Text Chapter 297 Oscar (middle)

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    I have been patiently waiting for the applause to stop, Billy.Christo said: "So, Hollywood is a place full of dreams, whether it is less than 20 years old, or more than 80 years old, as long as you are really talented, willing to work hard, you will definitely get sure."

    A burst of applause rang again, and many people turned their eyes to Eric, no doubt, Billy.In the mouth of Christo's mouth, 'it is less than twenty years old', it refers to Eric, and the camera lens is also transferred to Eric in accordance with the public opinion.

    Eric snorted and smirked at the corner of his mouth, and he responded.

    Billy.Christo finished the word, please come up with another group of award-winning guests, and immediately left the stage.

    After another few irrelevant awards, another Hollywood legendary actress Jane.Fonda took the stage and Eric sat up involuntarily, because the next two awards were the two most important awards for him on this Oscar. Although Eric had four films in this year, Firefly also Two films, "Pretty Woman" and "Running Out of Time", declared the best Director, but they were not nominated.

    Therefore, Eric's two best script awards from The Others and Scent of a Woman became the two most important nominations for his Oscar.

    Born to be a family of actresses.Fangda and Morgan.Freeman is quite old, but looks like he is in his forties in his appearance. The black slim long dress makes the actress faintly revealing the charm of youth.

    "This year is undoubtedly a year of Hollywood's bumper harvest. Not only did the local Box Office break through 5Billion USD for the first time, but there are also more outstanding movies than in previous years. No matter what is a good movie, it is inseparable from a good script. Script is the foundation of a movie. So. Let's take a look at the film nominated by Oscar's best adapted script. ”simple.Fang Da said, slightly sideways sideways. After gesturing to the big screen, I went on to read: "The best nominated script is nominated for "Driving for Miss Daisy." Alfred.Ahari; "The enemy, a story of love," Roger.Simon; "Fantasy Come True", Phil.Alden.Robinson, "My Left Foot", Jim.Sheridan, "Scent of a Woman", Eric.Williams. ”

    On the big screen, there are five shots of nominated candidates. Eric's eyes looked at the stage without hesitation. Although he wanted to show a casual appearance, in this situation, in this tense atmosphere, Eric's hands on his knees couldn't help but hold. Become a fist. Although the best adaptation script and the best Original Script two awards are compared with the last four awards, the attention is still not very high, but compared with the previous best-in-class technical awards that are irrelevant. The gold content of the award is much higher.

    simple.After Fangda introduced the nominee, he did not let the audience wait for too long, and quickly opened the envelope in his hand. After looking at it, I got close to the microphone. "The best adaptation of Oscar's script is: "Drive for Miss Daisy."

    In the loud applause, Eric's heart jumped awkwardly, and there was a strong sense of discomfort in her heart. Among the best script nominations, "Scent of a Woman" is the one that is most likely to win an award. After all, everyone knows that the horror film theme is not worthy of Oscar's favor, although I also thought about filing "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Pretty Woman"'s best Original Script, after all, love movies are more pleasing than horror movies, but after considering it again and again. Eric also decided to declare the best Original Script for The Others and gave up Sleepless in Seattle and Pretty Woman.

    after all. The possibility of a love movie getting the best Original Script is low, and "The Others" is a horror film. But this script is certainly more exciting than the traditional horror movie, the chances of winning the award are also higher than those of the other two love movies, although Oscar will not forbid Eric to declare another two love movies, and the chances of getting a nomination are slim, but that would only be a thin vote. The chances of winning a few script awards have become very low.

    But Eric now finds that he is ignoring another fact.

    Whether it's the best original script or the best adapted script, the vote is Writers Guild's America, so he gets the best SCR with scent of a Woman and the others. After IPT's nomination, screenwriter, who has the right to vote, will take into account that he has won two nominations, leaving all his nominations too inopportune and at least voting for one of the two films. But Eric can also be sure that most screenwriters won't vote for two scripts at the same time, but only one of the two scripts "Scent of a Woman" and "The Others".

    This also means that although the best Original Script and the best adaptation script are two different awards, the votes for the two awards are still shared.

    Well, the result is no doubt, if you let the members of Writers Guild of America choose one, the more artistically successful "Scent of a Woman" will definitely get more votes than "The Others", then, even with "Scent of A Woman didn't win the award, and the next "The Others" was even less hopeful.

    With a sigh in the bottom of his heart, Eric shook his head slightly, quickly convulsing his expression and turning his eyes to the stage.

    After the best adaptation of the script, Jane.Fangda did not step off the stage, but continued to introduce the nomination list of the best Original Script: "The winner of Oscar's best Original Script is: "Death Poetry Society", Tom.Shulman; "Sin and Wrong", Woody.Alan; "Sex, Lies and Videotapes", Steven.Soderberg; The Others, Eric.Williams; "When Harry Met Sally", Nora.Avery. ”

    Eric's face reappeared on the screen in the center of the stage. Even though many people on the scene could see him on the stage, many people turned their attention to where Eric was.

    Undoubtedly, these people must have realized the current situation of Eric. As for whether anyone is gloating, it is unclear.

    Eric turned a blind eye to other insignificant eyes, but in several crews around him, he turned his attention to the eyes and nodded his head and made a peace of mind. (To be continued)

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