Body Chapter 295 Accident

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 295 accident, floating astronomy

    "Then can I sit next to you?" ”Because there were no reporters around, Virginia gave up a little and floated a flattering look towards Eric.

    Eric smiled and pulled the girl's little hand and pinched it and said, "Of course, as long as you like."

    Virginia looked around and the awards ceremony took only a few minutes to start. It was surrounded by familiar people, so they didn't make it easy. Eric held his hand in obedience.

    United States 16:30 West Time, the 62nd Oscar Awards ceremony officially began.

    Drawing on the lessons of the previous awards ceremony, this time, the award ceremony reappeared as the host, Billy.Christo, Eric's memory, Billy.Christo continued to host the 9th Oscar Awards Ceremony.

    Many people wonder why such a guy who doesn't know much about Hollywood always appears on the stage of the Oscar Awards. In fact, Oscar's host doesn't have to be an actor in Hollywood. In many cases, it's a TV talk show. host. Of course, Billy.Christo and another famous Oscar host, Ubi Gothenburg, is arguably the most famous of Oscar hosts in Hollywood. proportion.In addition to the identity of the Actor, Christo is also the talk show host such as the famous "Saturday Night Live".

    The program begins, as usual, in tandem with the Oscar nomination for the film, Crystal will be the nomination of the "My Left Foot", "Steel magnolias", "The Others", "for Miss Daisy Drive" and other films one by one to sing out in a singing manner, because the string of words is wonderful, Also not to the guests under the table to make a few jokes, so, pour also let people listen with relish.

    After the finale of the Best Supporting Actor's Awards, the next step is a series of irrelevant small awards. Until more than twenty minutes later, the famous actor Steve, known as Hollywood 'Pulsatilla'.Martin boarded the podium and let Eric play a little bit of spirit. Because, the next award is the best original score. "The "Mooded Love" copied by Eric in Running Out of Time was nominated.

    “A good soundtrack can make a movie even better, so let’s take a look at which movies have won this nomination this time,” Steve said.Martin said, pointing to the big screen, there are several soundtracks for the nominated films on the screen.

    "The best singer nominated for the 'Kiss Girl' of "Little Mermaid", "I saw your smile" in "The Warm Family".The second spring, 'I used to be such a girl' and "Running Out of Time"'s "silent love." ”

    Introducing the nomination, Steve.Martin unpacked the envelope and glanced inside, then looked up slightly and looked up at the stage, looking at Eric's face for half a second, then quickly took it back and read: "This The winner of Oscar's best original soundtrack is: 'Moodless Love', "Running Out of Time."


    The silent voice didn't remember, but the whole hall was full of amazement and amazement, and then countless eyes turned to Eric.

    Eric also felt incredibly standing up. Quickly hugged everyone around me and smiled and walked towards the stage.

    After receiving the Xiaojin people from the awarding guests, Eric came to the front of the microphone. I quickly organized the language and looked around the audience. I laughed and said: "This is really unexpected. I didn't think that the first Oscar award I got was actually the best original score. However, Xiaojin Renbi I think it should be heavier."

    There was a chuckle in the audience.

    When the laughter stopped a little, Eric continued: "A year ago. I am still a young man who has just grown up, because his father died suddenly. I have to drop out of school and work in an Italian Restaurant. then. Suddenly one day, I feel that I can't look like this anymore. What do I have to do, I have to do something, this desire is very strong, so I started to try to write my first novel and the first A script, fortunately, with the help of some people, I was lucky enough to succeed, all the way to today. I was very fond of music from an early age, after receiving the film reward of "again", I bought my first piano, and in my spare time I always thought of some tunes occasionally, and then some clumsy to write down with staff, and "wordless Love" is the product of this inspiration, I am not a professional music division, therefore, It was a surprise to get the award. Here, I want to thank those who have come along and helped me, Michael.Mr. Claus, he published my first book for me, James.Brooks and Penny.Marshall , they gave me the chance to enter Hollywood , Jeffrey .Hanson, he helped me complete my first movie, and in the following year, silently supported me, and finally, the beautiful girls in my movie, oh…Ok, don't laugh, I am serious, thank you, thank you all. ”

    Although no drafts were prepared, Eric quickly completed the award-winning testimonials and then walked backstage with the two awardees.

    When Eric returned to his seat again, the best makeup after the best soundtrack was released, and the guests were introducing the nomination for this Oscar Best Foreign Language Film.

    When two Erics were not too familiar to read the best foreign film award-winning film "Rodant's Lovers", Eric looked at the nervous woman on the big screen, his look moved slightly.

    "What's wrong, and inspired?"Virginia has a little tune in his tone.

    Eric shook his head and said, "Nothing, just suddenly remembered a few people."

    "Why don't you just say, think of a few women."Virginia whispered again.

    Eric smiled. He really remembered a few women, what was on the big screen, Isabelle.Adjani, and two other women, Sophie.Marceau and Monica.Bellucci.

    Eric originally had a feeling that these three women, though Isabelle.Adjani is the best performer, Sophie.Marceau is second, Monica.Bellucci is entirely a vase, but in terms of looks, three people have a lot in common, and previous life Eric sees someone to comment, Isabelle.Adjani looks like Sophie .Marceau and Monica.The combination of two women in Bellucci. (To be continued)

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