will lose no less than 30 Million, but I don’t know yet. Who is my enemy? "To be continued)

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