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    "Eric, everyone knows this, why are you…"

    Eric interrupted Murdoch directly and asked: "Who is leading this thing, I want to know this. I know that it is definitely not Fox. Not to mention that there is so much cooperation between our two parties, Fox has gained enough benefits, and even if you do, it will definitely not be selected at this time of the year. The "Sleepless in Seattle" Box Office is subject to this. The impact of the field storm is great. So, who is the lead to provoke? ”

    Murdoch stunned and said: "Eric, even if you know what it is, this method is fierce, but it is also a normal competition in the industry."

    "who is it?"Eric asked coldly again.

    Originally just boring, Elizabeth patted the tableware on the table, and stunned Eric with a glance, dissatisfied: "Hey, Eric, how can you talk to my dad like this, he is an elder!"

    The tense atmosphere was completely ruined by the girl’s low voice.

    Murdoch really wants to pat her daughter's head and boast a few words. Sure enough, her daughter is born to her father. Of course, Elizabeth has grown up, he can't do it anymore, so he just smiles and picks up the red wine and scorns it.

    Eric looked at Elizabeth reluctantly, but the girl came back without showing her weakness.

    This little girl who owes a lot of money, what is the man’s mouth?

    Eric took a deep breath and put the tone lighter and said: "Mr. Murdoch, "Home Alone 2" This Box Office is still very eye-catching, although not as good as the first, but the global Box Office has more than 300 million USD without any problems, and according to the current age of Stu, this sequel can at least still Make more than three. What do you think? ”

    "Michael.Eisner," Murdoch blurted out without hesitation.

    Elizabeth looked at her father with horror. This sells teammates and sells too much. Loss I just helped you out.

    I swept a few eyes between the two 'malignant' men. The girl drums up the drumsticks and screams at the red wine. At the same time, I swear in my heart, and then I will stop talking no matter what happens.

    Eric didn't notice the girl's movements, and he was only shocked.

    During this time, he has thought about it more than once, and it may be Warner, probably Universal. It may be Columbia, or it's not a good development of Paramount, but for Disney's Michael.Eisner suspected that it was the least, and even Disney’s suspicion of manipulating it was behind Fox.

    After all, he is with Michael though.Eisner didn't touch much, but Michael.Eisner has always shown a look at him in front of him, and Disney's cooperation in the films of The Others and Steel Magnolias is also very sincere.

    Murdoch sees Eric's incredible expression and says, "Eric, if you don't believe it. I can just go and verify that this matter has passed, and I have no need to lie at all. From the beginning, things were Michael.Eisner leads, and many things are his lead execution, and the rest of us just try to cooperate. ”

    "how come……That way," Eric muttered in disappointment.

    Murdoch thought about it, or slowly said: "Barry Diller is the most pragmatic career manager who came out of Paramount that year. He felt that he should do it well. I am sure I can get enough returns, so I think he is also the most innocent. Therefore, he was relieved to let him take charge of Fox. And Jeffrey .Katzenberg is the most devoted to filmmaking, he put his main energy on the film. Therefore, he is not suitable for the helm. As for Michael.Eisner is the most unscrupulous, he can do anything to develop his own business. Therefore, I think the three people in the future must be Michael.Eisner has the greatest achievement, but I don't think I can control this person, so I haven't touched the idea of ​​recruiting him. ”

    Eric sighed and shook his head. "I just thought it was too unexpected."

    I don't know why, Murdoch can't help but Michael.Eisner argued: "Eisner is just doing what a standard businessman should do."

    “Yeah, standard businessman,” Eric smiled self-deprecatingly.

    "So, Eric, about the "Home Alone" series…"

    "Firefly can directly sign a contract with Fox for the next three Home Alone series, but I won't be a Director myself, but I will also be a Producer."

    Murdoch showed a happy and worried look: "Eric, why don't you come in person?"

    "I took two shots in a row, I was a little tired, so I wanted to save time to make other movies. Moreover, the signboard for Home Alone is Stewart.Langkel, so as long as the style of the film remains the same, whoever comes to the Director has no problem. ”

    Eric replied, although this is part of the reason, but mainly, only two of the previous life "Home Alone" have achieved great success, the third because of Macaulay.Culkin grew up and changed the protagonist, and the results were defeated.

    Although this time and space because Eric chose the right angle, Stewart is only nine years old this year, can continue to shoot, but Eric has no confidence in the prospects of this series, so he generously signed the next three contracts directly with Fox.

    Murdoch heard Eric's explanation and couldn't find a reason for rebuttal. At the Eric level, Hollywood director, most of them didn't like shooting sequels. So he easily accepted Eric's explanation.

    "Eric, although you don't want to personally guide, I hope you can continue to be responsible for the script."Murdoch said the next best.

    Eric nodded. "I will definitely participate in this."

    At this time, the dinner in front of the three people had already been eaten, and the waiter removed the tableware and changed the coffee.

    Since Eric has got the answer he wants, Murdoch has discussed with Eric about Fox TV Station. After all, Firefly is a shareholder of Fox TV Station. Eric readily promised to personally urge Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
The production of "," guaranteed to be able to broadcast smoothly at the end of this month, in fact, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
The original preparations have been very perfect, and even the problem library has been designed almost. If it is not because of this storm, it may be officially made in early March. The situation of "X-Files" is similar, and the original first episode should have been completed.

    Although this delay of Firefly also violated the contract signed by both parties, Fox originally thought that if Firefly yielded, he could take all the complete copies of several shows, so there was no such breach of Firefly. Too much reaction. Now, the two sides have reconciled, and it is impossible for Fox to pursue this matter again. It is just an understatement to skip this matter in a few words.

    After negotiating the business, Murdoch took a few coffee breaks and asked if he had nothing to do: "Eric, are you planning for this year's movie, how many shots are you going to take?"

    When I heard this question, Elizabeth was also absent-minded and curious.

    Eric took a sip of coffee slowly and thought about it: "Two, one has already been confirmed, but the script is still deadlocked. The screenwriter is asking for a price that is outrageous. Plus, this time, I have not Take the time to talk about script."

    "Is that script about ghosts?"Elizabeth couldn't help but insert a sentence.

    Eric looked at the girl curiously. Has this matter been so widespread?

    Stared by Eric, the girl's face was slightly red, and said: "I heard that you…I am very optimistic about this script, so I also inquired about it. ”

    Eric saw at a glance that Elizabeth was sure to move the idea of ​​cutting the Hu, but it certainly looked like it was unsuccessful.

    It seems to be seen through the mind, the girl is more embarrassed, but then said: "But…But I let people contact the name Bruce.Joey.When Robin’s screenwriter, the other party said that the script had been sold. ”

    Eric suddenly stood up in surprise and looked at Elizabeth: "Sell it out?"

    "Yeah, is it…Didn't you buy it? ”Elizabeth raised his face and looked at Eric, asking in confusion.

    "Sorry, I need to make a few calls," Eric said as he approached the two, picking up the mobile phone and heading towards the corner.

    Looking at Eric, who was standing not far from the mobile phone, and was a little bit eager to turn around, Murdoch asked her daughter, "Liz, what script?"

    The girl looked at Eric's figure, and some of her sorrowful words told her father: "It's a love story script. I didn't see the complete story. I just heard about it. It seems to be a bank employee. I was murdered by a colleague and turned into a ghost. Then protect your girlfriend and revenge, etc. Anyway, this is roughly the case."

    Murdoch looked at Eric, his eyes flashing, not knowing what was being pondered.

    After a while, Eric lost his face and returned to his seat.

    The old god Murdoch was drinking coffee on the ground, and there was no opening. Then Elizabeth spoke: "Eric, who bought it?"

    "Michael.Eisner," Eric reluctantly squeezed out a name.

    The girl asked again, "What are you going to do?"

    What can I do, Eric can almost imagine, to Michael.Eisner is shrewd, buy this script, and certainly will not rush to shoot by Disney himself, but intends to cooperate with him. (To be continued)

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