Chapter 290, Safe driving is very important

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 290 is safe driving, floating astronomy

    A few minutes later, the convertible that had been left behind had just overtaken, and had not had time to change lanes. From another junction, it was directly inserted into another huge off-road vehicle, and Eric immediately stepped on the gas pedal. ≤ and the other side of the convertible driver is also crazy to play the steering wheel, although escaped the head-on collision with the SUV, but the whole car also followed out of control, directly rushed to the road teeth, crashed into a transformer box, a muffled sound, splashing out a series of Sparks, and the two sides of many homes in the lights are almost at the same time dark down.

    The driver of the off-road vehicle was also aware of the accident, and the speed of the vehicle was only slowed down, and it quickly accelerated.

    Eric pushed the door open and looked at the young people in the convertible who seemed to faint all over the house. They spread their hands toward Elizabeth and said, "When you see it, you have to retribute it. You have already said it, dangerous driving." Hate yourself."

    "Don't be poor, hit 911," the girl licked him, stepping forward, but stopped immediately.

    Eric took the mobile phone out of the car and dialed 911. The situation was described again. The two did not leave immediately, and they could only wait patiently here.

    Elizabeth looked around at the darkened homes and suddenly said to Eric: "Julia's villa is not far from the front and may also be out of power."

    Eric comforted: "Nothing, it is estimated that it will be repaired soon."

    The two stood patiently here. After a minute or two, the police car had not arrived yet. A young man in his twenties walked out of a nearby villa and walked over to the two people. The street lamp The young people look decadent. The hair is messy and unshaven. Even if not close. Eric and Elizabeth can tell each other that they are drunk from the other side.

    The young man walked over to Eric and Elizabeth and made a call to Elizabeth. Then he saw the miserable convertible that crashed into the transformer and the person in the car: "Wow, wow, a car accident, no death. ?"

    Elizabeth frowned and leaned against Eric, and Eric leaned against the car and didn't take care of the other.

    Young people feel a little boring. I walked a few laps around, but didn't mean to leave. Instead, I squinted my face and looked at Eric's eyes carefully under the light. Then I shot and said, "Wow, you seem to be that…That, I think about it, oh, Director of Running Out of Time, called Eric.Williams, right? ”

    Eric nodded slightly and nodded. The young man immediately looked at Elizabeth next to him: "Is this another newcomer you intend to promote? Oh, it’s not bad. However, there is no such beautiful girl named Nicole Kidman, which girl, the two long legs, pick up people, hey, I have also had a few long-legged girls before, but unfortunately there is no Nicole Kidman beautiful…"

    Anyway, I was bored, Eric listened to the young man and realized that it was obviously a 'same person'. He was about to open a few words, a small hand reached his waist, twisted a piece of meat and screwed it down. .

    Eric took a sip of cold, slammed Elizabeth's little hand and licked his waist and asked, "What are you crazy about?"

    "Humph!"Elizabeth coldly snorted turned his head.

    But this action was seen by the young man. The young man showed a smirk and lowered his voice. "Good girl, Eric, I think, this little girl is owing to clean up, do you want me to teach you a few tricks? ?"

    "Amount, that…No," Eric endured the spurt of the young man's mouth, holding the wrist of the girl and holding it up, frowning.

    Soon, police cars, fire engines and ambulances arrived one after another.

    Eric briefly said the situation to the police. The policeman recognized Eric's identity and did not have too much entanglement. He made a note on the spot and let Eric and Elizabeth leave.

    Eric got in the car and waited for the girl to get on the copilot before she started the bus. Glancing again at the wrecked convertible, the music heard the drunken youth dancing and gesturing to the police officer: "Sir, I have nothing to do with this, I don't know those guys, yes, I drank some wine, But I did not drive Ah, I live in that villa, you see, that home, originally I was going to sleep, but the bedside lamp inexplicably broken, was about to repair, the power outage …

    Julia's small villa was not far from the incident. The car arrived in a minute or two. It was not expected by Elizabeth. There was a blackout and the villa was black.

    Eric stopped the car and looked at Elizabeth on the co-pilot: "Then go in, I am going back."

    The girl sat on the co-pilot and hesitated, and whispered: "Julia went to San Francisco. She said that she might not come back today. There is no one in the villa."


    "I……I am afraid of black," the girl whispered like a mosquito.

    Eric thought for a moment and said, "Then I will send you in."

    "Well," Elizabeth hesitated for a moment before he nodded lightly.

    Two people smeared into the villa together, both standing in the dark living room, Eric asked: "Do you know where there is a flashlight or candle?"

    Elizabeth shook his head in the dark: "I don't know, but Julia always likes to put some small objects in the grid below the TV."

    “Oh,” Eric said with a voice: “Let's go look for it.”

    "I……You go. ”The voice of the girl in the dark is slightly trembled.

    Eric said: "I don't know where I am, I have never been here."

    “Cheat,” Elizabeth said. “Don't think I don't know your relationship with Julia's.”

    "I don't deny this. I have been with Julia a few times, but I have never been here."

    "That, the TV is on the east side against the wall."

    "Forget it, let's go together," Eric took two in the dark, found the little girl's hand and said, "You lead the way."

    Elizabeth subconsciously earned, but did not use too much force, but obediently pulled Eric toward the TV. After a few steps, she suddenly felt what was under her feet, and the body slammed forward, Eric felt the girl's Pulling, and quickly pulling in the opposite direction, the soft and fragrant body fluttered into his arms.

    Both hands subconsciously licked the girl's waist, feeling that the chest breathing quickly became rushed to Elizabeth, Eric tempted to pick it up, found the girl's face, kissed all the way down until two wet and moist lips .

    Silently kissing, I don’t know how long it took, Eric was pushed back by the revived Elizabeth.

    "You bastard, it must have been premeditated," the girl whispered.

    Eric has unknowingly got into the girl's clothes, rubbing it on the smooth skin, and plunging into the girl's ear: "If you don't agree, I will leave now."

    Elizabeth raised his hand and hammered Eric a few times, then stepped on the foot and kissed Eric.

    After such a clear hint, Eric certainly wouldn't be polite, and the movements on his hands were more rude.

    "Don't be here, yeah, don't take off…"With a strong and shy voice, it rang a few times in the darkness, but soon it became meaningless.

    Perhaps because of the cover of the darkness, the girl's resistance was not intense, so Eric quickly peeled off a warm body, went out to the clothes, and found the sofa, and pressed the girl down. The slamming slamming slamming screams quickly rang, and occasionally mixed with the girl’s low and uncontrollable screams.

    I don't know how long it took. The girl suddenly hugged Eric like an octopus. Eric also paused thoughtfully and gently stroked the girl's whisper.

    "I……I am fine," for a moment, Elizabeth said softly.

    Eric stunned and then smirked and rushed forward: "But me."

    The girl yelled – the ground screamed, her body groaned, and quickly supported Eric by hand, not letting the man move again, hurriedly took a few breaths, said: "I don't want to be here, I want to go to the bedroom, go there, to How do you get it there?"

    "ok, where is the stairs?"Eric hugged the girl all over.

    "In the northwest corner, do you pull it out first?"

    "Not good," Eric lifted the girl's soft buttocks and fumbled again to the stairs. Because of the darkness, and holding a man in his arms, Eric was careful and took a long time. Arrived upstairs.

    "Go east, my room is in the second room," Elizabeth said, hanging his head on Eric's shoulder and whispering.

    Eric responded with a groping, grabbed a doorknob and walked straight in. Although Elizabeth felt a little wrong, but the girl was a little confused at the time, so the inconvenience in her mind was just a flash, and she was thrown into the Java.

    The curtains in the bedroom were pulled, but because of the light in other areas of Los Angeles, it was not as dark as the first floor, so Eric faintly saw the outline of the big bed and hugged the girl.

    Put the girl on the big bed and turn it over, and Eric pressed it up.

    "And, again, it's awkward," Elizabeth, who was obviously conservative in this area, stood up and leaned up, dissatisfied. Eric whispered a few words, moved the girl's head and kissed it, letting the girl obey, holding the soft waist of the girl and just moving a few times, in the faint light of the bedroom, Eric was surprised to find that something on the other side of the big bed was moving gently to the other side of the big bed.

    It was a figure, a woman's figure, another woman who could appear in this house, no doubt, only Julia is undoubted. (Unfinished, please search for astronomical literature, the novel is better updated faster!

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