Chapter 302 has no choice

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. There is no choice in the 302th chapter of the text.

    Regarding the controversy over the results of the awards in the media, the College has no response as it has in the past. Anyway, everyone knows that no matter who the award is awarded, it will always cause controversy.

    A few days after Oscar, Firefly released the first film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" after the start of the year. Many people pay attention to this movie with all kinds of moods.

    Although "Reservoir Dogs" got a good Box Office some time ago, the movie Box Office, although under the influence of Eric, has a much larger scale, but it is still a small hit.

    Because Eric is very optimistic about "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in advance, Robert.Shay raised up to 2,000 screens for the film, which is already the limit of Firefly's current capabilities, and the seven Film Studios can raise more than 3,000 screens if necessary.

    Moreover, even after the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", Box Office is much better than originally planned, it is difficult to add more canvases, and once Box Office is not satisfactory, there may be hundreds of screens to be removed next week. under.

    Therefore, this release has attracted the attention of most people outside the Hollywood circle. If the Firefly encounters 'Waterloo', there will be a lot of people who will be gloating in the disaster.

    But because the results of the previous Office's Box Office are guaranteed, and now the size of the promotion is much larger than the previous life, Firefly has invested 6 Million USD in the promotion budget for this movie, which does not include the production of 2000 copies. Cost, therefore, Eric is not like Robert.Shea or Jeffrey, they are so upset.

    Although participating in the premiere, Eric was completely hiding from the guest's gesture this time, giving the opportunity to show off the face of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

    At this point, he is discussing with Jeffrey about the preparations for Basic Instinct.

    "Jeffrey, if Hollywood doesn't find the right Actor, I suggest you try it out in Europe. Just like the "Love in Prague" of previous years, the director of the movie chose the European Actor because most of the Hollywood Actors that were fancy were too conservative to play. ”

    Jeffrey glanced at Robert on the stage who was passionately eloquent.Shea. Shake his head and said: "Eric, I am not worried about this. There are still many things, such as Director, Paul you recommend.Van Hoven, who just picked up Arnold recently.A big production film starring Schwarzenegger is not willing to pay attention to "Basic Instinct". Moreover, the budget is also a big problem. I made a detailed budget according to the script you gave. The final result is that the film costs at least 30 Million USD. Far more than you have given the budget of million USD, there are the most important grading problems, you design the few scenes, it is too much, it is very easy to be rated as NC-17 class, we now do not have the ability to intervene in the Rating committee, once rated as NC-17 level is arranged in the Restricted theater release good, Well, the film must have been wiped out. ”

    Eric grabbed his hair with distress, and he knew that Jeffrey was telling the truth. United States' film rating committee is completely dominated by the seven Film Studios, and many people have analyzed the exact same picture in some movies. The seven Film Studios will be rated as r-class, but non-seven-sell will be rated nc-17. What Eric obviously remembers is the previous life Meg.Ryan's "In the Cut" starring for the breakthrough, because of the release of the big Film Studio, some of the film's lens is called Ivy, but was rated r.

    If the film is filmed in the future and is not rated as nc-17, then the seven Film Studios must have been collectively tempted. Although there is still a re-rating by modifying the plot, in that case, the plot will definitely change a lot. The Box Office results are hard to predict.

    Thinking for a while, Eric knew that he had no choice. Had to say: "Like this, Jeffrey. Contact the Seventh National Congress to see which one is willing to cooperate. It is good for us to choose a condition. ”

    "That's about you being a screenwriter…"

    "In that case, don't think about it, then use the real name directly. Anyway, I am still less than twenty years old. Writing such a script just makes people feel that I am young and frivolous. If it is concealed, I bet that those guys will definitely reveal everything, no matter what the purpose. ”

    Jeffrey shook his head helplessly: "Eric, I really don't understand why you have to make such a movie. I can't see where this movie is outstanding."

    "Take a few more scripts," Eric joked. "You know who is killing people with three or eight?"

    Jeffrey shook his head: "If you tell me, Beth said "I…" after being shot by the actor Nick.What is it, I can be 100% certain. ”

    Eric sells off the road: "Maybe 'I am wrong', 'I am sorry for you', 'I love you' or something?"

    "I think the most unlikely thing is 'I love you', most likely 'I am wrong'."Jeffrey said.

    Eric stunned. In fact, this sentence was originally 'I love you'. However, Eric felt that the people who were deeply loved did not hesitate to shoot. It is difficult to say the words 'I love you' before dying. So when writing the script, Eric made a small change, leaving only a 'I…' to let the audience guess. Just like "The Others", leaving a suspense will be more conducive to Box Office.

    On the stage, after the speeches of several masters of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the film began to play.

    Seeing the picture on the screen again, Eric still inevitably frowned slightly. This thick b-class Hong Kong film tastes, although the total cost of 13 Million USD is absolutely super big for Hong Kong movies, but it is placed in Hollywood. It can only be considered as a medium cost, and there must be some special effects in the movie. The result can be imagined.

    Just like one of the shots, when a group of people fight, a gangster with a knife cuts the wire. If you don't have the ability to do the lighting effects, you should at least have a little current, but the result is…No, the gangsters just squatted a few times, even if they touched the electricity, it looks a bit funny.

    Of course, this is mainly because Eric's appetite has been raised by the special effects of previous life. Although Eric frowned frequently, the audience in the premiere movie theater sometimes made a few smirks or a few low-pitched voices because of the words and martial arts movements of the four Ninja Turtles.

    The original filmmakers who were still a little nervous had heard these voices and they all breathed a sigh of relief.

    Perhaps because of the budget of the film, or the practice of Hong Kong movies, the film is only 90 minutes long, and it will be played very quickly. The lights are still not lit, and there is a warm applause in the cinema.

    “A wonderful sci-fi action movie, although not produced in many places, but with 13 Million USD investment, this is a great movie.”

    "The ridicule of the Renaissance characters that appeared from time to time in the movie is awesome. There are also two points in the action design of the film, which is worth seeing."


    After the premiere, a variety of evaluation followed, because Firefly propaganda and public relations, the overall evaluation of the film is very positive, many newspaper have given high points, although there are a few words of fierce criticism of the article appeared, but also can not turn up any big waves, the seven film Studio Although do not want to see the film success, but in the face of Firefly spared no effort to spread money propaganda, no one will pay hundreds of thousands of millions of money to discredit the film.

    What's more, the seven internals are not particularly optimistic about the film, or Fox will not be allowed to release the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" after watching the film.

    In the attention of many people, three days later, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" harvested 25 Million USD's first weekend Box Office in 2000 theaters in North America, which made many people stunned.

    Fox, who once again looked at the eye, and expelled several executives in a short period of time, and counted "An Affair to Remember", Fox was inevitably ridiculed by many media.

    In the face of this situation, Fox has no way to say it.

    After a full week, the Box Office of the first week of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was released, reaching 32 Million.

    Seeing this achievement, many of the media that were still awkward did not have any sound.

    The people in the Hollywood circle also realized that Firefly had not been affected after the turmoil at the beginning of the year, and that the news that Eric first optimistic about the film was inevitably revealed, once again caused in the Hollywood circle. A hot discussion. In addition to several films that Eric himself participated in, plus "Steel Magnolias", this is the second time that a movie that was not optimistic by others but was favored by Eric was a great success.

    For a time, many people began to inquire about which movies Eric is optimistic about.

    As a result, Eric's series of copyrights that Drew acquired a few years ago have once again entered the eyes of many people.

    Because Xiao Nizi is not too anxious, the more than 20 copies listed by Eric have only acquired more than half.

    After the two copyrights being discussed were discovered, Hollywood's all-powerful Film Studio joined the competition, and copyright owners all waited for the price.

    In this case, Eric can only let Drew stop the copyright acquisition, although there are still a few that are not available, but now the shots will definitely fall into a snap, the affirmation is very low.

    Moreover, Eric's most important reorganization rights, such as "Charlie's Angel" / "Mission: Impossible" and "Bourne's Identity" have been adapted.

    Of course, these are all words, and after the great success of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the most complicated person is undoubtedly Robert.Shea.

    After all, if Robert.Shee can wait for the first half of the year, and wait for the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", then the new line will be another scene. (To be continued)

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