Chapter 303, how are you here?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 303, how are you here, floating astronomy

    In a vintage prison on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a man and a woman are facing each other across a glass door.

“……Then, do this test! ”The girl who wears a rustic brown striped coat but looks very beautiful looks hard to persuade.

    "No, but I will make you happy, I will give you a big chance."

    "what?"The girl asked in confusion.

    The man in prison clothes in the glass window interrupted the woman’s words and continued: "It is a promotion! Listen, Chris.Stalin, you reflect on yourself and find out my former patient, Miss Murphy…"

    The girl tried hard to seize the initiative of the dialogue. In the end, she even tried to insert a sentence. However, in the face of the imposing man on the other side of the glass door, the girl’s efforts were insignificant and completely suppressed.

“……I believe that Myers won't be attacking so fast, even though he is a madman," the man said, suddenly raising his voice and yelling at the girl: "Now, go!" ”

    The girl was scared to the neck slightly, and in the other room of the prison, the insane screams of the prisoner, the footsteps rushed away.

    "Cut, very good, impeccable," stood behind the monitor with headphones and kept looking at JodInternet Explorer.Foster and Anthony.Jonathan of Hopkins.Demme shouted excitedly.

    At the same time, the members of the surrounding crew also enthusiastically applauded.

    "Mr. Hopkins, your performance is great," Anthony.After Hopkins walked out of the room, Elizabeth, still clapping his hands, came forward and complimented.

    "Thank you, Miss Murdoch, in fact, Miss Foster's performance is also very good, without her cooperation, I think I can't find the state so quickly."

    "Mr. Hopkins. I have to admit that this paragraph is really not as good as you," took the towel that the assistant handed over was rubbing the JodInternet Explorer on his face.Foster said with a smile.

    "ok. You are all very good, so I don't think they should compliment each other again. ”Drew, standing next to Elizabeth, smiled and looked at Jonathan.Demme: "Mr. Demme, is it here today?"

    "Yes, Miss Barrymore, the play here has already been filmed, although there is still more than an hour, but it is too late to prepare for the next scene," Jonathan came over.Demme said. Immediately ordered the assistant to prepare for the manual.

    Drew looked at his watch and said to everyone: "Then I and Julia will leave first. We will fly to Los Angeles at 4:30."

    "Of course no problem, I let the driver send you to the airport," Jonathan.Demme said immediately.

    This is the fourth day of The Silence of the Lambs in Pennsylvania. As the first movie of tgFilm Studio, Elizabeth, Drew and Julia all attached great importance, so they came here before the boot, three people I have been in Pittsburgh for a week now.

    Because the three women are the producers of this film. Originally Jonathan.Demme is also worried that the three will be able to shoot, but the fear quickly dissipated after the filming began.

    The first is Elizabeth and Drew. Both women seem to be following the crew with the attitude of learning things, not only do not add any trouble, but also help from time to time, and the most famous Julia among the three people is the most worry-free, nothing at all.

    Julia, as Hollywood's popular actress, has her own work to do, and Drew wants to stay with the Elizabethan team, but she is still a minor, and no one can dare to let her stay in the crew. Plus Eric still doesn't know that Drew is the producer of The Silence of the Lambs, and he heard the hoe running here. I specially called over, and Xiao Nizi didn't want to 'play' too crazy. Go back to Los Angeles early.

    Therefore, Drew and Julia decided to return to Los Angeles today, and Elizabeth, as the main producer, will continue to follow the crew until filmed.

    In the Pittsburgh Airport Hall, Elizabeth hugged Xiao Nizi, then grabbed Julia, and in Drew's slightly raised eyebrows, kissed the girl's mouth gently and said, "Goodbye, Julie, and Drew, all the way." Downwind."

    "Goodbye," the two women waved at Elizabeth, and each took their assistants to the boarding gate.

    After the Boeing airliner entered the stratosphere, Drew untied his seat belt, and then he looked at Julia who was sitting next to him and holding a fashion magazine. "Julia, you and Liz…"

    Originally, some absent-minded Julia suddenly heard Xiao Nizi say this, and her face flashed a flustered look: "You…What do you mean? ”

    Shantou licked his mouth: "You two have lived in a room in the hotel these few days, don't forget, I am next door to you, I heard a lot of voices."

    "We are only……"Julia wanted to find a reason to refute, but Drew quickly applauded on Julia's shoulder and laughed and said: "Reassure, I won't discriminate against you."

    "amount……"Julia opened her mouth and looked at the look of Shantou. She couldn’t help but ask: "Don't you feel strange?"

    When I heard Julia ask, Drew immediately showed a strange expression: "You all…That's it, do you still feel strange? ”

    Julia nodded honestly.

    "Since it feels weird, why are you still like Liz?"Drew asked curiously.

    "I don't know, I just think, um, with Liz, it's pretty good, Liz feels good, and that's it."

    Shantou didn’t understand what Julia wanted to say for a while, but realized that the girl hadn’t completely changed her sexual orientation yet, but she didn’t know why it was temporarily a pair of fake phoenixes with Elizabeth.

    How can this be done?

    It is best to see someone…Oh no, it is the degree of disgusting when I see a man.

    Thinking of this, Drew's eyes turned and said: "Julia, this is just the inherent concept of your formation from small to large. Hollywood has so many gays, so you don't have to have any psychological burden at all. I think that you and Liz are still quite fit, Liz is very close to you, isn't it? ”

    Hearing that he said the word 'gay' without any scruples, Julia’s eyes flashed a little in a panic. How could she understand the thoughts in her heart, thinking that Xiao Nizi was really thinking about her, After pondering Drew's words, I felt quite reasonable, and I let out a sigh of relief and nodded slightly.

    Perhaps Xiao Nizi thinks that this fire is not big enough, and continues to say: "Julia, maybe you don't know, actually JodInternet Explorer.Foster is also gay. ”

    This time, Julia was really surprised. She turned to look at Xiao Nizi and asked incredulously: "No…Not very likely? ”

    Drew decided to nod. "This is a real thing, but JodInternet Explorer is relatively low-key, but many people know that she is gay. It is said that it was because Sinclair changed her sexual orientation by letting her completely assault the man for her assassination of the president. ”

    Julia sighed softly, didn't talk anymore, and put her eyes on the magazine in front of him again.

    A few hours later, the plane landed at Los Angeles Airport. Because of the time difference, Los Angeles is still in the evening.

    Drew and Julia put two cars in separate cars. After putting their assistants down in the city center, Shantou directly told the driver to drive to Malibu's sharp corner manor.

    "Hey, Ron, it's me, open the door," came to the manor door, and Drew shouted directly at the security guard in the gate.

    The security guard who heard Drew's voice quickly opened the door and greeted him: "Miss Barrymore, are you coming back?"

    “Well, is Eric at home?”

    "In, Mr. Williams stayed at home for the past two days," said the security guard named Ron. Looking at Drew's suitcase, Ron asked eagerly: "Miss Barrymore, would you like me to help you with your luggage?" ”

    "No, oh, how come you are alone, what about the other?"Drew looked suspiciously at Ron’s empty security booth behind him and warned: “Don’t tell me another one.”

    "No, no, Miss Barrymore, George went to the toilet, and he will be back soon," Ron explained quickly to his colleague, then pointed out that he was not far away: "Look, he is back."

    Shantou saw another security guard along Ron's gaze, and nodded. He didn't say anything. He took the small suitcase and walked to the villa. From time to time, the servants who took care of the manor greeted the hoe. Because Eric is too lazy to control these trivialities, most of the people here are selected by Drew. Therefore, although Drew is not here during this time, but come back again, everyone still treats her as a hostess. This attitude makes the girl Very satisfied.

    Walking into the living room of the villa, Shantou looked around and looked out: "Eric, I am back."

    After a moment, the hair was standing behind the head, surrounded by a small apron, and a home-dressed Nicole walked out of the kitchen.

    “Hey, Drew,” Nicole greeted, picking up the baggage from the hoe.

    Drew reacted, and looked up and down Nicole's dress. The girl suddenly gave birth to a hostility: "How are you here?"

    After all, Nicole has been with Drew for a few months. How could it not be able to hear the hostility of Shantou? But the girl has no dissatisfaction. She smashed the broken hair scattered under the corner and said casually: "I have nothing to do these days, just come over and live. A few days."

    "Hey, it's for the "Ghost" Heroine thing, you are really good enough."

    "No way, I don't want some of the petitioned people who are responsive, can only fight for themselves."

    Shantou once again snorted, but with a little smug on his face: "Eric has not taken the initiative to say that you are not the Heroine he wants."To be continued)

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