The 306th chapter of the body, Eric, thinks so too.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 306 Eric thinks so, floating astronomy

    "Hey, hello, Miss Kidman, I am Tom.Cruise, you can call me Tommy, wow, you are so beautiful, more beautiful than the movie, can I call you Nicole? ”Eric is working with Paula.Wagner chilled and heard Tom behind him.Cruise's diligent voice.

    "Of course, no problem, Mr. Cruise," Nicole's voice rang, with a slight estrangement in his tone, but Cruise didn't seem to realize anything and started talking about other topics.

    Paula.Wagner smiled at Eric slyly, and secretly blamed Cruise for being too inappropriate. Nicole Kidman was the female companion brought by Eric, and the relationship between the two was obvious.

    Eric glanced up and saw Cruise sitting across from Nicole and had to go to Paula.Wagner said: "So, Ms. Wagner, let's sit down."

    "Okay, Eric, really…Sorry," Paula.Wagner whispered apologetically.

    “It’s nothing,” Eric said, returning to the table and sitting down, greeted the waiter, and several people started ordering.

    “Nicole, the fried foie gras here is very good. It is said that all the raw materials are shipped directly from France. I think you can have one,” Cruise looked at the menu for a while and quickly looked up and smiled at Nicole. Said.

    "Sorry, Mr. Cruise, I am on a diet," Nicole shook his head slightly, then ordered a salad from the waiter and closed the menu.

    Cruise touched a soft nail, and the smile on his face became lighter, but there were more interesting looks in his eyes.

    Eric and Paula.Wagner also quickly finished the meal. After the waiter left, Cruise did not hesitate to say: "Sorry, Eric, I have read the script of Ghost." However, the film that I and Paula's Production Studio are now preparing is also about to start, so I definitely can't take the role. To be honest, I think it’s stupid to play a ghost. and. I studied the whole script and didn't find any highlights. I suggest you try to change it for a movie, such as the second part of Running Out of Time. Although I can't participate anymore, I believe I have the first. Only after the accumulation of popularity, Box Office's success is still certain. ”

    I heard Cruise say so, Paula.Wagner lifted his forehead with one hand. It was soft on the side of one of the temples. Obviously, Cruise’s self-righteous old mistakes were made and she completely forgot her prior embarrassment.

    Nicole heard the words slightly open his mouth, and then took the juice in front of him without a trace and put it to his mouth, blocking the sarcasm of the corner of his mouth.

    Eric put his hands on the table, rubbed the cross, and listened to Cruise with great interest. When the other party finished, Eric looked at Cruise with great interest. Said: "In this case, Tommy, you invited me today. What's matter? ”

    Paula.Wagner is afraid of Tom.Cruise said something out of date, and quickly took over Eric's question, saying: "Mr. Williams, Tommy is such a person, there is nothing to hide in my heart, so please don't mind. We feel that the script of "Ghost" is still very good, but Tommy's schedule has been arranged, so this time it is not possible to cooperate. ”

    "Oh, then this time…"Eric continued to ask.

    Tom .Cruise is about to open. I felt the calf under the table kicked and Cruise looked at Paula.Wagner. See Paula.Wagner's face had a faint pleading look, and she had to shrug her shoulders and close her mouth.

    See Tom.Cruise is finally no longer finished. Paula.Wagner was relieved and said to Eric: "This is the case, Mr. Williams, Firefly's flower Film Industry, didn't buy a lot of novels and movies copyright last year. One of them, TV serInternet Explorer s, is called "Mission: Impossible". I want to ask, can you transfer it to us, we will definitely Give a very reasonable price. ”

    Eric raised an eyebrow and curiously asked: "Ms. Wagner, how can you be interested in this TV serInternet Explorer s? If you change into a movie, this should be a spy action movie, with Tom's current screen image. There is a big difference."

    Cruise heard Eric say so, and suddenly couldn't help but interrupt again: "Look, Paula, Eric thinks so, so I think, don't mention it again. I've already said that I'm not fit for this kind of pure action movie, that is Arnold Schwarzenegger or Stallone they should play the role, I am more suitable for drama, even if doping some action elements, it should be like a few years ago, "top Gun", as well as our latest film, like the main plot, Eric, You think so, too? ”

    Eric smiled a little and added: "Of course, I also think that Tommy is more suitable for a narrative-led type of film. If it is transformed, the risk will be great."

    Two men are fighting like this, Paula.Wagner suddenly didn't know what to say, and he had a distressed look on his face. He looked helplessly at the man who got the 'recognition' and then looked at Eric with a faint smile on his face. I don't know why. She always felt that Eric’s mouth was a bit strange.

    Bypassing the original "Sission: Impossible" TV serInternet Explorer s, Eric quickly said: "Tommy, let's talk about the movie you are currently preparing, I believe many fans will be very much looking forward to it."

    "That's for sure," Tom.Cruise suddenly came to the mood, but his eyes looked at Nicole from time to time, saying: "A few years ago, I and Paul.When Mr. Newman co-produced "The Color of Money," he became interested in the car, so he always wanted to shoot a racing movie. Script in the setting, the film's racing scene will be very grand and exciting, Paramount promised to invest 60 million USD for the film, I believe, this film will certainly be able to create the 86 "Top Gun" box Office brilliant, right, Nicole, the film now Just missing a heroine, you want to try it, from the first sight of you, I think, you are very suitable for the role of Claire. ”

    When Nicole heard about the 60Million USD investment in the film, she suddenly took some action and looked at Eric. When she saw the unrecognizable look on the man's face, she tried to ask: "Mr. Cruise, can you elaborate on this role?"

    "Of course, Claire is a doctor. After a car accident, the actor Cole met two people. Claire was quickly moved by Cole's strength and unyielding, and fell in love with the actor…"

    Cruise said with enthusiasm for seven or eight minutes, only when the waiters served for a few people, they paused for a while, and Nicole tried to test the rhythm of Cruise from time to time.

    Listening to a pair of men and women talking about it, Paula.Wagner looked worriedly at Eric, and saw Eric casually let go of the food in front of him.

    "Ms. Wagner, are you still working with Tom's manager?"Eric ignored the men and women talking about him, ate a few meals, and looked up suddenly to the opposite of Paula.Wagner asked.

    Paula.Wagner didn't know what Eric suddenly asked this question, but he quickly replied: "No, I am now responsible for managing c/wProduction Studio, so Tommy changed a new manager, called 派.Jin Sili. ”

    Eric sighed in his heart, Tom.Cruise is really lucky. Even though his alien has inserted this time and space, two women who are very important to his career development still appear next to him.

    Paula.Wagner can be said to be Tom.Cruise's great benefactor directly brought Cruise from a nameless pawn to the Hollywood a-class superstar, and then assisted Cruise in establishing Production Studio as a producer of Cruise's series of movies. It can be said that the success of Cruise is half of the merits of Paula. .Wagner.

    And then Cruise and Paula.Wagner set up Cruise / Wagner Production Studio, Paula.Wagner became the head of Production Studio, and Cruise changed another manager.Jin Sili. The female manager is also very capable, replacing Paula.Wagner's position, dedicated to Cruise for 14 years of brokerage affairs, for more than 10 years, Cruise has given birth to a lot of things, but also a mess, but in the pie.Under the maintenance of Kingsley, Cruise's public image has been maintained flawlessly.

    The previous life Cruise and Nicole both had a dispatch.Jin Sili served, but after Cruise and Nicole divorced, Cruise's own career did not improve much, but Nicole skyrocketed, not only succeeded in crowning Oscar, but also entered the 20 Million paid club.

    Cruise was extremely unbalanced and found a party at random.The nonsense excuses of the Jinsi Li public relations Oscar fired the hard-working manager, and then let her sister who has no professional experience act as her manager.

    Not long after, Cruise tasted the consequences of doing so, in the absence of a strong manager responsible for negotiating and managing the public image, a series of things ensued, with paramount negotiations broke, jumping sofa events, faith by the media attack, and actress sex scandal frequently see the tabloid newspaper, just over a year's time, Cruise's public image plummeted, performing arts has also been a huge blow.

    And in the following years, Paula.Wagner disappointed, also left the Cruise production Studio, then, in addition to the "Mission:impossible" series, Cruise film is almost a part of a loss, because of this reason, Cruise in the MISSION:I Mpossible "series on the face of the Paramount Film Industry also strong, with a film before and after to get a million USD paid for the scenery is gone forever. (To be continued)

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