The body of chapter 293 Eisner’s decision

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the chapter 293 Eisner's decisive, floating astronomy

    After a while, Eric took the mobile phone back to the conference room, Robert.Shay also followed the drop of the coffee cup in his hand and looked into Eric.

    "It's Michael.Eisner," Eric said with a hint of briskness.

    “Do you want to invite you to talk?”Robert .Shee asked with a slight eyebrow, and he also knew that the storm was Michael.Eisner is behind the scenes.

    Eric nodded and sat down again in the chair: "Yes."

    "Have you promised?"Robert .Shei asked curiously.

    "It’s fine to listen to what he said. Anyway, I have nothing to do at night."Eric said to put the mobile phone at hand, and then said: "Robert, since you are not willing to take over "Basic Instinct", then pick the script as soon as possible, now it is March, if you do not determine the project, it is estimated It’s hard to catch up with the summer file."

    Robert sees that Eric no longer pushes the "Basic Instinct" script to himself. He is a little relieved and inevitably has some contradictory loss. This is a script written by Eric himself.

    However, he quickly adjusted his emotions and said: "I understand that I have collected six scripts these days. Wait until I let the assistant give you. You can help me."

    Eric shook his head: "No, I think it's better to pick it by yourself. I can't guarantee that the movie will succeed 100%. Wait until you pick the script and give me the signature."

    Robert .Xie Yi stunned and immediately understood that Eric was ready to let go. Then, the success or failure of the film in the future will have nothing to do with Eric. He must be fully responsible. But Robert.Shay is not a person without any responsibility. After a moment of hesitation, I nodded: "So, I will pick the script as soon as possible."


    after work. Eric drove back to Malibu, but the destination was not his own sharp corner manor. But Michael.Eisner is located in a mansion in Malibu.

    "Eric, I'm glad you can come over, please come in," the servant led Eric and just walked into the mansion door, Michael.Eisner greeted him with a smile.

    "Hello, Mr. Eisner," Eric showed a polite smile, with Michael.Eisner shook his hand a little.

    Michael .Eisner didn't care about Eric's indifference. Still smiling with a smile: "Eric, I specially invited a famous French chef to personally make dinner tonight, let's go in."

    Eric nodded and followed Michael .Eisner came directly to the restaurant. During the entire dinner, except for the servants who appeared from time to time, there was only Michael in the restaurant.Eisner and Eric are two people. Michael .Eisner skillfully introduced Eric to the exquisiteness of the French cuisine that came up from the side. When the meal was finished, I also invited the French chef with a tall chef's hat to come out. The three men combined. shadow.

    I secretly admire Michael.Eisner was very patience while Eric was enjoying the dinner. Anyway, the initiative is now in his hands.

    Have had dinner, Michael.Eisner took Eric into his study and waited for the servant to finish the coffee. Michael .Eisner said: "Eric, since things are gone, I think we should talk about cooperation."

    Eric’s mouth finally hangs a mocking chuckle: “Cooperation?”

    Michael .Eisner still smiled and said: "Yes, cooperation, Eric, there is no eternal enemy in the world, only eternal interests, although this is the diplomatic strategy of the United Kingdom. However, I think. It is also common between companies. ”

    "There are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests."Eric smiled a few times and then said: "Mr. Eisner, if you have the choice to work with your friends or neutrals, will you still work with your own enemies? ”

    "Of course not," Michael.Eisner said: "But, Eric, do you think there is a friend in Hollywood, Firefly? Although you are very happy to work with Fox, believe me, as long as there is a chance, Murdoch will definitely squat on the back of the Firefly. ”

    "I know this too, therefore, I will try not to give Mr. Murdoch has this opportunity, and at the same time, I will not give each other an opportunity for the enemy who has already inserted a knife in the back," Eric said casually.

    Michael .Eisner heard Eric say this and still smiles. "Eric, I want to know something, I don't deny it, so I think we are still reconciling."

    "reconciliation?"Eric looked up and asked, "How to reconcile?"

    Michael .Eisner said with a faint confidence: "How about the script for Ghost?"

    Eric wants to shake his head directly if he doesn't want to: "Mr. Eisner, I don't need script, so I don't want to work with Disney. Without Ghost, I will choose something else. Moreover, I promise that Disney can't make the "Ghost" that I have already conceived in my mind. You can make this movie, maybe you can make a small profit, but it is absolutely impossible to become a classic. It is even harder to say if you can sell it. It is. ”

    "No, no, Eric, I don't think you fully understand what I mean. I mean, Disney will transfer the script for Ghost to you. Then, we will reconcile, how?"

    Eric finally looked up in surprise and saw Michael.Eisner with a confident look, Eric immediately thought of another question: "Mr. Eisner, I think Disney is going to buy the "Ghost" script, which definitely cost a lot of money, and maybe promised Bruce.Joey.Part of Robin’s dividend, right? ”

    "Yes," Michael.Eisner nodded: “1 Million USD cash and 3% North America profit share.”

    Eric figured it out. If you follow the previous life, then the money adds up to more than 3 Million. Perhaps, for future profits, the money is nothing. But for Disney, who doesn't know the outcome at all, the offer is simply outrageous.

    Seeing Eric silent and silent, Michael.Eisner said: "Eric, Disney is very sincere, so as long as we reconcile, I will transfer this script to Firefly for free."

    "What about your contract?"Eric asked subconsciously: "I think, Bruce.Joey.Robin will certainly not be reconciled. ”

    "This is actually a good solution. Disney will transfer the script to Firefly. When the movie is produced, it will be distributed by Disney. Then, it belongs to Bruce.Joey.Robin's share can be allocated from Disney's profit. What do you think? ”

    "Firefly and Disney are co-published, and the movie is copyrighted by Firefly," Eric said quickly, as Michael said.Eisner was able to make such a powerful choice. If he was too careless, it would be too small.

    On the other hand, the film is completely to Disney distribution, although it can maximize benefits, but so firefly their own channels do not want to expand, and this situation has been continued, Firefly will certainly degenerate into previous life DreamWorks, can make A good film, but not enough power to release, only in a few major film Studio struggle between survival.

    Moreover, these years are the best and last chance to expand the Firefly distribution channel, because the cost of film production in the early 1990s is not too high, so Eric made up his mind, even if it is less earned in recent years. Some, but also to open up the Firefly distribution channel. Otherwise, in the late 1990s, the special effects blockbuster, so the production cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, if there is no distribution channel, then the situation will be very tragic. Most of the profits were deprived by the major Film Studios that mastered the distribution channels. In the end, Production Studio even found that even the production costs could not be recovered.

    I heard Eric's tone loose, Michael.Eisner didn't even think about it, nodded directly: "No problem."

    Michael .Eisner said this, the atmosphere between the two sides suddenly became a bit silent. Michael .Eisner's own goal was achieved, and I wanted to let Michael.Eric's Eric, who hit the nail, didn't keep going.

    After drinking the coffee in front of him, Eric took the initiative to stand up and said: "So, Mr. Eisner, if there is nothing else, I will go back first. ”

    "I will send you," Michael.Eisner followed and stood up.

    Eric has been sent out of the mansion, Michael.Eisner returned to the study room with a cold face, and picked up a few inconspicuous folders that were originally placed in the corner of the desk. There were several movie projects for Ghost made by Disney Director.

    Michael .Eisner can be said to be the deepest one of Eric's personal potential, and one of the deepest ones of Eric's personal potential. Therefore, he will join forces with other other Studio Studios to launch a joint suppression of Firefly. Unfortunately, due to some flaws in the process, things have not been successful. After seeing Murdoch take the initiative to contact Eric's news, Michael.Eisner is determined to reconcile with Eric. After all, as he began to say, there is no eternal enemy, only eternal interests.

    Moreover, originally Michael.Eisner also did not intend to reconcile with Eric at the expense of Ghost's script. However, he had some of Disney's well-known Directors to take Ghost's scripts for research some time ago, and then the project plans provided by these people also It is now that these things in his hands are not for Michael.Eisner is satisfied. (To be continued)

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