The opportunity of audition in Chapter 301

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the opportunity of the audition in Chapter 301 of the text, Astronomy

    Eric reluctantly spread his hand: "But, Julia is really not suitable."

    I heard Eric say that although I was not very willing, Julia still had a disappointing look, and Elizabeth asked: "Where do you say, where is it inappropriate?"

    “Julia is totally out of line with my imaginary Heroine image. In my vision, Heroine should be short hair first.”

    Elizabeth said with disapproval: "It's just a matter of hair, just cut it off. When Julia shot "Steel Magnolias" last year, it wasn't that I didn't cut my hair. You are completely arrogant."

    "Okay, okay, in fact, the image of the character I imagined should be like this," Eric looked at, then extended his finger to the red wine in the cup and quickly painted it on the coffee table in front of the three people. Soon, I remember the memory.Moore's image of Molly appeared on the glass table.

    The two girls have been curiously watching Eric's quick drawing, and when Eric finished painting, Elizabeth stared at it for a while, then raised her head angrily: "I understand, it's a little smaller." You are now abandoning Julia, your mouth is big, you…When is it, why don't you think Julia's mouth is big, you bastard. ”

    Eric said with a bitter face: "Liz, can we be serious, don't let the old go to bed."

    Julia also pulled Elizabeth at the moment: "Well, Liz, even if he let me play, I won't play."

    What Elizabeth is about to say, the voice of another woman suddenly sounded next to three people: "Mr. Williams, you are here. ”

    Elizabeth and Julia first looked behind Eric, then opened their mouths at the same time, making a slight sigh of surprise.

    Eric looked behind him and followed his eyes wide open. The voice was the one who gave him the award on the Oscar stage not long ago.Fangda. But this is not the key to the matter, the focus is still holding Jane at this time.Fangda’s young girl.

    simple.Fang Da saw three people looking at his niece with astonishment, and quickly followed Julia's gaze to see the coffee table in front of the three. Then there was a doubtful look.

    "Mr. Williams, I can't think of your painting skills so well. It's just a few simple ones, it looks so vivid. ”

    Eric smiled slyly, then stood up and looked at Jane.The girl next to Fang Da, knowingly asked: "Ms. Fang Da, this is…"

    "Oh, fake, I have drawn people and asked who else they are."Elizabeth sneered at the mouth with a sigh of relief, pulling Julia away.

    simple.Although Fangda knows Julia, she doesn't know Elizabeth, so she doesn't care if she sees the two girls leaving, but on Eric: "Mr. Williams, this is my niece, Brigitte.Fang Da, my brother's daughter. ”

    "It's nice to meet you, Miss Fonda," Eric reached out and Brigitte.Fangda shook it.

    Brigitte.Fang Da also found the avatar on the coffee table that had already dried up. She had just cut her short hair because she had been filming some time ago. Therefore, the image at this time is almost similar to the appearance of a woman on the coffee table. Although I don't know why Eric painted this picture, but Brigitte.Fangda still feels that perhaps his purpose will be much smoother today.

    Eric knows Jane.Fangda began to contact himself in the backstage of Oscar, and there must be something to say. The picture on the coffee table was interspersed, and Eric pointed to the seat where Elizabeth and the two women originally sat: "Two, please sit down."

    The aunts thanked the two people and walked to the sofa together.

    Eric looked at the two women in front of me. In memory, it looks like Jane.Fangda should be with her brother Peter.Fangda fell out. However, look at the appearance of these two women. Perhaps the contradiction of the previous generation did not affect this generation.

    Speaking of it, the power of the Fonda family in Hollywood is not comparable to the Coppola family. Still can't be underestimated.

    This power is from sitting Jane.Brittat around Fangda.Fangda can be reflected.

    The acting girl, who debuted in the late 1980s and played for more than a decade, has been ignorant, and has nothing to do with the awards and Box Office, even until she had to wait for a car accident, Brigitte.Fang Da played dozens of movies, most of them are Heroine, but there is no masterpiece. This kind of thing is unimaginable in other Hollywood actresses with no background. If the ordinary actress has no background. There are no connections, and there are no repercussions for playing several movies. It must have been abandoned by the Hollywood filmmakers.

    "Mr. Williams, can you ask, why did you just paint that avatar? ”After the two women sat down, Brigitte.Fangda couldn't help but take the lead.

    Eric hesitated and gave the other an ambiguous explanation: "I just explained something to Miss Julia, and I just figured it out. I didn't expect it to be like Miss Fangda."

    simple.Fangda did not give Eric a sloppy opportunity, smiling and asked: "Mr. Williams, should that be the shape of a Heroine in your movie? ”

    Eric coughed and said, "Okay."

    "Not the "Ghost" you are about to start shooting?"simple.Fangda asked again.

    Sooner or later, the movie will be produced to face the audience. Eric can't change the set character image in order to say such a small lie, so he nodded again.

    The two aunts immediately looked at each other.

    simple.Fang Da then said: "This is the case, Mr. Williams, since things are so happening, I think, can you give Brigitte a chance to audition? ”

    Eric is hesitant, Jane.Since Fangda opened his mouth, the Nasdaq was definitely not the actor's primary selection in the previous rounds, but the final audition opportunity for the character.

    Although the original version of "Ghost" in Molly's role as Demi.Moore has also been criticized for his acting skills, but in that movie, Demi.Moore was a rare outbreak of acting, so he was nominated for the Best Heroine of the Golden Globe Award.

    Moreover, Demi.When Moore took the film "Ghost", he also played a lot of movies for many years, and there was some accumulation. The girl in front of her is a newcomer who has only debuted in the past two years, and the subsequent film of the other party proves that she has no potential in acting.

    Brigitte.Fang Da saw the hesitation in Eric's look and asked for help to his aunt, Jane.Fang Da gave the niece a reassuring look, saying: "Mr. Williams, although this request is really a bit abrupt, but you only need to give Brigitte a chance to audition, and my father and Brigitte will definitely remember your kindness. ”

    Hearing the other person saying so, Eric quickly nodded, though if the last Brigitte.If Fangda does not get this role, this person will definitely be greatly discounted, but it is still a human condition, and maybe it will be used when.

    "Well, Ms. Fang Da, however, I can only give Miss Fangda a chance to audition. As for the results, I can't give any guarantee."

    "This is of course," Jane.Fangda nodded and looked at the niece around him and stood up and said: "Mr. Williams, then I will leave first. Brigitte likes your movie very much. Maybe you can talk. ”

    Eric also got up and watched Jane.Fangda left, only to sit down again, with Brigitte.Fang Da and two people looked at each other a few times. The two people were like blind men and women who met for the first time. They didn’t know what to say. Finally, Eric first said: "Miss Fangda, in fact, I have seen your movie."

    "Ok? Which one is it? ”Brigitte.Fang Da asked.

    “The gorgeous sigh,” Eric said, referring to his mouth.

    Brigitte.Fang Da licked his lips and said: "At that time, I had a pimple in my mouth, so I didn't look good in the lens."

    "I think it's pretty good," Eric said without a trace of teasing.

    Most of the shots of "Gorgeous Amazing" are naked, and Eric was completely looking at those pictures, so Brigitte.Fangda certainly can't be an exception. Eric doesn't want to understand why the girl picked up such a movie from the beginning, maybe it's 'no fear'. Anyway, there is a family backing, no need to care about your image as carefully as other Actress.

    When you hear Eric, Brigitte.Fangda's face was reddish red.

    Because of the first acquaintance, the two did not say too much, and chatted a few words, Eric said: "Miss Fangda, I have been sitting here for a while, so many people are here, I always have to entertain. ."

    "Well, please feel free, Mr. Williams, and, you can call me Brigitte. ”

    “No problem,” Eric nodded with a smile and got up and walked to other places.


    After Oscar, the Oscar results were commented on as usual on the newspaper. Most people think that this Oscar 'sort of pork' points is too much.

    At the same time, many people missed the "Scent of a Woman" best adaptation script award for Eric. In this case, "Scent of a Woman" won the best adaptation of the script award "Mr. Daisy" It has become the target of being attacked.

    "Driving for Miss Daisy" is a film released by Warner Film Industry, Warner is currently the strongest of Hollywood's seven Film studios, so after the controversy over "Driving Miss Daisy," Warner's counterattack is imminent, The incident caused a minor disturbance on the newspaper, and even overshadowed several major awards. (To be continued)

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