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    The spacious party hall is full of people, this is the Oscar celebration party being held by Firefly Film Studio.

    In general, in addition to those award-winning film crews, only Hollywood's Big Film Studio will hold a similar party after the Golden Globe Award or Oscar to invite Hollywood Star to participate. The second and third line Film Studio will not do this at all.

    This is not a question of money, but a manifestation of strength. Because the second and third lines of Film Studio hold similar parties, you will encounter the embarrassing situation that no heavyweight stars come to join, which will make you even more humiliating.

    However, Firefly is different. Although Firefly is still in the position of second-line Film Studio, the huge influence that Firefly has made on the awards and Box Office this year, except for the stars of the original uta, are mostly present. Or other Hollywood Stars looking for opportunities are everywhere.

    “I feel that the college is still too conservative. The four films that you personally directed this year have achieved great success in Box Office. Except that Home Alone 2 is a pure comedy, I think the other three won the most. The nomination of the good Director is completely fine, especially the "Running Out of Time". It is a pity."Harvey .Weinstein's fat face came to Eric and said with sincerity.

    Eric in the Oscar ceremony just with the Weinstein Brothers met, originally intended to find a chance to chat, but Weinstein brothers heard Firefly to hold a celebration party, directly with "My left foot" crew together, "my left foot" although received five nominations , but eventually returned empty-handed, and the Weinstein brothers canceled their original party, and no one complained about my left foot crew.

    Eric smiled with red wine in his hand: "Harvey, it's nothing. I am so young now, and when there are more opportunities in the future, it is not a good thing to get the award too early. It is easy for a person to get lost and become stagnant. ”

    "No, no, no."Harvey .Weinstein immediately shook his head and said: "Eric, in fact, I think Firefly's lottery strategy has a lot of mistakes, just like the two best script nominations you get. If you let me do it, I will definitely not report one separately. The best Original Script and one of the best adaptation scripts don't mean that your script is not good enough, but instead. The two scripts are good enough, which will make both nominations fall through. As for the reason, I think you can definitely think about it now. There is also "Scent of a Woman", only got one of the best actor, and some are a pity. ”

    "I think Daniel in "My Left Foot."wore.Mr. Lewis’s performance is also very good. If there is no “Scent of a Woman”, perhaps this best actor should be his,” Eric looked at Daniel not far away.wore.Lewis, then said: "I heard that Daniel was indulging in the role when he was performing. I even think of myself as a disabled person, and often help people to eat. ”

    Harvey .Weinstein looked around and only slightly lowered his voice: "Actually. At the beginning, I was originally preparing for the best actor in public relations, because "My Left Foot" is good enough, but it is a United Kingdom film. The protagonist of the film is also an Irish artist, so although "My left Feet won five nominations, but the most likely is only the best actor, but after Scent of a Woman appeared. I knew that Daniel's best Heroine was definitely not playing. The best film possibilities are extremely low. So I changed the public to the best Director. Unfortunately, in the end, I still could not compete with Oliver.Stone. After all, the other party is the big Director of Hollywood's many years of fame. And Jim.Sheridan was the first to direct a film. After all, this time Miramax is not lucky. ”

    Eric nodded nodded and continued to wait for Harvey to go on. He knew that Harvey had paved the way for so much, certainly not to reveal to him such a inside story.

    Sure enough, after a brief pause, Harvey.Weinstein is talking to Robert with a few people who are eager to look around with their eyes.When Shee pointed her finger, she continued: "Eric, I know that Firefly's Oscar public relations is Robert.Mr. Shay is leading, but you also saw the excellent film "Scent of a Woman", and compared to "My Left Foot", "Scent of a Woman" reflects the typical United States values. Director Martin .Brest's qualifications are also sufficient, and with these advantages, only one of the best actor awards, the best Director and the best film are passed, this is a very pity. If Scent of a Woman is operated by Miramax, I believe that at least one of the best Director and best movies will be available. ”

    Listen to Harvey.In Weinstein's words, Eric said with some regrets: "Harvey, you said it makes a lot of sense, but now Firefly has no position for Miramax. When I was planning to expand Firefly, I investigated some information about Miramax. I know that your brothers have bought films in Europe or the Far East all the year round and then brought them back to the local distribution. Then, you must have many foundations and contacts in foreign countries. My original plan was to let Robert.Shea is responsible for the distribution of North America, and gives the expansion of overseas channels to your brothers. ”

    Harvey .When Weinstein heard Eric's words, he couldn't help but stick out his tongue and licked his interfering lips. The expansion of Firefly's overseas channels is a very big cake. You know, Eric personally made the first few films of Director, and the overseas Box Office and the local Box Office scored similarly. Even the "Pretty Woman" overseas Box Office is 100 Million USD higher than the local.

    The reason why the Weinstein brothers focused on the selection of art films to attack Oscar, in the end, is still lacking in strength, gaining fame through winning prizes, and then earning Box Office and surrounding profits, is also a way to go slant, after all, Hollywood Oscar is also used once a year. If there is a chance to release a big commercial, then the Weinstein brothers will definitely not hesitate to change course.

    "that……Eric, I think now…"

    Eric shook his head. "It's too late. Harvey, Firefly and the new line are now integrated. Although I am still the biggest shareholder of Firefly, I must also consider Robert's feelings compared to the current Firefly. Miramax's power is too weak, and then follow the original plan, then Robert will certainly not want your brothers to split the power to issue this overseas. ”

    Harvey .Weinstein's face flashed a trace of loss. Soon he said: "Eric, actually. I am better at public relations awards, maybe we can…"

    "Harvey, you think, so many people are passionate about Oscar, what is it for?"

    Harvey .Weinstein paused and spoke out a word: "Benefit."

    Eric smiled and said: "Look, this is right. So, any large Film Studio, although it valued Oscar, did not put Oscar in the first place, and most of the movies they made were commercial. The same is true for Firefly, and within the next few years, Firefly's main focus will be on commercial films, and when it reaches a certain level of strength and scale, it will be involved in the art film field. Get some honors to add to the company. ”

    "Eric, don't you think that these two things can go hand in hand?"Harvey is not willing to say.

    "This is of course possible. Therefore, there is still a good chance of cooperation between us, but the merger is impossible. By the way, there is just one lucky movie that I am very optimistic about. The Producer of this movie is here today, or I will introduce it to you. ”

    Harvey .Weinstein nodded in a lost position, and Eric quickly found Elizabeth and Julia with Harvey. The two girls were sitting on a sofa in the corner and whispering something.

    "Hey, two beautiful women. Can I sit down? ”Eric asked in the past.

    When I heard Eric's voice, Julia's body suddenly became stiff. And Elizabeth raised his calf and smashed it to Eric: "Get out, be a ghost."

    Eric quickly flashed aside. Looking at the black sharp heel, the heart wiped the cold sweat, and at the same time, he suddenly found that the two women in front of him seemed to have smashed on his calves, and they were still the same one, and it really was a group of people.

    "Liz, don't you be so good, I have already been modest, hey, introduce you to yourself."

    Elizabeth heard Eric say this, reluctantly stood up, Julia followed up, his eyes fluttering a few times before focusing on Eric's face, barely revealing a smile.

    Elizabeth looked at the fat man around Eric: "Do you say him, Harvey.Weinstein, I know. ”

    Harvey looked at Eric in confusion, now in Hollywood, dare to sneak into Eric's woman without hesitation, it is estimated that there are few, so he has a strong curiosity about Elizabeth's identity.

    Eric quickly said: "Harvey, this is Elizabeth.Murdoch, the second daughter of Mr. Rupert Murdoch. ”

    "Ah, Miss Murdoch, hello, I don't think you know me, it's a great honor," Harvey said.Weinstein immediately reached out to the fat hand with a smile.

    Elizabeth shook hands with Harvey and turned to Eric: "Is there anything?"

    "This is the case. I think that after the production of The Silence of the Lambs, there will definitely be some work on Oscar next year, and Harvey is very good at public relations in this area, so I will introduce you."

    "Oh……"Elizabeth sighed with a long voice, and his expression became slightly angry: "So, Firefly made money after the release, and then the lottery doesn't matter?"

    Eric waved his hand: "Of course not, Liz, you must have misunderstood, I mean, Harvey is very good at public relations awards, so I want to give them the next year's "The Silence of the Lambs" awards, rest assured, all The PR fee is paid by Firefly."

    Elizabeth listened to Eric and said, he snorted and raised his chin. "This is almost the same."After the girl finished, she turned her eyes to Harvey.Weinstein, with an inquiry in his eyes.

    Being able to get in touch with the little princess of News Corp., Harvey.Weinstein certainly couldn't help it. Although she only listened to some words, Harvey was keenly aware that Elizabeth is now a producer. This is a good opportunity. If you cooperate with the relationship, Miramax also uses the financial resources of the Murdoch family. Do you continue to make small noises?

    Thinking of this, Harvey's face was more diligent, and there was a smile in every pleat on the fat face: "I have no problem here, Miss Murdoch, I am honored to be able to work with you."

    When things were finished, Elizabeth waved at Eric and Harvey: "So, if there is nothing else, you can leave."

    The two big men suddenly looked at each other, and Harvey thought that there was no contact information left. Eric recalled the previous life and saw the court play the maidens to let the little eunuch Diane.

    Elizabeth was just about to pull Julia down again, suddenly thinking about something, to Eric: "That, you stay, I still have something to ask you."

    Seeing this situation, Harvey can only leave for a while.

    After Harvey left, Elizabeth asked: "Mr. Williams, I heard that "Ghost" has already started. ”

    Eric's mouth was pumped, and he said with a nod: "Yes, Miss Murdoch, what do you have to order?"

    Elizabeth hasn't said anything yet. Julia has been amused by the two people's gestures and laughed.

    The atmosphere was destroyed, and Elizabeth suddenly pretended to touch Julia under the ribs until Julia giggled and begged for Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was willing to stop.

    "Oh, I said, this is a big audience. You should pay attention to the impact."

    "You want to manage, you bastard."

    "Amount, okay, I don't care, Queen's Majesty has something to say," Eric smiled and raised his hand to make a surrender. No way, the eyes fluttered for a while, and I was in debt for a lifetime. I don't know you!

    "I mean, Heroine in your lower movie, what do you think of Julia?"

    Eric looked at Julia and hesitated to speak. Elizabeth raised his eyebrows: "Don't agree, this role is fixed."

    "Liz, don't do this, and I don't want to…"Julia reacted and quickly pulled Elizabeth. Elizabeth patted Julia's thighs calmly and said, "Don't worry, I will be with you when I shoot, and I won't give any hateful guys any chance."To be continued)

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