Chapter 307 of the main body gives you a chapter

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the first chapter of the main text 307 to give you a chapter, floating astronomy

    I heard Paula.Wagner's answer, Eric recalled some information in his mind, and soon he said: "In fact, this is not bad, you can let go of a lot of unnecessary things, concentrate on being a producer, maybe we can cooperate in the future."

    "Cooperation?"Paula.Wagner asked in confusion.

    Eric looked at Paula.Wagner was dancing to Nicole about the Cruise of the Days of Thunder and then to Paula.Wagner said: "Yeah, I think you are a very capable manager, just as Firefly is now in a period of rapid expansion, and you need talent like you."

    Paula.Wagner quickly heard the subtext in Eric's tone and shook his head and said: "Mr. Williams, I am very happy to work with Tommy, so I don’t want to mention this kind of thing. ”

    "Of course, I also know that you can't promise now, but things are impermanent. If you want to change your working environment someday, Firefly's door is always open to you."

    When Eric just finished, Cruise's voice rang: "Hey, Eric, I am still here, you are too much to dig my partner in front of me."

    Seeing Cruise, a completely joke of laughter, Eric also laughed: "Tommy, a good film talent, no matter which company will be willing to accept, so you have to watch Ms. Wagner, maybe when she will Will jump to leave."

    Cruise looked at the idiot's eyes and looked at Eric: "How could it be, Paula wouldn't leave, Hollywood couldn't find a second Tom."Cruise is coming. ”

    Paula.When Wagner heard Cruise, his face became a little uncomfortable, and Eric keenly captured the sly expression of the opposite woman, with a smug smile on her lips. This is a seed.

    Maybe in a few years, you can let Paula.Wagner once again served as the Producer of the "Mission: Impossible" series, and the woman's ability is unquestionable. As for the actor…Anyway, it won't be Mr. Cruise.

    Eric pondered, raising her eyes and looking at Paula again.Wagner. I soon remembered another woman. Perhaps, I could also try to slap another corner of Cruise and send it.Jin Sili is also a very good manager, and Eric also accidentally heard Nicole complaining that her current manager is not qualified two days ago. Eric knows that Nicole is saying that he wants him to go out. But her contract was changed to Kapoor's name, but Kapoor is now in charge of several a-star stars, but it may be more.

    At this time, although Cruise tried to persuade, Nicole shook his head after listening to Cruise's narrative: "Mr. Cruise, sorry, I can't answer you right away, I need to think about it."

    Cruise has an incredible look. Asked: "Nicole, do you know Top Gun a few years ago? There are a lot of unknown little Actors in the movie, and I believe that this "Days of Thunder" will not be worse than that movie. If you star in Heroine, it will definitely make your acting career a step further. ”

    Nicole looked at Eric next to her, hoping that the man could help her say a few words. Eric didn't react at all. Cruise seemed to understand what he said, "Nicole, you won't think about playing Heroine in Ghost. I think Molly in the script, besides crying or crying, is a vase character with no room to play."

    Listen to Cruise saying this. Paula.Wagner once again gave birth to the urge to pay, since the original purpose of "Mission: Impossible" copyright was stirred up by two men. Add the current situation of Cruise, Paula.Wagner is really afraid to stay on.

    Although it seems on the surface no matter what Cruise says. Eric didn't show any signs of anger, but the other party was a bloody young man, in Paula.Wagner seems that Eric's attitude is no different from those who are pretending to be mature. Maybe when they can't help but burst out.

    Therefore, listening to Cruise began to ruin Eric's script mercilessly, Paula.Wagner quickly interjected: "Tommy, I think we should go, there is still some work to do in the afternoon."

    Cruise was interrupted by Paula and quickly reflected that it was always those Actress who cried and rushed to ask for cooperation. Since this woman refused, couldn’t he find Heroine?

    "Nicole, you should think about it, but not much time," Cruise said, still smiling, and then slammed his finger and recruited the waiter to check out.

    "I will, Mr. Cruise," Nicole nodded politely.

    After the settlement, Cruise and Paula.Wagner left directly.

    Eric was still sitting there, and the waiter gave the two men a new pot of coffee, then turned to look at the girl around me and asked, "How are you feeling?"

    Nicole thought about it and said: "It’s self-righteous, it’s not very smart, and it’s a mess to treat people.”

    Eric squeezed his eyes: "This man is very easy to grab in his hand."

    Nicole will definitely have this idea before starring in Sleepless in Seattle, but now she is already a star of Hollywood, why should she be wronged and get along with the self-centered man like Cruise, certainly not Have a good experience.

    Picking up the silver spoon next to it, stirring the coffee in front of him, the girl holding the chin in one hand, staring at Eric with a radiant look, rarely took the initiative to say: "Actually, I want to hold another man in my hand."

    Eric didn't think that the girl would suddenly clarify the topic and said, "Give up early, you won't get it. I will always be a hunter, not a prey." Moreover, in Hollywood, only the woman I am interested in and the woman I am not interested in, there is no woman who can hold me in my hand. ”

    Nicole raised the eyebrow and asked, "So, what kind of woman am I?"

    Eric said without hesitation: "The kind that is not of interest."

“……”Silent for a moment, Nicole asked without hesitation: "Since I am not interested, why did you leave me when I was in the "Running Out of Time" sea election?"

    Eric thought about it and said, "It's fun."

    Nicole glared at Eric in an incredible moment. The girl’s mouth suddenly smiled smugly and whispered: “I understand.”

    Eric didn't expect Nicole to be this reaction, wondering: "What do you understand?"

    Nicole said calmly: "You are jealous. See me and Tom.Cruise chat, you must be jealous. ”

    "How do you think so?"Eric asked with amazement: "I mean. What point do you see that I am jealous? ”

    "It's seen from what you just said," Nicole said as he raised his chin and said, "I know that you are definitely not willing to admit it, but you must be jealous."

    Eric smiled and shook his head: "Well, what do you think?"

    Nicole heard Eric's answer and thought that the man had defaulted, and he had a small win, and then he came together. Curiously asked: "You think Tom.What about the "Days of Thunder" that Cruise is working on? ”

    "You want to pick it up, don't ask my opinion, you know, a man who is jealous in his heart will definitely not say anything good."

    Nicole smiled and shook his head: "I won't pick it up. The female doctor's role is completely a vase, and there are not many plays. Even if this movie can get a very high Box Office, it doesn't help much for my image. Maybe film critic will criticize me for playing the vase. ”

    "There is nothing to say," Eric finished drinking the coffee in the cup. Get up and walk outwards.

    Nicole quickly got up and followed Eric: "Hey, wait for me."

    The two came to the parking lot together, and Eric continued to say after car: "Yes. Didn't you say that you are not good at this manager for the first two days, but now there is a good candidate. ”

    Nicole wondered: "What you are talking about is…"

    "Tom.Cruise's current manager, the name is sent.Jin Sili, maybe you can try to touch each other, this is a very capable woman. ”

    Nicole was a bit disappointed. Although Eric had sold uta to icm, Kapoor became a partner of icm, but the relationship between the two was still very close. Moreover, Kapoor's ability is also at the top of Hollywood. Regardless of the considerations, Nicole prefers to hand over the brokerage to Kapoor.

    "I don't want to be with you. If you still want Kapoor to help you, then you will tell him personally, as long as he is willing, I have no opinion. ”

    "Okay, okay, I am going to find a party.Try Now,” Nicole said, and soon there was a slight flash in his eyes: “But you are not worried, I am with Tom.Cruise What happens under the same manager name? ”

    Eric snorted and looked around, then slowly parked the car on the side of the road, quickly untied the girl's seat belt, and took the woman over and kissed the pair of delicate red lips.

    Nicole was surprised and looked around worriedly, but soon realized that the glass of the car was specially treated, and it was impossible for passers-by to see inside, so the girl did not hesitate to hold Eric's neck. , find out your little tongue and fight back.

    Eric kissed the girl's red lips, slid down the girl's cheeks and neck, ripped the buttons on Nicole's chest and dripped the bust.

    Nicole hurriedly breathed Eric's head against his chest, letting the man move. After a while, the girl suddenly felt soft and painful.

    "what……"The girl screamed and pushed Eric away, quickly retracted the co-pilot, looking down at her little rabbit, and a shallow tooth print appeared around the small cherry on the right side.

    Eric glanced at the girl, smirked and started the car, and said: "Give you a stamp, remember, you are mine in the future."

    Nicole worried about a soft massage on her softness, heard Eric's words, and hammered a few punches on the man's shoulder: "Eric.Williams, you villain, bastard, rogue, rogue, embarrassed, color wolf…"To be continued)

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