Chapter 304 of the main body preemptively occupied the pit

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 304th chapter of the main text preemptive, floating astronomy

    Nicole shrugged and said: "That doesn't matter. I have received a lot of other films in my hand. I just live here and let Eric pick it up for me. His eyes have now spread throughout Hollywood. Say there is some credit for you."

    When I heard Nicole say this, Drew glanced dissatisfiedly at the girl and asked, "What about Eric?"

    "In the study, talk to a guest."

    "Help me put things in my room," Shantou pushed the suitcase in front of Nicole and ran towards the door of the study.

    Nicole looked at the small suitcase in front of him, frowning slightly, and soon he smiled at the corner of his mouth and pulled it up and walked up the stairs.

    To the entrance of the study floor, drew quickly pressed on the lock of the password, and the door opened automatically, along the revolving staircase, but did not see Eric, and Drew realized that Eric was definitely on the second floor of the study, and the room had so many script and so on. Things, not the closest people, Eric could not bring each other in.

    Strolling up the stairs to the second floor study, pushing the door open, Drew saw Eric looking at something opposite the brown-haired man at a glance.

    After hearing the movement behind the door, the brown-haired man turned his head. Drew saw the other person's appearance. Her memory was good. She recognized each other at a glance. The middle-aged man is the Boss of the Publishing House of Eric Publishing Jurassic Park. Michael .Claus: "Hello, Mr. Claus."

    Michael .Claus saw Drew calling his name without hesitation, and stood up in amazement: "Hello, Miss Barrymore, I don't think you remember me, we just saw it at the party last year?"

    Drew and Michael.Claus shook his hand and then turned to the desk and stalked the swallow into Eric's arms. It’s awkward on the man’s face: “Eric, I miss you.”

    Eric smiled and touched the hair of the girl: "Okay, don't make trouble. The guests are here, help us to make another pot of coffee, just finished drinking. ”

    "Humph. Just came back and called people," Xiao Nizi grumbled dissatisfiedly, or jumped up and walked out.

    "Drew has always been like this, letting you laugh," Eric looked at the stunned Michael.Claus, helplessly explained one sentence.

    Michael .Claus smiled slyly and said: "No, nothing. Let's continue to talk about The Matrix. Eric, I think this novel is written too short. It only has more than 50,000 words. Many things are written plausible. I think if you can expand to 200,000 words. It’s even better. ”

    "I want to do this too, Michael, but you should understand that I don't have that much time now. It’s good to write 50,000 words, and you should know. I wrote this novel just for the movie copyright," Eric said, and the two are talking about the famous "The Matrix."

    Because of the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", plus some of the previous things, Eric's vision in the movie has spread throughout Hollywood. As a highly risky industry, Hollywood filmmakers will inevitably have a lot of confusion about this kind of thing. Drew's silent acquisition of copyright will be attacked.

    After the incident, Eric’s plan to get the “The Matrix” script from the carpenter’s brother later could not be implemented.

    The Matrix of previous life was only published in 1999. Now the idea is at most a few scattered thoughts in the minds of the two brothers of the carpenter painter, and Eric has written it out unceremoniously. And made some plausible changes, so that this novel and the film are quite different, but the main line has not changed much, although only about 50,000 words, but this is enough to occupy this pit, in the future Don't worry about copyright.

    "Eric, in fact, this story is quite exciting, so I think maybe I can find someone to extend this story to 200,000 words. You can rest assured that copyright will not cause any problems at all. I promise to sign a perfect contract with the gunmen who are invited. ."

    Eric immediately shook his head: "Michael, looking for a gunman is a very risky thing. In the future, the benefits will reach a certain level. I just promised that the gunman will definitely jump out, so I will not take this risk."

    The two were talking, Drew holding a pot of coffee came in, poured coffee for the two, curiously picked up the manuscript between the two and asked: "What are you talking about, um…The Matrix, a very interesting name. ”

    Michael .Claus looked at Drew, who took the novel and sat down on the sofa next to him, looking helplessly at Eric.

    "It's okay, let's talk," Eric gave Michael.Claus has a rest assured look, he knows Michael.Claus is worried that Xiao Nizi will hear what he should not hear here and pass on certain things.

    Michael .Claus said: "So, Eric, since you don't agree, forget it. I want to ask about "Running Out of Time". Have you ever thought about making this story novel?"

    "Michael, the copyright of Running out of time is shared by Firefly and Columbia, and the first part of the series gets more than 400 million USD of global Box Office, and then the sequel, Box Office output may be more than 1 billion USD, involving such a large scale of funds, Columbia will not agree to a small amount of hundreds of thousands of or up to millions of of the royalties to the series of fiction. ”

    "That's a pity," Michael.Claus shook his head and talked to Eric about the details of The Matrix. Michael.Claus declined to invite Eric to stay here for dinner and to say goodbye.

    Eric will be Michael .Claus sent the villa and waited for the other party to drive to the manor gate before returning to the villa.

    "Wow, Eric, how did you come up with it? It can be like this."Just entering the living room, Xiao Nizi shook his hand in excitement and said to Eric.

    Eric grabbed the manuscript of The Matrix from Xiao Nizi and asked, "When did you come back?"

    "I came here when I got off the plane," Drew grinned and grabbed Eric's arm and walked into the study on the ground floor with Eric.

    "What do you do with the crew of The Silence of the Lambs, if you shoot in Los Angeles, do you have a little girl who ran to Pennsylvania?"To be continued)

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