Chapter 294 is good

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of chapter 294 is good, floating astronomy

    Not to mention, Disney and Bruce.Joey.In the contract signed by Robin, there is also a clause that must allow Eric to personally act as the director of the film. If the designated directors can come up with a solution that would satisfy him, Michael.Eisner didn't mind defaulting and forcing Disney's Director to take over the script, but it turned out to be counterproductive, so Michael.Eisner decisively made today's decision. After all, if Disney forced himself to make it, the final result would be flat. It would be better to give the script to Eric to make it. After all, Eric still has a very strong Box Office guarantee.

    Sit in the study for a long time, Michael.Eisner took the solution from the folder and threw it into the trash can next to it and got out of the door.


    In mid-March, after more than a month of investigation, the Federal Trade Commissioner announced the results of the alleged industry monopoly on Firefly and uta, because of the loss of several companies behind the push, coupled with a series of public opinion pressure, federal trade The investigation committee did not impose too much punishment on Eric. In addition to asking Eric to sell all the shares in his hands, it is a very symbolic 1 Million USD fine.

    After the results were released, Eric did not raise any objections, paid a 10 Million USD fine, and sold 90% of the uta's shares at 30 Million USD to icm, one of Hollywood's three major Brokerage Firms.

    Almost at the same time, Sony Film Industry and Firefly also settled on the project sharing of "Running Out of Time". A week later, Sony divided the "Running Out of Time" more than 88 million USD into all settlements. As for the other three lawsuits carried by Eric, in addition to the two lawsuits of the prosecutor withdrawing the lawsuit, the other lawsuit concerning the sharp-pointed plot of Malibu disappeared because of the lack of evidence.

    Firefly and Fox's TV serInternet Explorer s "X-Files" also started the shooting process. Another show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
From the beginning of March, a huge propaganda began, although some people in the program were proposing. The first episode of the show can invite some stars as answering guests, but this proposal was directly rejected by Eric. Inviting a star can certainly attract some attention, but in that case, it will make this show lose its sense of reality. After all, the selling point of this program is the richness of grassroots overnight. Therefore, the program group still adopts the national sea election method, and has established registration points throughout North America.

    Next, Disney announced soon. Will work with Firefly to release Eric.Williams' new film "Ghost."

    At this point, the Eric from the first day of the new year, the storm of more than two months against the Firefly completely disappeared.

    After a series of prelude awards for the awards season, on March 26, 1990, the 62nd Oscar Oscar Awards ceremony was held at the Los Angeles Music Center.

    Eric tied the button of the dress, just drilled out of the courtesy car, and there was a warm shout on both sides of the red carpet. Eric also faintly heard someone sing the new "new-divide".

    All the way smiling and waving at the crowd, Eric alone did not stay too much. All the way to the red carpet lens, the reporters in the interview area are of course extremely disappointed, and. What disappoints them even more is that Eric still does not bring any female companions today, which is a lot less topic.

    After all, although Eric is still very young, his status and his family are there. Since breaking up with Aniston, whoever is likely to stay in Eric's 'Freedom City' at the corner of Malibu has become a lot of gossip media. The goal of the cable.

    If someone can find such a message, you can definitely buy a good price now.

    Coming to the end of red carpet. Eric was also stopped by the nbcTV Station host responsible for this Oscar broadcast, and Eric was invited to the interview area.

    "Mr. Williams. Hello, the second time I set foot on Oscar red carpet. Do you feel any difference? ”The hostess in a black dress asked with a microphone.

    Eric smiled and said: "Of course, fans have become more enthusiastic, and I would like to thank everyone for their support during this time."

    The hostess heard what Eric was referring to and did not continue. After all, nbc was not clear in the storm some time ago: "So Mr. Williams, talk about your expectations for this evening's awards. It's amazing that you not only won the best original script and the best adaptation script, but also got a nomination for the best soundtrack. ”

    When Eric heard this question, he would close the mic and the set would be said by everyone. For example, if you want to see if the judges like it, then Eric will answer a few questions with patience, and the host will be reluctant. Let him go.

    Just walking into the waiting area, Eric felt that no amount of light was projected on him. Eric's eyes showed a smile to everyone without a focal length, and then walked toward several movie crews related to Firefly.

    The men in several crews are still good to say, Jonathan.Demme, Al.Pacino, Tom.Hanks and others enthusiastically came up to say hello, but several women are somewhat reserved. After all, it can still be photographed by the media.

    Eric greeted several big men before they looked at the women.

    Virginia quietly stood on the edge of the crowd, with a faint smile on her face, a look of no match.

    Nicole looked eager to try, but estimated what it was, so there was no movement in the place, just looking at Eric's eyes with some emotions unabashedly.

    As for Julia, at this time intimately holding Elizabeth, the two girls looked at Eric's eyes with inexplicable complex emotions.

    After thinking about it, Eric walked over to Julia and Elizabeth: "Juli, Liz, that…Although it may be a bit late, I still have to say sorry. ”

    When I heard Eric, Julia pulled Elizabeth's arm tightly and tightened back. Elizabeth looked like a little hen, and stepped forward and whispered: "Mr. Williams, I don't need to apologize. I just hope that you can stay away from us in the future. I and Julia are grateful. ”

    "This one……Of course, no problem," Eric couldn't help but raise his hand and touch his nose with his index finger. Looking at the two girls' appearances now, he always felt a bit strange, but he didn't know what to blame. But he can be sure that his feelings are absolutely right: "Yes, Liz, how come you are here?"Eric asked again without a word.

    "Oh, of course I have my way," Elizabeth said, pulling Julia, who had never spoken, went straight to the other place.

    Others thought that Eric had eaten in front of the two girls, and they all showed a sly look. Eric shrugged carelessly, greeted Nicole, and walked to Virginia in the disappointment of the girl.

    "Vicky, I'm sorry, I didn't go to the premiere of "Reservoir Dogs" at the beginning of the month."Going to the girl, Eric said with a little apology, as a ghost of Quentin's debut, because Eric supports, this version of "Reservoir Dogs" is not like the previous life, in North America because there is not much publicity Not ignorant.

    This version of Reservoir Dogs, not only because of its unique narrative style, won the Special Jury award at the Sundance Film Festival in January, but also reached 500 on the North America's open screen, and held a small premiere, Because of his role in the brother's sake, Virginia dedicated to join, but also casually invited Eric, but although the storm has come to an end, but Eric has not been able to focus on the "Reservoir Dogs" premiere.

    After the promotion of Firefly, "Reservoir Dogs" reached more than 6 million Box Offices in the first week, Quentin.Tarantino also jumped into the ranks of Directors because of the Box Office's more than 10,000 USD, and is currently pondering his next script. Of course, investors are still Firefly, but Eric doesn't know if Quentin can. Write "Pulp Fiction" again. After all, because of Eric's butterfly effect, although "Reservoir Dogs" was not fanned away by the 'butterfly' wings, "Pulp Fiction" hangs a lot. Eric also made up his mind and asked Quentin if he had time to do it. If Quentin didn't have this idea, he would make the script himself.

    "It doesn't matter, I regretted it later. You must have a lot of things to do. How can you take the time to participate in the premiere?" Yes, Eric, my brother asked me to thank you for him,” Virginia whispered.

    Eric smiled and said Michael.Madsen certainly will not say such a thing, 80% is the girl's own meaning. He also paid attention to the situation of "Reservoir Dogs" during this time, Michael.After the release of "Reservoir Dogs", Madsen accepted a talk show for the film propaganda and the crew. He said that he did not want to cooperate with Quentin any more, and also called Quentin on the spot in front of several other masters.Tarantino was a jerk, shooting when killing the kidnapped sergeant in the show because of some lines, Michael.Madsen associates with his newly born child and almost collapsed.

    However, Quentin also said on the spot that he likes the evaluation of the bastard very much. As for whether it is a joke, no one knows.

    Because there were too many people, Eric couldn't make any relatives, chatting with Virginia for a while, and everyone started to enter the Los Angeles concert hall.

    “It’s so good, we sat together last time,” Eric said as he walked into the hall of the concert hall and sat down, looking at Virginia. (To be continued)

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