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    Although I have not expected any expectations for this award, Eric's expression is still a little bit embarrassing, but at the same time he is also comforting himself in the heart, anyway, he is still young, and it is not a good thing to get the award too early.

    On the stage, Jane.After introducing the best Original Script nomination, Fangda looked around the stage slightly. I didn't know whether it was intentional or not. Eric found that the woman had a special moment on him, but had not waited for Eric to make any confirmation. .Fangda lowered his head and opened the envelope. He took out the card with the name of the winner and looked at it. The surprised expression on his face flashed away, and then a smile appeared. He looked up again and looked at Eric.

    Eric can be sure that this time is definitely not his illusion. If that eye may have been inadvertently, then, this time, does it mean that…

    The heart rushed a few times, and Eric clenched his fists unconsciously, staring at Jane.Fangda.

    simple.Fangda seems to feel the urge of everyone in the audience, no longer sell off, close to the microphone lang: "Oscar's best Original Script is: "The Others."

    The most unlikely thing happened. Most of the people in the Los Angeles Music Hall are Hollywood-stained characters. Many people have amazed expressions when they hear this name.

    Eric continued to open his eyes in disbelief, until someone standing around him, and Eric stood up.

    The applause sounded thunderously.

    At the same time, the scene that surprised everyone in the awards hall followed.

    As Eric got up, more people followed, including a series of nominated "The Others," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Running Out of Time." "Pretty Woman and all the Firefly-related crews, the number of people who got up involved five people around Eric.

    Although many people who got up immediately realized that this was not appropriate, it would be even more inappropriate to sit down. Therefore, it can only remain as it is.

    After Eric and the neighbors simply hugged, they were under pressure from time. I can only rush to shake hands with other people standing up around, even if they are too far away to touch their fingers.

    Even so, it took nearly a minute for Eric to get on the stage.

    At this time, many people were seriously skeptical, shocked, helpless, and so on. Most of them were converted into envy. A small, best Original Script award can make such a big move, then, today, today. No one dared to ignore Eric's status in Hollywood.

    The award-winning testimony of this award was prepared by Eric in advance, so it was easier to say than to get the best score more than an hour ago. Even Eric spoke with a lot of thoughts on why he got the award.

    There is no doubt that this is the result of Oscar's pork division.

    Eric felt that Oscar was thinking too simple. With his current influence in Hollywood, he still had nothing to gain in the case of two simultaneous nominations. Oscar's impartiality will once again be questioned.

    Moreover, this time the questioning will certainly come from the media, and perhaps from the ordinary people. As for the reason, or because of the previous time, Eric has experienced a malicious suppression. If Oscar still allows him to return empty-handed if he gets two best script nominations, then the public will inevitably reproduce. Some bad associations are disappointing to Oscar.

    As for why, in the end, I didn't get the best adapted script award for Scent of a Woman, but the Best Original Script for The Others. Eric understands that this is probably the result of a series of games behind. Although very interested in a series of insiders. But Eric knows that he hasn't reached the level of an internal game that can reach the Oscar Awards.

    Think about it this way. Followed by Jane all the way.Fang Da and the award-winning guests walked into the background. The staff took the opportunity to pick up the little gold man who had no nameplate in Eric's hands and nailed the golden nameplate for him.

    The award for the best Director was awarded, and Scent of a Woman was nominated for the best Director. Therefore, Eric, waiting for the staff to nail the nameplate, was inevitably anxious. At this time, Jane was awarded for him.Fangda came over.

    "Mr. Williams, congratulations," Jane.Fangda smiled and reached out to Eric.

    "Fonda, thank you for giving me the hint just now," though inwardly anxious, Eric still has good interests, flattery: "I have seen a lot of your films," Glory "and" Flower Street Homicide King "are very good, but my favorite is the" Golden Pond ", the film said that the expression of the affection of the people moved. ”

    "Thank you for your enjoyment," Jane.Fangda still smiles, then said: "Mr. Williams, are you sure you want to start a party? ”

    Eric looked a little and quickly realized that this woman was not simply coming over to greet him. Although she didn't know the other's purpose, she could establish some friendship with Hollywood's famous acting family. So it must be for him. Good and harmless.

    Therefore, Eric said without hesitation: "Yes, Ms. Fangda, if you have time, welcome you to our celebration party after the ceremony, the third floor of the Beverly Hills Hotel."

    "I will go," Jane.Fangda nodded. She knew that Eric was also anxious to return to the hall, so she didn't say too much and left soon.

    Even so, when Eric returned to the awards hall, he was still disappointed to discover Director Oliver on the stage, born July 4th.Stone is talking about his award-winning testimony, and Al of the nearby "Scent of a Woman" crew.Pacino saw Eric come back and gave him a helpless look. As for Martin.Brest, Eric didn't see the other person's expression, but Eric couldn't think of anything else except the loss.

    Speaking of the film "born on July 4th", I have to talk about the sad reminder of Tom, Eric also remembered after seeing this movie.Cruise will have won the first Oscar best actor nomination for this movie.

    Unfortunately, because of the "Running Out of Time", Cruise missed the movie.

    Originally, Firefly and Cruise both tried to win the best nomination for the best actor, but unfortunately, although Tomog got a nomination for the best actor in the Golden Globe Award with "Running Out of Time". But I couldn't touch Oscar, so Eric saw Cruise a few days ago and the other side never gave him any good looks.

    Cruise has already received enough rewards for "Running Out of Time". Therefore, although Eric has no help but no way to get the Oscar actor nomination, it doesn't feel that he owes the other person. After all, Cruise's reward is better than Hanks. A lot more.

    Think of it this time, the last best Heroine winner on the stage, JodInternet Explorer.Foster has begun to introduce the best nomination for the best actor. Listening to the introduction of the girl on the stage, Eric suddenly thought that if "The Silence of the Lambs" can be produced and released last year, then JodInternet Explorer.Foster will most likely be the best Heroine in Oscar.

    This must be said to be a pity.

    "The best actor nominated is: Morgan.Freeman, "Driving for Miss Daisy"; Al.Pacino, "Scent of a Woman"; Daniel.wore.Lewis, "My Left Foot"; Kenneth.Brana, "God of War Henry V", Robin.Williams, The Death Poetry Society. ”

    Everyone introduced, JodInternet Explorer.A wonderful movie clip will appear on the big screen behind Foster.

    Eric looked at the waist that was a little tight and the waist was slightly tight.Pacino can also appreciate some Al.Pacino's mood, starting 17 years ago, Al.Pacino has already won five Oscar nominations, but all failed, with Al.Asino’s acting, saying 'Oscar owes him a little golden man' is not an exaggeration.

    As for the original Oscar best actor winner Daniel.wore.Lewis, although the other side's acting is also very good, but Daniel.wore.The disadvantages of Lewis are also very obvious.

    First of all, he is a United Kingdom person, and this will certainly be discriminated against by Oscar, and there is no doubt.

    Second, Daniel.wore.Lewis is only in his early 30s, just the average age of the Oscar actor, and Al, who is already fifty.Pacino is even younger than it is.

    Finally, Daniel.wore.Regardless of his qualifications or connections, Lewis couldn't have been with Al in Hollywood for twenty years.Pacino competes.

    Previous life Daniel.wore.Lewis's ability to win awards has a lot to do with just catching up with Oscar. Although influenced by the butterfly effect, Eric can still think of some clues from the current list. Most of the nominated films in this session should be Same as previous life, but in the list of these nominated movies, except for Tom.Cruise's starring and some famous "born on July 4th", other movies have no influence.

    This time, things didn't go beyond Eric's surprise, JodInternet Explorer.After Foster opened the envelope, he quickly read Al.The name of Pacino.

    In the warm applause, Al.After Pacino greeted the crew members of Scent of a Woman, he did not immediately go to the stage. Instead, he came to the back of Eric. Eric realized what the other party was going to do, smiled and stood up, originally sitting on the other side of Eric. Jonathan .Demme let out the body. (To be continued)

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