Body Chapter 292 Robert’s Concerns

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 292 Robert's concerns, floating astronomy

    After Eric and Murdoch met on Sunset Boulevard, although Murdoch performed in public, Eric did not have any preparations. He had previously revealed some news to those specially found paparazzi.

    As a result, many newspaper on the next morning, a lot of plausible news, for a time, Fox will continue in the next three years to issue all of Eric's films, Fox will be the Firefly swap to ensure that both sides can more in-depth long-term cooperation; or Fox will Firefly cooperation in the production of special effects blockbuster "Jurassic Park" and so on the news of a brain, although these messages in the eyes of ordinary people, it is not a big deal, but in the Hollywood circle caused a huge sensation.

    Undoubtedly, many people in the Hollywood circle who have some understanding of the turmoil of the previous period have realized that Fox is completely "betrayed" the seven Film Studio alliances and turned to Firefly.

    After this storm, there is no doubt that Fox will be the biggest beneficiary in addition to the safe Firefly.

    Next, Fox tried hard to clarify, repeatedly saying that Fox did not reach too much cooperation with Firefly, but TV serInternet Explorer s "X-Files" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
The two previously suspended programs were quickly restarted, which undoubtedly proved that Fox and Firefly had already entered into certain cooperation agreements.

    In this case, the other major Film Studio alliances that had no longer had any expectations for this action against Firefly soon disintegrated, and in order to compensate for the rift between the two sides, several studios expressed goodwill to Firefly. I look forward to some cooperation with Eric, after all, last year. North America's total Box Office is able to break through the 5Billion USD mark throughout the year, and a total of Box Office accounts for nearly one-fifth of the films related to Eric. Therefore, no one will doubt Eric's strength in the film. Since the suppression is fruitless, then cooperation and win-win is undoubtedly the best way.

    "Robert, the selling point of this movie is not purely a sentimental act. Pure sexual love can only bring simple and short-lived impulses, but when sexual love is combined with bloody violence, The desire of human beings will become extremely strong. This is the biggest selling point of the "Basic Instinct" script. You should have read the script too. The first scene in the script, if it's just a bed show, perhaps the audience will only be playing whistled uttered a booing, but, when the original passionate sexual love suddenly converted into a plasma pre-split slaughter, the audience's adrenaline will be quickly stimulated, and unconsciously, Be sucked into the story. ”

    In the small conference room of Firefly, Eric is moving to Robert.Xie introduced the script of "Basic Instinct". Originally Eric took out this script, Robert.Shea also expressed a strong interest. However, when Eric later indicated that he would not be signed on this script, Robert.Shea became confused again. Although Robert .After Shay saw the script. I also understand that Eric is not for this public image, and is not signed on this script. After all, the "Basic Instinct" script will definitely attract a lot of controversy after it is made into a movie.

    However, this reason does not completely allow Robert.Shay is completely assured that during his negotiations with Eric last year, he managed to win the position of two large-scale production films this year. If it is messed up, then it will be difficult for him to ask for a dominant film in the future. I can only be responsible for the release of the film.

    Therefore, although the script "Basic Instinct" was written by Eric himself. But when Eric said he was unwilling to relate to the film, Robert.Shay had concerns, from Eric's response to the storm some time ago, and the means of breaking up the seven Film Studio alliances recently, Robert.Sheikh did not think of Eric as a young man who was less than twenty years old. Therefore, he did not dare to take over Eric's script with complete confidence. Maybe this is a set that Eric gave himself. In case the film is made out of the street, it is hard to imagine that Eric will not push the responsibility to him. After all, all the scripts Eric has come up with now are sold.

    Thinking for a while, Robert.Sheeyi found another reason: "Eric, I think, this film is produced, and there will be a lot of trouble in grading. You just said that the film is more than 20 Million USD. In case it is assigned to the nc-17 level, then we are definitely not worth the money. We just had a fight with the Seven Film Studios for a while, and it’s hard to guarantee that they won’t get our neck in this area. After all, everyone knows that the film rating committee is controlled by the Seven. ”

    Eric listens to Robert .Xie Yiyan’s insincere words also understood what the other party was scrupulous about, and sighed in his heart, and did not intend to persuade.

    Since Robert didn't want to, he handed the film to Jeffrey to work, so he could intervene without hesitation to prevent the film from deviating too much from previous life.

    Just talking, the mobile phone on the right hand side of Eric suddenly rang, and the ringing was unusually harsh in the conference room where only two of them were.

    Robert .Shee did not show any dissatisfaction, gestured to Eric and took the coffee in front of him.

    Eric hesitated for a moment, or reached out to grab the mobile phone, while secretly praying, don't be 'collecting debt'.

    That night, Eric got a bed and played Elizabeth and Julia on a bed. Although it was very exciting at the time, Eric had to flee again in the early morning, otherwise two women When I got up early in the morning and found this thing, it’s hard to be sure that I won’t make anything that is terrible. And when he sneaked away in advance, he could give the two women a buffer time and calm down a bit.

    But things are beyond Eric's expectations. He originally thought that Elizabeth and Julia would come to him on the same day to ask for 'sinner's sin,' but things have been three days, and there is no movement in Elizabeth and Julia. Eric is not relieved. Feeling, but more uneasy.

    Towards Robert .Shey made a gesture, and Eric took the phone out of the small meeting room and reached the end of the corridor before turning on the phone. (To be continued)

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