The fun thing in Chapter 299

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 290th chapter of the body of interesting things, floating astronomy

    Al .Pacino gave Eric a big hug and said, "Eric, thank you."

    Eric is Al .Pacino sighed with a sigh of relief, still said with a smile: "Al, this is what you deserve, even without me, I believe that with your strength, you can get Oscar's best actor in the morning and evening."

    I patted on the back of Eric, Al.Pacino didn't say anything, gratefully looked at Eric and walked to the stage.

    Eric returned to his seat and saw Al.Pacino went to the stage. When he stepped up the stairs, he obviously stunned and almost fell. But there was no one in the hall and he laughed. The applause was even more enthusiastic.

    From JodInternet Explorer.Foster took over the little gold man, Al.Pacino walked to the front of the microphone, but although she still had some sunshine, her eyes turned sharp again and looked at the audience.After a few moments, Pacino said with generosity: "This day, I have been waiting for seventeen years…"

    Although very excited, Al.Pacino didn't say much, after a minute, Al.Pacino follows JodInternet Explorer.Foster walked back to the background.

    Subsequently, Michelle, the winner of this Oscar Best Heroine nomination.After coming to the stage, Pfeiffer gave a live performance of the nominated song "Flying Over the Rainbow" after a few speeches. A few minutes later, Al.Pacino returned to the audience, and the last and most important award of this year's Oscar is coming.

    Warren.Beatty and Jack.Nickel Sen went on stage together, and after a brief gag, began to introduce the list of films that were nominated for the best film.

    Because the film that won the best film nomination has been introduced in detail during the award-winning ceremony for several hours, this time the introduction is very brief. Five award-winning films appeared on the big screen, Warren.Beattie also opened the envelope and quickly read the name "Made for Miss Daisy."

    After the nomination of the best Director failed. Eric has not reported much hope for the best film nomination, at this time I heard the name of "Driving for Miss Daisy." His heart is much more balanced than others. After all, the film's previous life was originally the winner of the best film. Now, Eric is not too disappointed.

    This result is actually good. Although there are a lot of movies on Oscar this year because of Eric's appearance, but after careful study, this year is still Oscar.

    "Scent of a Woman" is undoubtedly excellent. But this kind of excellence is mainly reflected in Al.Pacino's acting, in the film, is far from the Oscar history of those such as "Schindler's List", "Forrest Gump", "RMS Titanic" and other films, so, this year Oscar no one can residents′demands several major awards of the film appeared , the college also divided the four major prizes into several different films, including pork. Firefly is very lucky to be able to get a place for the best actor.

    With the final awards, the 62nd Oscar Awards Ceremony also officially ended. Some people were happy and some were lost.

    When going out. Eric saw that this session should be the most lost person, Miramax's Weinstein brothers and "My Left Foot" crew, although "My Left Foot" won five nominations. But there is always a prize, and it seems that it has also been attacked by Firefly. For example, Daniel, who should have won the best actor.wore.Lewis, the award was given by Al.Pacino took it away. The best supporting actress was also taken away by Julia. As for the best adaptation of script, best director and best film, although it has nothing to do with Firefly, "My Left Foot" also failed to get the award.

    Eric and the Weinstein brothers had a relationship when they first tried to acquire Miramax. The offer price of the two did not satisfy Eric, and the last thing was not successful. Eric focused on the new line.

    At this point, I saw Eric again after more than half a year. Harvey .Weinstein and Bob.The Weinstein brothers only slightly hesitated for a moment and then walked up to say hello to Eric in the crowd of Firefly. Eric smiled and shook hands with each other, and also noticed Daniel.wore.Lewis looks to Al.When Pacino was in the hands of Xiaojin, he was not convinced, just smiled.

    "Mr. Williams, congratulations," Harvey.Weinstein had a little lost face and squeezed away Jonathan, who had been around Eric.Demme, with a compliment on his face: "Mr. Williams, I didn't cooperate successfully at the beginning. Now I can't help but say it is a pity. I think, maybe when can we find a time to talk about it? ”

    Eric picked up his eyebrow slightly. Now that Firefly and the new line have been integrated, plus Firefly will not make people look down, but the overall strength is still no way to compare with the seven Film Studio, so if you buy Weinstein again Brother's Miramax, he didn't know where to put the Weinstein brothers.

    And, this time, Robert.Shay's operation of Oscar also proves that Firefly's current public relations ability to Oscar is not much worse than that of the Weinstein brothers, and even stronger than the other side. In addition, with Eric, the choice of Olympus film will not be better than the choice. The Weinstein brothers are much worse, so Eric is no longer as enthusiastic about the acquisition of Miramax as he had imagined.

    However, the ability of the two brothers is there, although it is no longer eager to acquire Miramax, but Eric has not pushed the other to the other Film Studio.

    "In this case, we can take the time to talk about it," Eric headed Harvey.Weinstein nodded and just wanted to say something. Eric saw another crew passing by. Although others didn't know much, Eric was one of the women, but the other was Isabelle.Adjani.

    The girl seems to have noticed Eric's gaze. The line of sight is opposite to Eric, and then she moves away without any greeting.

    Eric didn't care, but turned around and looked for it, following Harvey.Daniel, in the "My Left Foot" crew behind the Weinstein brothers.wore.Lewis at Isabelle.When Adjani passed, it was completely indifferent. Obviously, two people are not familiar with it, let alone love.

    It was such a funny thing, Eric stretched his fingers and thought about it. (To be continued)

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