Chapter 291, playing mosquitoes

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 291, playing mosquitoes, floating astronomy

    Julia went to San Francisco for a business event during the day, because it ended early, so she stayed in San Francisco and flew back. So, after a day of travel, Julia went to bed early today.

    Then, without knowing how long she slept, she felt that her bedroom door rang and someone came in.

    Elizabeth didn't sleep with her, so Julia thought that Elizabeth was running to sleep on the trampoline, and didn't mind, until the two figures tossed on the other side of her big bed, Julia gradually felt wrong, and at the same time, she It is also easy to distinguish the identity of the man.

    While blaming Elizabeth for the chaos, Julia originally thought that the two men didn't notice themselves and sneaked out, but carefully moved for a while, and when they didn't get to the bed, they were caught by Eric's sight.

    The four eyes are opposite, and both of them are stunned.

    "Fast move, let me go without letting go, I want to sleep, so uncomfortable, swollen," I felt Eric stop moving, and Elizabeth, who was enjoying the bed, said.

    "Too shameless, so shameful words can be said," Julia whispered, and also reflected, since Eric found out, she did not intend to sneak away, anyway, the squatting in bed is enjoying Xiao Nizi can't find himself.

    The original plan was still very good, until the wicked guy reached out and grabbed her.

    What is this?

    Julia's eyes are bigger, with a little restlessness and…Looking forward, but the body began to forcefully break free, but scruples to Elizabeth, Julia's action is not too big, struggling for a while. Julia decided to stop the action, although Eric certainly couldn't see it, she was still glaring at each other.

    Feel Julia quiet. Eric moved up again, and Julia listened to the shy voice for a moment. I couldn’t help but want to escape again. I just felt something, but I felt that my body in my pajamas was pulled hard. I rolled over and squatted on the bed. The hem of the pajamas was pulled up. A big hand pointed the place and lifted it up. And then fell mercilessly.


    A crash sounds. If Julia didn't realize what she was in advance, she would bite her lip and maybe she would be born.

    You bastard, I am fighting with you!

    Julia’s mind just revealed this thought, and another slap fell unrelentingly. The tingling tingling spread throughout the body. I don’t know why, after the original atmosphere of Julia was breathing a few times, the thought of rebellion was also Then it disappeared, and the soft cockroaches were there.

    "what are you doing?"Until the two slaps sounded. Elizabeth was faintly buried in the pillow and asked Elizabeth a little.

    "Playing mosquitoes," Eric said, whispering as she looked at the woman who was no longer moving.

    Elizabeth sighed. The state is not good, the brain is not very good, and the thought turns a big circle, I feel that maybe I should sell some insect repellent medicine tomorrow.

    After tossing for a while, Eric let go of Elizabeth's body and pulled a blanket to cover the girl before she came to hug another girl. Elizabeth, who was already very tired, didn't realize that there was too much wrong, and he quickly fell asleep there. In addition, Julia, who was hugged by a man, sighed. There was no idea of ​​a rebellious reaction, let Eric pull off her pajamas. In a very shameful posture, I feel that the man puts a small piece of cloth on his lips. Although she didn't intend to speak out, she still obediently opened her mouth…


    The morning sun shone through the curtains into the bedroom, and Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked around, only to find that she was in Julia's room, a bunch of memories poured into her mind, and the girl suddenly sat up, but very Quickly remembering, Julia went to San Francisco yesterday.

    Fortunately, Elizabeth was fortunate to think that there was no Eric figure around, and his clothes were stacked neatly on the chair by the bed, so he slipped into the bathroom with his clothes and feet. It took a long time for Elizabeth to get dressed and walk downstairs with bare feet.

    There was a sound coming from the kitchen, and Elizabeth smiled at the corner of his mouth.

    This bastard still has a conscience. This time, I finally slipped away without eating and drying. I also know how to make breakfast for myself.

    Three or two steps went to the kitchen door, looking at his back, Julia, Elizabeth, who was busy in his pajamas, stunned for a while until Julia felt her presence turned and Elizabeth whispered: "That, Julia, that…"

    "what happened?"Julia asked curiously, and there was no strange look on her face.

    Elizabeth put a few hands on his chest and said: "When did you come back?"

    "Yesterday afternoon," Julia turned again and made an egg in the hot oil pan.

    Elizabeth had a strong uneasiness in his mind and repeatedly asked: "Yesterday afternoon?!"

    "Yeah," Julia turned her head and looked at her and nodded.

    Elizabeth scratched her hair a little bit madly, wondering if everything she experienced yesterday was just a dream?

    Impossible, impossible, because Eric did it too hard last night, she still feels a little different between her legs, how could it be a dream.

    "That, Julia, you last night…"

    "Just next to you, the bastard bullied you, and ran to play with me," Julia said with a faint look.

    After a minute of sluggishness, Elizabeth slowly uttered a sentence: "what-the-*!"

    Julia didn't seem to hear Elizabeth's mad swearing. She put the poached egg in the dish and turned it and asked, "Liz, would you like breakfast?"

    If Eric's behavior makes Elizabeth crazy, then Julia's reaction now makes Elizabeth feel a little bit broken: "Julia, do you still have breakfast?"

    "why not?"Julia gave herself a copy and then walked to the restaurant.

    Elizabeth followed and walked in, watching Julia do it at the table, picking up the cutlery and eating bread and omelet bit by bit.

    Just eat it bit by bit.

    Then, and then, after a few minutes, Julia at the table stuffed his mouth and stuffed his food, tearing down.

    "Liz, I am ill, I can't cure it, hehe…"

    Seeing Julia's heart-wrenching appearance, Elizabeth suddenly forgot to ask about last night's affairs. She thought that Julia had a terminal illness. There was not much time, but after some comfort, she learned from the Julia mouth intermittently how the girl was. It’s going on.

    "he……How can he do this, go, let's go find the bastard, if he doesn't give us an account, this is not over. ”

    After so long, I finally revealed the biggest secret in my heart to another person. Julia seems to have suffered a lot. She stretched out and said Elizabeth: "Liz, don't do this. In fact, this has little to do with Eric."

    "Julia, it's all like this, you actually defended him, you let me down."

    Julia shook her head. "No, I talked to him about this. He also hopes that I can recover. It has been a long time since I passed. I thought I was good enough until last night, he…He hit me twice, and then I found out that my mind was not only a little rebellious, but it was like looking forward to it for a long time. ”

    "hit……Playing mosquitoes? ”Elizabeth took a slap in the mouth and rang the details of last night.

    Julia's face turned red and nodded.

    "What are you going to do?"Elizabeth asked this.

    Julia shook her head. "I don't know. I know if I know what to do."

    "I think you still have to talk to Eric again."

    Julia’s head immediately shook like a rattle: “No, no, I don’t dare to see him now. When I see him, I will…”

    "Then I went to him," Elizabeth suddenly stood up, but was pulled again by Julia.

    "Don't go, it will only let us follow."

    Elizabeth thought about it and immediately sat down.

    Two people leaned on the sofa and silenced for a while, and Elizabeth said: "Actually, Julia, this thing still blames me, if I don't bring him back."

    Julia took a tissue from her tissue box and cleaned her face. When she heard Elizabeth say it, she thought about it, but couldn’t help but scream and laughed. "You are in bed, it’s really enough. What? I can tell you that I have been blushing."

    Julia's this sentence, suddenly picked up the embarrassing incident that was just forgotten last night.

    Elizabeth’s face changed a little. Although she didn’t say much in the bedroom yesterday, it’s really shameful to think of it now, and it’s all heard by Julia next to it: “You, you obviously see us in, why Don't run away."

    "I also want to come, the guy grabbed me and hit it twice, I have no strength."

    "I counted it, it must be that you want to be like him, and you will be so obedient."

    Julia immediately shook her head: "I don't."

    "It's also a sophistry," Elizabeth immediately rushed to Julia and pressed the girl on the couch.

    Of course, Julia was not willing to show weakness, but also followed her. Soon the two women were in a messy and panting, and then they found that the two men were tightly hugged together on the sofa. The two faces were less than five centimeters. The breath is clearly distinguishable.

    "Julia, you went to San Francisco yesterday, didn't you see that?"

    “Well,” Julia blinked quickly, revealing a confused look.

    "I mean, you haven't seen peer sex," Elizabeth said. Seeing Julia's expression changed a few times, then she couldn't help but eagerly try to open her red lips and lean over and kiss. (To be continued)

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